Zabbix Summit 2018 Agenda

Zabbix Summit is a 2-day event full of exciting talks, tricky topics, community solutions, use cases from a wide range of companies and workshops run by the Zabbix Team.

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Day 1 – October 5


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Zabbix Summit Opening


KEYNOTE: Zabbix 4.0

Alexei will present a detailed overview of the new functionality of Zabbix 4.0 including numerous examples of their practical use.

Alexei Vladishev

Founder and CEO, Zabbix

Alexei is the author of Zabbix, an enterprise class open source monitoring solution, and also the founder of Zabbix LLC, the company developing Zabbix.
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Monitoring and Visualization of LLDP information in Zabbix

Despite the widespread use of SDN, there are still numerous networks composed of physical devices. However, products that manage the physical connection of network equipment are not sufficiently provided, and management that relies on manual labor is still being carried out now. Mr. Tanaka will explain how to manage and visualize physical connections of specific manufacturers and products using Zabbix and standardized protocols (LLDP, SNMP)

Takeshi Tanaka

Systems Engineer at NTT Com Solutions, Japan

NTT Communications Corporation is the largest telecommunications operator in Japan, providing communication and related services in over 190 countries. NTT Com Solutions Corporation specializes in system construction and system operation as a subsidiary of NTT Communications. As the world's first Premium Partner, NTT Com Solutions has been providing commercial Zabbix for over 10 years and has contributed to the expansion of Zabbix users in Japan.
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Applications and container monitoring with Performance Co-Pilot

Andrew will talk about what Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) is and how to interface it with Zabbix. We will find out how to leverage PCPs capabilities to instrument things like applications or containers.

Andrew Nelson

Senior Consultant at Red Hat, USA

Senior Linux systems administrator with a passion for systems monitoring using Zabbix. He has worked in mission critical data center environments, utilizing a SAAS (Software As A Service) model with millions of users and 24x7 availability. Specialties: Zabbix Certified Professional with 10 years experience in building and tuning Zabbix monitoring environments; the top non-employee contributor to the Zabbix forums; Senior level systems Linux systems administrator; in Ruby and Bash.
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Zabbix Tips & Tricks

Kaspars will reveal the best ways to reach performance efficiency, share the most tricky scenarios and how to solve them with ease. Learn more from experience and knowledge of Zabbix support team!

Kaspars Mednis

Technical Support Engineer at Zabbix

Kaspars has more than 15 years of experience as a Network Administrator and more than 10 years of experience in Zabbix. He is highly knowledgeable about networking, SQL based databases (MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle), Windows and Linux server administration. Previously worked in banking sector, administering and monitoring bank network infrastructure. Kaspars is a Zabbix Support Engineer and Certified Trainer.
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Case Study: Optimizing Zabbix for high performance

Mikhail and Maxim will provide a case study on Intersvyaz experience of optimizing zabbix for high performance:

  • how to deal with 40K+ devices, 500K+ of metrics
  • integration of Zabbix with external inventory and incident system
  • different ways of keeping the configuration up to date
  • Zabbix API to the rescue!

Mikhail Makurov
Project Manager & Team Lead at Intersvyaz
Maxim Chernetsov
Head of Network Operation Center at Intersvyaz


Mikhail works for twelve years in the field. He is engaged in different kinds of programming, services architecture planning and people management activities. Recently involved in Zabbix optimization project.
In eight years time, Maxim grew from Support Engineer into the Head of NOC. Maxim is an expert on large networks and high loaded fault-tolerant network services. He manages all the infrastructure and a team of 20 people.
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Visualize it! Getting the most out of Zabbix UI

Zabbix visualization capabilities have been improved significantly in the recent releases. Alexey will show how to get data in a nice way with Zabbix UI and dashboards, which will include deep dive into advanced topics like complex graphing and map trees.

Alexey Petrov

Technical Support Engineer at Zabbix

Alexey has 5+ years of experience in networking, wireless networking, security appliances as a qualified Engineer, Consultant and Sales Engineer, delivering high-density solutions and product training for different range of customers in Latvia, starting from privately-held business till Government agencies. Alexey started his own Zabbix path as a Support Engineer to provide high-quality support for Zabbix customers, which was followed by the Zabbix Certified Trainer degree, sharing now his experience and prominent knowledge of Zabbix all around the globe.
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New ways to become Zabbix expert

Sergey will demonstrate how the new Zabbix Training programs will help to become more proficient in Zabbix and how it works for both experienced engineers and Zabbix end-users.

Sergey Sorokin

Director of Business Development at Zabbix

With background in business administration and extensive experience in financial sector, Sergey works for Zabbix for over 8 years now. Sergey is responsible for global partner network development, for cooperation and joint projects with software and hardware vendors, and some key customer projects.
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Distribution system – how to remotely configure Zabbix infrastructure

Administering Zabbix infrastructure can be a challenging task in a heterogenous and secured environment. Stanislav will present S&T solution that allows Zabbix administrators to configure Zabbix components without privileged access instruments such as admin account, ssh or dedicated agent.

Stanislav Tažiar

Senior Consultant at S&T Slovakia, Slovakia

Stanislav has 20 years of experience in IT infrastructure monitoring and services management systems. He is working for S&T Slovakia, IT services and solutions provider company as an IT management consultant and has been engaged in implementation of infrastructure and services monitoring systems.
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Better dress warm - IOT meets Zabbix

The talk will be about integrating an IOT device based on the ESP32 microcontroller and some sensors to measure things like: temperature, humidity, air pressure, wlan rssi. The interesting part about this is that:

  • The IOT device can be built by "yourself"
  • Its mobile, battery driven and uses wifi to connect
  • It nativly "speaks" the Zabbix protocol, thus it works with any Zabbix instance out of the box
  • It can be extended to any other sensors like co (carbonmonoxid), co2 (carbondioxid) , brightness, air quality, location, movement, vibration etc.
  • Its simply fun to work with!

Wolfgang Alper

CEO at IntelliTrend, Germany

Wolfgang Alper began his IT career in 1988. In 2005, he launched the first network monitoring projects based on Zabbix. Now Wolfgang is a Zabbix Certified Trainer and IntelliTrend GmbH is a Certified Partner of Zabbix, having become one of the leading specialists in the field of network monitoring focusing on "large-scale network monitoring" projects and related customer-specific developments.
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Day 2 – October 6


Zabbix Workshops / Zabbix Exam

During the conference top Zabbix experts will be running Workshops focusing on Zabbix features.
You will have an opportunity to watch live demos and participate in hands-on Zabbix usage examples.

Track 1
8:00-9:00 - Event Correlation
9:00-10:00 - Data Preprocessing
Track 2
8:00-9:00 - Visualize IT!
9:00-10:00 - Dockerized Zabbix


Zabbix Summit will also offer a fantastic opportunity to become Zabbix 4.0 Certified, as we will provide you with a chance to pass Zabbix 4.0 exam right at the venue and just within 1 hour!

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Coffee Break


KEYNOTE: Evolution of Zabbix

The founder of Zabbix, Alexei Vladishev, will share his view on the long term roadmap of Zabbix, development process, community and ecosystem. There will be a number of exciting news from Zabbix Team, do not miss this talk!

Alexei Vladishev

Founder and CEO at Zabbix

Alexei is the author of Zabbix, an enterprise class open source monitoring solution, and also the founder of Zabbix LLC, the company developing Zabbix.
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Zabbix full-stack monitoring in VUCA

Being surrounded by a variety of IT monitoring solutions, enterprises have to make a well-weight decision. In this talk, Shawn will show you how to find IT monitoring solution that meet your business demands, provide comparisons of Zabbix with other monitoring solutions, and describe how Zabbix is implemented in DevOps environments.

Shawn Cai

One of the Top 5 China Banks, China

Shawn CAI has more than 8 years IT management working experiences in Consulting and Bank Industry, now working as a DevOps team manager of China Merchants Bank, he’s focusing on Full-stack monitoring in DevOps environment via Zabbix.
Currently he’s core member of Zabbix China community, the translator of EXIN DevOps handbook and Zabbix manual(3.4, 4.0). He also has certificates of ZCP, DevOps Master, MCSE, etc.
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Zabbix zero downtime upgrades in highly-available cluster as an Application Service Provider takes care of the private cloud environments of its customers in many data centers around Europe. Stefan will present a case study about a highly-available Zabbix Cluster. The talk will feature the details of the currently running setup and also an overview about the plans to upgrade this setup to Zabbix 4.0 and further.

Stefan Heykes

Senior System Engineer at GmbH, Germany

Stefan is focusing on automated processes and administration tasks. After starting his career in electrical engineering, he switched to GmbH and therefore to IT application management in 2017. And he is still implementing his experience of automated industrial technology in IT.
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Zabbix integrations for UCaaS and SaaS company

RingCentral’s infrastructure consists of over 60-thousand combined physical and virtual servers distributed across 17 large data-centers. Initially, Zabbix provided adequate tools and services, with a “swiss-army knife” of capabilities for monitoring and management. However, in the past 10 years, RingCentral has experienced two orders-of-magnitude increase in its customer base. Dmitry discussion will present the challenges met, and particularly focus on the tools integrated with main Zabbix based monitoring system to keep up with business requirements and service stability. He will touch on:

  • speed of engineering team growth
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Mentality
  • Dynamic discovery and aggregations
  • CMDB and DCIM integration
  • Service definitions
  • New Technology accommodation

Dmitry Shchemelinin

Sr. Director of Site Reliability Engineering and NOC at RingCentral, USA

An operations and site reliability engineering leader with 20 years of comprehensive background in a large-scale IT environment and deep understanding of Cloud Production, SDLC and Telecommunications. Dmitry is a Sr. Director of Site Reliability Engineering and Network Operations Center at RingCentral Inc., where Zabbix is a main monitoring tool of globally distributed cloud production system.
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Securing and monitoring Blockchain systems with Zabbix

Blockchains are bravely taking over the world of various business applications, from payments to smart contracts. Lukas' team has been involved in the Intense VPN project. His experience shows that health monitoring of various components of blockchain system is needed and should be automated.

As Zabbix experts, they have chosen it to detect attacks on blockchain as well as monitor block confirmation operations (mining). He is going to share the approach, challenges and solutions they have developed within Zabbix.

Lukas Macura

CTO at Foresight Cyber, Czech Republic

Lukas is a network and cyber security expert and open-source “extremist”. He has been using Zabbix for a long time, essentially since alpha versions. He is a CTO at the Foresight CyberTM where Zabbix is an integral part of the company’s internally built Foresight Cyber Platform delivering cyber security managed services to company’s clients.
Lukas' moto is: “Nothing is impossible!”
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Zabbix Cloud

Zabbix in the Cloud is the fastest, easiest route to monitoring. Zabbix Team will demonstrate how to deploy Zabbix in the cloud in 60 seconds, what are the benefits and use cases. Pros and cons of the Cloud solution vs on-premise setup will be covered as well.

Vjacheslav Bogdanov

Team Lead & C Developer at Zabbix

Vjacheslav has 10+ years of experience in software development with working knowledge of usability, security and the other aspects of development process. He has had a chance to work with multiple projects with high requirements for data integrity, security and high load (including Zabbix). He was asked to add a few words about himself, but due to limitations of this page we cannot include text files larger than 300MB so just try to imagine a lot of nice things about him.
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Coffee Break


Put it together Zabbix & PostgreSQL

Thomas will talk about Zabbix on PostgreSQL cluster with streaming replication and repmgr. Thomas will show a live demo on a cube, consisting of Up Square Boards with Intel Pentium N4200 and Intel Celeron N3350, and a Mikrotik Router Board 493G.

Thomas Oftring

Database Administrator at Rhein-Main Solution, Germany

Thomas is Zabbix Certified Professional and is working with Zabbix since 2008. He'll become Certified Trainer in October this year and will start with own trainings in spring 2019. He is also a well experienced database administrator. This combination of profoundly database knowledge with Zabbix complements excellent.
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Zabbix Internals

Getting an internal look of the Zabbix clockworks: the know-how of treating the cause instead of consequences.

Oleg Ivanivskyi

Consultant at Zabbix

Oleg has a great experience in IT infrastructure, middleware, applications and services monitoring. Oleg successfully combines tasks of consulting and providing technical support with delivery of Zabbix professional training.
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Lightning Talks

5-minute inspiration!
Share one great idea, tell a story, be creative and inspire - through a short 5-minute presentation.

Lightning Talk Speakers:
Mikhail Makurov, Intersvyaz, Russia - "Machine learning analysis of Zabbix data"
Olivier Harand, Outscale, France - "Text to speech calls alerting with Asterisk"
Andrew Nelson, Red Hat, USA - "Monitoring Red Hat's Rocket Chat instance using Zabbix"
Dimitri Bellini, Quadrata, Italy - "Why Italian companies use Zabbix?"
Egor Andreev, AdminDivision, Russia - "How to prevent human errors with Zabbix platform"
Vito Caldaralo, YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, Italy - "How to be a Guest like an Admin, with special powers"
Kazuhiko Inaba, aka BurnDuck, Japan - "How I see Zabbix in the future"
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Closing Speech

Alexei Vladishev

Founder and CEO, Zabbix

Alexei is the author of Zabbix, an enterprise class open source monitoring solution, and also the founder of Zabbix LLC, the company developing Zabbix.
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