Business Solutions

Commercial Support

We offer 5 levels of support that meet a wide range of customer needs. To make your experience enjoyable with Zabbix, support is available via web, phone and e-mail.

This is also a great opportunity to demonstrate the quality of our services that customers can expect after installation.

Custom Development

To help you achieve the most benefit from implementing Zabbix you may require some custom solution. Our company provides the full development of solutions to meet such specific requirements.

Whether you need a small adjustment or a large custom project, we can help you.

Moreover, we can create appropriate specifications that determine the best solution that fits the scope of your project.

All our development gets fully tested and documented, prices are competitive and the delivery time is usually lower than expected.

Turn-Key Solution

We have developed a turn-key solution for Zabbix providing your organization with the opportunity to start using Zabbix in your environment in less than 1 day, enjoying all the knowledge of our team in the implementation and configuration of environments.

Official Training

We offer our users two types of training programs: "Zabbix Certified Specialist" and "Zabbix for Large Environments", each program is designed for a particular type of user.

All training is organized and produced by the staff of Zabbix SIA - developers of Zabbix software.


Our consulting services are available for customers who can benefit from strategic consulting services, before and after deployment.

When deploying Zabbix as a monitoring solution, the proper assessment of requirements, appropriate design and implementation can mean the main difference between a fully optimized system performance with easy management and an unorganized and complicated project that never fully materializes.

In recent years we have successfully worked with a number of clients with a wide variety of needs and realities, and as a result, we have developed some profound knowledge and experience of how we can harness the full potential of available resources.

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