Typical situations when You need Template Building Services

What You Get

  • Personalized template created according to your exact requirements
  • Detailed instructions how to apply your new template
  • Recommendations for the optimal template structure

Your Benefits

  • Save time and money on the quality assured services performed by experienced Zabbix engineers
  • Rest assured that templates are fine tuned to your environment and do not overload your device and network
  • Templates are designed according to Zabbix best practices (e.g. bulk data collection, dependent items, event correlation etc)


Templates Duration Service Price per day,
1 template 1-3 days Template design, adaptation, customization and testing
  • SNMP polling/traps with basic event correlation, or
  • Find all possible ways how to obtain data from an application, select the optimal one, create required template with latest Zabbix features
€650 / $890
2 templates 4-6 days Template design, adaptation, customization and testing €600 / $800
3 or more templates 7-9 days Template design, adaptation, customization and testing €550 / $750
Custom package   Please contact our Sales Team with price inquiries  


  • Precise device model or system name
  • Precise list of what exactly needs to be monitored and how this information should be collected
  • MIB document (for SNMP devices only)
  • Access to the device or system for limited time to process template testing

Delivery options

  • Remotely
  • On-site
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