Business Analytics Monitoring

An IT infrastructure that Zabbix is so good at monitoring never stands alone or aside from the business that it operates for. And any business has Key Performance Indicators (KPI), which enable to understand the state of health of such business. It can be revenues, profit, number of web visitors or number of purchases, amount of devices manufactures per hour. For each company and assigned industry it may be something different and unique. Collecting such information manually and checking against planned numbers is a time consuming task that makes some businesses "forget" to collect and evaluate such valuable information constantly. This may result in a direct loss of revenues or unwise business decisions.

Adding those metrics to Zabbix monitoring takes just a few minutes, but may have a dramatic influence on the company's financial performance and future development. And, with Zabbix, monitoring is stress-free. There is no need to add and configure hundreds of parameters right away. This can be done gradually by constantly adding KPIs that really matter for the business.

Just think of a manager receiving an SMS at 4:26 PM stating that today's sales or production plan is fulfilled or seeing a dashboard on a smart-phone showing all key indicators are "green" for today. Zabbix built-in functionality allows easily achieve this by accessing dashboards, screens, graphs, and notifications.

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