Zabbix for Banking and Finance

Nowadays information systems and applications are the heart and soul of the Banking and Finance industry, fuelled by powerful hardware and robust software. Minutes of downtime here are calculated in thousands and sometimes millions of dollars.

End-user experience depends on performance and availability of many layers of the infrastructure, such as hardware, network devices, system software, user applications. All these levels are integrated and heavily depend on availability of other resources.

Potential uses of Zabbix

A simple use of an ATM machine to withdraw cash within the same bank involves:

  • availability of ATM machine as a hardware, including power supply and work of mechanical and electronic elements of ATM;
  • availability of ATM machine as a software to interact with a customer, including input of the requested amount and PIN validation;
  • availability of cash in ATM;
  • availability of ATM management application to route requests;
  • availability of network to deliver authorisation request from ATM to the bank and response from the bank to ATM;
  • availability of a card management system or a module to check the status of a debit card involved in the transaction;
  • availability of a core banking system to respond to the authorisation request and the requested debit amount from the account;
  • not to forget proper conditions in the data centres, availability of IT hardware, performance of OS, database, general purpose software and applications, such as firewall, backups and many other elements of payment and IT infrastructure.

Proven Benefits

  • to collect and store performance and availability information from all hardware and software elements used in the financial industry;
  • to process millions of checks per minute, considering very complex dependencies between different elements of infrastructure;
  • to work with distributed architecture, including remote offices, branches, ATM;
  • to analyse user experience 24 hours a day, 365 days per year;
  • to report and notify specific people within departments about any issues or malfunctions.

This is just a very simple representation of the process, where only the availability of all involved elements will result in delivery of positive experience to the customer, whereas the failure of one element of the chain will result in denial of the service and an unsatisfied end-user.

Zabbix Monitoring Solution can monitor tens of thousands of devices and applications associated with your banking IT infrastructure and system in general to detect and notify if there is a problem or any early signs of a system crash or slow-down.

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