MSP Technical Support

MSP business relies on building cost-effective and efficient processes, delivering high-quality services to customers. Its dynamic nature requires ability to quickly scale up with minimum limitations.

Zabbix offers 2 simple, yet feature-full support tiers for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). To make it simple, just let us know the number of devices under your management.


MSP Standard

Best value

MSP Premium

Number of customers Unlimited Unlimited
Metrics included Unlimited Unlimited
Hosts included
1 000
2 500
5 000
Online support
Phone call support
Support availability 8x5 24x7
Initial response time 4 hours 4 hours
Number of incidents 5
Support contacts Up to 3 Up to 5
Zabbix Servers included 1 Zabbix server (no HA) Up to 3 Zabbix servers (HA)
Zabbix Proxies included Unlimited Unlimited
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MSP Technical Support benefits

  • Concentrate on provision of exception services to your customers, while Zabbix ensures smooth operations of your monitoring solution
  • Grow your MSP business with confidence that no performance issue or downtime will affect it

Supported languages

MSP support services are provided in English, Spanish, and Portuguese directly by Zabbix team and many other languages by trusted Zabbix partners

Flexibility and growth

We love to see your business grow and adjust according to your customers' needs. Our service prices are not based on number of customers your serve, or number of metrics you collect to provide you and your customers with best possible experience.

Purchase MSP Technical Support

Purchasing MSP Technical support is an easy and quick process
  1. Request a quote by completing this simple form.
  2. Confirm your order by PO or request for invoice
  3. Accept MSP Terms & Conditions by paying invoice.
  4. Start using MSP Technical support services.

MSP Technical Support FAQ

We are starting to provide services to a new customer. Are we required to report?
We need to upgrade in the middle of support period. What are conditions?
We run out of incidents included within particular MSP Technical Support tier and require to register yet another incident.
What level of assistnace shall we expect to receive within initial response time?
What is suggested approach/architecture to monitor several customers?
Our MSP business requires higher limits, including number of users and number of Zabbix Servers
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