Zabbix tasks for developers

At ZABBIX, we like solving mathematical and algorithmic problems. We believe that being able to reason in a strict way is essential to any kind of programming activity. So we would like you to do that, too, and send us code that implements your ideas.

There are many problems out there, but we would like to offer you to solve any of the problems on Sphere Online Judge. You can submit in any programming language of your choice. If you are already using a different online judge, feel free to send us the solutions you already wrote.

If you are confused as to which problem to choose, we would be particularly interested in solutions to the following problems:

Even if you did not get your solution accepted on the online judge, but have an algorithm that you think is reasonable, send us your code anyway. We would love to discuss it during an interview!

NB! Only preselected candidates will be contacted.

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