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Clonera embarked on its journey to revolutionize the ‘conventional’ understanding of system integrators and to provide high value-added solutions to meet the service needs in information technologies.

In line with global trends, when formulating their IT strategies, the CIOs in the organizations in Turkey tend to shift their IT teams’ focus towards “developing projects concentrated on the core business, and thus, generating value and saving both time and money” by means of taking actions such as having less dedicated infrastructure, reducing the initial investment cost, and improving efficiency by outsourcing tasks that require vertical expertise and that are recurring.

With over 10 years of experience in system integration, Clonera established the first MSP (managed service provide) company in Turkey to provide IT services and solutions, and it adopts a service-oriented and professional operational understanding that not only complies with international standards but also presents a boutique nature.

In a highly competitive market dominated by giant multinational corporations, the secret of success is to operate as a hardworking, dynamic and competent team where gears run in perfect harmony with each other. Since the very beginning, we raised the bar in service quality, and we proved to be a trusted business partner for numerous organizations with our managed IT services and unmatched solutions in disaster recovery and business continuity. As Clonera, we have always been well aware of our priorities and of where we are headed next, and we continue to grow with great confidence and to add value to our clients.