Extra training courses make it possible to study in depth one specific monitoring topic. There are no pre-requirements or specific conditions – it is possible to attend one or several Extra courses, whether you are already Zabbix Certified or not. All Extra courses are practical one-day training and have the same price. There is no exam after the course, but every attendee gets an official Zabbix certificate.

These practical and highly intensive one-day classes available for all interested.

Available Extra Training Courses

At the moment, Zabbix offers four Extra training courses. It is possible to choose one or several classes to study the features you require working with Zabbix professionally.

Цены указаны с НДС. Указанная стоимость относится к курсам, которые организованы компанией Zabbix. Zabbix оставляет за собой право изменения цен без предварительного уведомления. Стоимость курсов, которые организуются Партнерами Zabbix, может отличаться.