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Marketing is not only about being creative. It is about planning, doing and checking results constantly. Monitoring process is an important part of marketing strategy implementation that gives fundamental information on how the implemented project/campaign is going. When involved in digital marketing, the flow of data elements is so dense that the use of Zabbix Monitoring solution may become vital for efficient allocation of marketing resources.

Zabbix Monitoring Solution can be easily adapted to marketing content and give the answers on:

  • customers’ reaction to promotional campaign or message;
  • indicators or variables that increase company’s competitive edge;
  • the level of acceptance and satisfaction of your product/service by target audience;
  • any other parameters you may think of

Potential uses of Zabbix

  • measurement and tracking of effectiveness of company’s marketing efforts;
  • monitoring of data and statistics coming from multiple users and clients;
  • automated messages, emails, newsletters on occurrence of some predefined event;
  • monitoring of activity, customer feedback and campaign effectiveness on multiple social networks at once;
  • monitoring of online homepage most important real-time data e.g. traffic rankings, on page statistics, number of unique visitors, etc.;
  • monitoring of campaign effectiveness and comparison with the set goals;
  • monitoring the efficiency of used marketing resources.

Proven Benefits

  • powerful tracking and analytics;
  • graphical representation of the social metrics important to your business;
  • quality and consistency of data;
  • easy to read indicators for marketing teams to drive operations effectively;
  • possibility to make timely adjustments for the running marketing campaigns in order to accomplish the goals;
  • assurance that efforts and results align with quantified objectives and conform to the plan;
  • performance encouragement;
  • monitoring is an early warning system, which enables the corrective action.

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