Turn-Key Solution

There is always a gap between knowing that you need an easy-to-manage and robust-at-work network monitoring solution and the time when you know everything is under control with such a system in place. This gap is an action.

It may be easy to do it yourself, but it will take your valuable time you have so little of to share between more important tasks. So why not take advantage of Turn-Key Solution from Zabbix when you can get from "knowing you need" to "knowing you have" in as little as 1 day. Turn-Key Solution is a service designed by Zabbix to help your organization to start using Zabbix in no time.

What do you get in result?

As a result of Turn-Key Solution you will get a fully functional Zabbix monitoring solution running on the server of your organization with most common devices attached, limits and statuses being monitored and notification setup to let you know if something goes wrong.

Turn-Key Solution is not just a bold installation of Zabbix system which in fact is only the first step to building a monitoring solution within your company. It is designed as a complete solution that allows you to feel all the benefits of having a network monitoring system right away.

In addition to this, employees of your organization will have a chance to get "on-the-job-training" while watching our engineers do the work. And yes, they may ask questions. If you choose among more advanced Turn-Key Solution options, you will also get the peace of mind in knowing you have trained employees and support from Zabbix support team at your disposal.


The following prerequisites have to be met to apply for Turn-Key Solution:

  • have a physical or virtual Linux server installed;
  • be ready to provide us with remote access to your Linux server via SSH and HTTPS (for Remote solutions only) with root login credentials to your Linux server to perform installation and setup.

To achieve even better results by more effective utilization of our engineer time, please be ready to answer specify the following details:

  • which devices you are willing to monitor (be sure to have sufficient privileges to reach those devices)
  • which parameters (items in terms of Zabbix) like disk utilization, CPU load, temperature, in/out bandwidth etc. would you like to monitor from selected devices
  • what are thresholds, limits, statuses of these devices (events in terms of Zabbix) that should be reported to you by Zabbix server
  • how, when and who (think of possibility to escalate) should be informed about events that took place (setup of alarms in terms of Zabbix).


Solution TypeDurationSolution contentPrice, EUR / USD
Light1 dayRemote Zabbix server installation and basic setup950.00 / 1 290.00
Basic2 daysRemote Zabbix server installation, basic setup and basic configuration1 800.00 / 2 450.00
Advanced5 daysRemote consultancy, installation, setup and advanced configuration,
5% discount** on any selected 1 year commercial support level
4 500.00 / 5 900.00
Advanced+10 daysRemote consultancy, installation, advanced configuration,
10% discount** on any selected 1 year support level
8 500.00 / 11 500.00
Professional10 daysOn-site consultancy, installation, advanced configuration (7 days),
Zabbix Certified Specialist on-site training course for 5 employees (3 days),
15% discount** on any selected 1 year support level
16 500.00 / 22 400.00*
Custom package  Please contact our Sales Team with price inquiries about custom packages 
* The price does not include travel expenses (airplane, train, bus tickets).
** The discount is applicable only when purchased together with a Turn-Key Solution.

Purchase Turn-Key Solution

The process of purchasing Turn-Key Solution is as easy as the Solution itself. Simply:

  1. Submit Turn-Key Request Form
  2. Make a payment according to invoice
  3. Fulfill all requirements for Turn-Key solution delivery
  4. Zabbix will deliver Turn-Key Solution on agreed roll-out date
Turn-Key Solution Purchase Order

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If you have any questions, please contact us.

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