Zabbix Solution in IT & Telecommunications
IT & Telecommunications

The key to success of IT and Telecommunication services is the assurance that services are delivered to the customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Precisely, effective and efficient monitoring is a must requirement in these environments that will: monitor the entire network, troubleshoot problems, control excellence of service delivery to customers, notify agents on any detected errors and problems and point out the affected system area / customer, to ensure rapid recovery. All of these aspects and many others are the fundamentals for IT & Telecommunication companies, if their aim is to be successful and trusted for the customers.

Possible uses of Zabbix

  • monitoring of the systems in data center as well as systems for company’s clients;
  • monitoring of large and expanding WISP network of servers, WiFi infrastructure and users;
  • tracking of customers’ servers; ability to use maintenance free proxy servers to monitor customers’ networks;
  • monitoring of day-to-day metrics like disk space, the status of websites, and the availability of key services;
  • monitoring everything from errors on switch ports to connection pool utilization in Java application servers;
  • continuous monitoring of all areas ranging from network and routing topology to server hardware through to processes and backups.

Proven Benefits

  • consolidated monitoring solution for all alarming and performance related information;
  • excellent flexibility and scalability;
  • great stability;
  • alerting on "situations unique" to a "specific issue";
  • very easy in implementation, use and customization;
  • unfettered conceptual freedom during the implementation phase;
  • easy to configure and update due to many existing resources explaining how or where to tune or fix problems;
  • easily monitors any type of vendor or device;
  • custom graphs, the maps feature, and latest data;
  • included functionality is sufficient to monitor almost any server and network device;
  • the ability to expand Zabbix quickly into other situations to help triage and diagnose problems with a less obvious cause;
  • ability to fix problems before the customer even becomes aware of their existence;
  • extensive information for decision making in solving problems or bottlenecks in the networks;
  • active support forums, trigger support dependencies, powerful templating and event engine;
  • possibility to automate the processes;
  • low administrative costs;
  • increase company’s ROI.
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