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Jiangsu ZongMu Information Technology Co., LTD

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Jiangsu ZongMu Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading technology software manufacturer of automation operation and maintenance and basic platform of Internet of Things. Long-term deep development based on Zabbix product secondary development and industry application services.Developed Argus, an IT operations monitoring platform commercial software, and Zeus IoT, an open source Internet of Things big data platform. Argus is a software for privatized and hybrid cloud data centers. It provides a comprehensive and multi-level unified monitoring and operation management platform.Helps users monitor the performance indicators of IT resources in real time.Network devices, servers, storage devices, databases, and middleware are included.Realize ex ante operation and maintenance.Argus is committed to helping customers build an easier and more comprehensive operation and maintenance system with the vision that there is nothing too hard to do. Zeus IoT is an open source IoT platform that integrates device data collection, storage, analysis, and observation.It is the world's first distributed and open source data acquisition platform for the Internet of Things based on Zabbix architecture.Capable of concurrent monitoring of millions of IoT devices.Dedicated to making device access and data processing out of the box.Enabling iot companies to focus on industry application development.Greatly shorten the development cycle of Internet of Things systems.The development efficiency of Internet of things projects is greatly improved and the cost is greatly reduced.