ZABBIX software


Zabbix software is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2. The formal terms of the GPL can be found at

For additional details, including answers to common questions about the GPL, see the generic FAQ from the Free Software Foundation at

If you use Zabbix in a commercial context such that you profit by its use, we ask that you further the development of Zabbix by purchasing some level of support.

Zabbix Manual

The Zabbix Manual is not released under GPL. Use of the Manual is a subject to the following terms:

  • conversions to other formats is allowed, but the actual content may not be altered or edited in any way
  • you may create a printed copy for your personal use
  • for all other uses, such as selling printed copies or using (parts of) the Manual in another publication, prior written agreement from Zabbix LLC is required


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