Web Scenarios

Zabbix provides an effective and flexible web monitoring function, where the web module regularly executes pre-defined scenarios and stores obtained results.

Integrity of a website

Zabbix web monitoring function allows to check performance and availability of multiple web resources and based on the data collected generate graphs, alarms and send notifications about failures.

For each step of the scenario the following values are stored​​:

  • Download speed
  • Response time
  • Response code
  • Occurrence of a string in result
Zabbix Web monitoring

Emulate user experience

A web scenario is composed by one or more HTTP requests (steps), which together can test the functionality of a web application, ensuring a positive user experience.

Zabbix Web monitoring configuration

During the execution of the steps, the cookies are maintained ensuring effective monitoring.

Additional features

  • User variables
  • Retries
  • Optionally follow redirects
  • GET and POST methods
  • HTTP and HTTPS protocols
  • Custom HTTP headers
  • Basic authentication
  • NTLM authentication
  • SSL verification and authentication

Used in templates

Sometimes it is necessary to gather similar statistics from a large number of web services, such as a farm of webservers behind a loadbalancer. To automate the task, a web scenario can be a template member and can be applied to as many hosts as required, with variables supported in the scenario name, URL and other fields.