Заметки о выпуске для Zabbix 4.0.4

Команда Zabbix рада сообщить о доступности Zabbix 4.0.4.

Zabbix - открытое решение распределенного мониторинга корпоративного класса. Zabbix выпускается под лицензией GPL, таким образом, продукт бесплатный как для коммерческого, так и некоммерческого использования. Полный текст лицензии доступен на http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.txt.

Этот документ содержит заметки о выпуске для Zabbix 4.0.4. Загрузите его с со страницы загрузки.

Следующие разделы описывают выпуск в деталях и предоставляют самую последнюю и другую информацию, которая дополняет основную документацию продукта.

Новые возможности и улучшения

ZBXNEXT-4872 reworked SVG graph x-axis timeline
ZBXNEXT-4873 implemented single dot datasets to be drawn as points in line vector graphs
ZBX-14876 added a new optional parameter <regex_excl_dir> to items vfs.dir.size[] and vfs.dir.count[]

Исправления ошибок

ZBX-15412 fixed Name column overlaps the Application column in the Template view
ZBXNEXT-4872 reverted SVG graph timeline changes to previous state
ZBX-15577 fixed restricted user access to the host name when calling host_screen
ZBX-13335 fixed low performance with linkage of items and item prototypes to a lot of hosts
ZBX-15435 fixed "Undefined index" errors in the "Problems" widget with multiple active maintenances which part of these are inaccessible
ZBX-15417 changed vmware collector to perform datastore configuration refresh only when directly monitoring ESXi version lower than v6.0
ZBX-14896 fixed low performance of the SQL statement when link template to many hosts
ZBX-15220 fixed displaying of last value for values received in the same second
ZBX-15451 fixed event correlation when "Event tag pair" condition is used and tag contains special characters
ZBX-15460 reset agent availability when host status changes, e.g., when host gets disabled
ZBX-15331 updated LLD item creation/updating error messages
ZBX-15465 removed html non-breaking space from visiblity checkbox labels
ZBX-15307 fixed upper level maps positioning in Monitoring Map screen
ZBX-15428 improved regular expression performance by studying compiled pattern
ZBX-11761 added warnings in case of TLS identity mismatch
ZBX-15373 fixed removal of trigger when deleting discovered item; fixed removal of dependent child items when removing master item
ZBX-14613 fixed hostgroup.delete and host.delete API methods to validate maintenance constraint
ZBX-14863 fixed authentication settings form of LDAP anonymous binding
ZBX-15374 fixed SQL and PHP errors on chart3.php page
ZBX-15301 fixed monotonous lag behind in Windows "system.localtime"
ZBX-15377 fixed error messages for arrays in GET parameters
ZBX-15369 fixed "Undefined index: label" in map.update() method
ZBX-15376 fixed "Undefined index: refresh" on several pages with disabled guest user
ZBX-15375 fixed web scenario step name can consist only of whitespaces
ZBX-15375 fixed undefined index on Web scenario configuration page
ZBX-15372 fixed SQL and PHP errors on "Slide shows" page when enter slides.php witout GET parameters
ZBX-15359 fixed undefined index in maintenance.create and maintenance.update API calls
ZBX-15358 fixed undefined index in configuration.import API call without one or several rules
ZBX-15355 fixed undefined index in configuration.import API call
ZBX-14926 fixed empty "inventory" property being returned by API if inventory mode is disabled
ZBX-15354 fixed undefined index in API calls without "auth" parameter
ZBX-15399 fixed IPv4 connections not being accepted when IPv6 mask is used
ZBX-14331 fixed error allowing users to change type of a host interface that already has items attached
ZBX-15254 fixed incorrect matching string highlight in multiselect autocomplete box
ZBX-15136 fixed displaying 'Plain text' on the dashboard as html
ZBX-15313 fixed unit suffix support in calculated item expressions
ZBX-15224 fixed failed query errors when receiving non UTF-8 history values
ZBX-14592 fixed calculation of SLA and availability report when problem has negative duration
ZBX-13804 fixed generic popup form submission
ZBX-15156 fixed undefined offset error in host screen with web item
ZBX-14980 fixed problem with filter by itemids and hostids in history.get
ZBX-14624 fixed agent collector not releasing connection to missing/removed disk devices
ZBX-15279 fixed handling of LLD processing errors that should have resulted in not supported LLD rule state
ZBX-15241 fixed escaping regexp symbols in preprocessing output parameter when creating item by LLD
ZBX-14604 fixed displaying of the graph name on screens
ZBXNEXT-4588 renamed 'display options' tab to 'displaying options'; fixed multiple layout issues, footnote in hint-box, field value handling, calculation of mouse position, multiple issues related with Y axis and problem styling
ZBX-15159 fixed existing context menu closing when new one is opened
ZBX-15233 renamed fuzzytime() function description in dropdown list
ZBX-12801 excluded zabbix_sender.dll from MS Windows builds with TLS
ZBXNEXT-4883 fixed when trigger in problem state hides all dependent triggers in history view
ZBX-15260 improved misleading warning message when agent fails to find log file during processing logrt[] item
ZBX-15258 fixed update interval of "Zabbix queue" item in server's template to be consistent with proxy template, added missing units in proxy template
ZBX-15225 improved handling of timeouts in "vfs.dir.size" and "vfs.dir.count" items on Windows agent

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