Access Control Monitoring

As a usual first step, companies start to monitor access control system log files to correlate occurrence of IT system failure with entry to server room, where servers and network equipment are located, or determine a link between open doors and change in temperature in a server room.

Some go further and integrate access control log monitoring with the work shift management system to verify if a person is entitled to enter a server room at a given time or to use dynamic routing of e-mail messages, containing alarms about monitored environment failures, to people who have recently checked in at their desks.

Depending on information that the access system writes to its log files, Zabbix may detect and inform about open doors, inappropriate use of access cards (such as a card being used to exit a room that was never used to enter the room), attempts to use cards that are reported to be lost or stolen.

Integration of access control logs with other monitoring information collected by Zabbix allows companies to do smarter monitoring.

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