Conference Fun-Stuff Program

As always, we are planning exciting events for you before, during and after the conference. You will experience a fascinating entertainment program to brighten your busy conference days. Hope to see you amazed and having fun!

If you intend to take part in all of the fun-stuff events, do not forget to register for either Full Conference package or Zabbix Fan package covering all the activities of conference official and fun-stuff agendas.

Medieval Welcome Party

Medieval Welcome party

On September 8, just before the conference, you will be shifted to a historical and culturally unique place in Latvia, Small Guild, located in the very heart of Old Riga. Small Guild is one of the few architectural monuments withstanding two World Wars, preserving its grandeur, and representing Latvian craftsmanship and historical culture.

Relax after your trip and immerse yourself in the aura of medieval times while participating in activities with noble heritage and spending time surrounded by the antique atmosphere of stained-glass windows, wooden floors and chandeliers in luxurious interior rooms.

Date & Time: 8 September, 19:00-23:00 (local time).
Venue: Amatu street 3, Riga (map).

* In order to participate in Zabbix “Welcome Party” you need to be registered for any "Full", "Fan" or "Speaker" registration package.

Zabbix Conference Party in Beer Museum

Zabbix Party

Zabbix Conference Party is the central event, giving the participants a chance to meet each other after the productive day of the conference.

This year there’s something original and memorable planned. What can be better than an evening in a beer pub? Only an evening in a beer factory!

You will explore the history and Latvian traditions of brewing while having a delicious dinner in a beer cellar among the real beer barrels. Latvia is famous for its high quality beer and you will have a chance to taste all sorts and kinds of it. And not only taste!

During a special masterclass you will create your own beer and take it with you to your home country. Let’s meet for a glass of this wonderful drink at the Zabbix Conference Party!

Date & Time: 9 September, 19:00-23:00+ (local time).
Venue: Tvaika street 44, Riga (map).

* All registered attendees are welcome to this event.

Post-Conference Evening at the Cinema


At the end of the Conference it’s the right time to be looking for action and relaxation at the same time. How is this possible? Easy, we invite you to have fun watching an action comedy at one of the largest film theatres in Eastern Europe!

Share your emotions (and popcorn) with Conference participants and Zabbix team members, while enjoying cocktails and snacks at the terrace bar Vertigo on the 6th floor of Kino Citadele, and watch an exclusive screening of one of this year’s anticipated movies – War Dogs. You’ll have a good laugh and see how a small initiative can grow into a big business!

Kino Citadele is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technologies, including projector and sound quality. The movie will be in English with subtitles in Russian and Latvian.

Date & Time: 10 September, 18:30-22:00 (local time).
Venue: 13. janvāra street 8, Riga (map).

* In order to participate in Zabbix “Post-Conference Evening” you need to be registered for any "Full", "Fan" or "Speaker" registration package.

After the Conference

Nike Riga Run

As it has already become a tradition, we invite all participants to join Zabbix Team on a refreshing Sunday run after the productive 2-day conference. There is a famous running event Nike Riga Run taking place at Mežaparks (en. Forest Park) in Riga, Latvia on September 11.

Nike Riga Run

Online registration - 10km run/walking

Please note! All runners must register themselves. After completing your registration, make sure to print out the Letter of Confirmation that will be sent out to an e-mail address indicated by you.

How and where to get your personal Runner Number? On September 11 make sure to arrive a bit earlier at the venue. The start time will be specified later. You may receive your personal Runner Number by showing your passport or personal ID card and printed Letter of Confirmation.

For more questions, please contact the organizers via e-mail or through Facebook.

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