Zabbix 4.2 – Setting the Bar for IT Infrastructure monitoring

April 2, 2019

Zabbix team is proud to announce the release of Zabbix 4.2. The latest version prioritizes high-frequency distributed monitoring and caters to containers, applications and cloud resources.

“I am excited to witness the success of Zabbix in supporting thousands of companies on their journey of digital transformation by providing a highly reliable and flexible monitoring solution. This release sets the bar for IT infrastructure monitoring and makes Zabbix one of the most important component of modern AIOps platforms.” –Alexei Vladishev, Founder and CEO of Zabbix.


Zabbix is a universal Free and Open Source enterprise-level monitoring solution. It covers performance and availability of servers, IoT and network devices, databases, applications, cloud resources, web services and more. Needless to say, Zabbix comes with all the bells and whistles a modern monitoring system should: data collection and processing, distributed monitoring, real-time problem and anomaly detection, alerting and escalations, visualization and other features.

The key improvements of Zabbix 4.2 make the tool faster, more scalable and even more flexible. We made it possible by reaching a new level of performance of Zabbix proxies, unlimited preprocessing, validation and transformation of collected data, as well as improvements related to visualization.

Some of the core new features:

  • Enables collection of millions of metrics per second with throttling and proxy-side data preprocessing
  • Allows flexible high performance data preprocessing with built-in rules and user-defined JavaScript code
  • Event tag management made easy thanks to support of tags on template and host level

In total, about 30 features have been added or significantly improved. All information about Zabbix 4.2 is available in the official documentation and you can also join the upcoming webinars to learn more.


Zabbix 4.2 is now available for download:

Read the Release Notes on Zabbix 4.2 at:


Webinar schedule:

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