Conference Fun-Stuff Program

As always, we are planning exciting events for you before, during and after the conference. You will experience a fascinating entertainment program to brighten your busy conference days. Hope to see you amazed and having fun!

Zabbix Fair Welcome Party

Zabbix Fair Welcome Party

In the evening before the conference, right after your arrival, we’ll welcome you to a fairground in a truly Latvian flavor, creating a world of new tastes and discoveries. It is an adventure for the senses.

You’ll participate in awe-inspiring activities – games and competitions, enjoy traditional Latvian music and craft beer, welcomed by lovely hosts in national costumes and served Latvian national cuisine made according to traditional recipes passed on from generation to generation.

There’s something for everyone at the Fairground! A great way to relax after your trip, have fun and taste local food in the traditional Latvian LIDO Leisure Center.

P.S. we have ordered sunny and warm evening, but take your coat/sweater with you just in case.

Date & Time: 14 September, 19:00-23:00 (local time).
Venue: Krasta street 76, Riga (map).

Zabbix Award Ceremony at Zabbix Conference Party

Zabbix Award Ceremony at Zabbix Conference Party

The time is drawing nearer and soon we will celebrate Zabbix Conference 2017, the night when hundreds of monitoring fans from around the world will revere Zabbix. So let us roll out the red carpet for the most exciting evening in September and welcome our most prominent guests – you of course.

The celebration will take place at the Baltic Beach Hotel restaurant with a summer terrace with a captivating sea view pleasing culinary art and design interior connoisseurs.

Sip on posh cocktails, be dazzled by the flashes of paparazzi, mingle among the stars of monitoring and enjoy the evening with many pleasant surprises. We’ll make sure that this will be a night to remember!

Date & Time: 15 September, 19:00-23:00 (local time).
Venue: 23/25 Juras street, Majori, Jurmala (map).

Take Part in Film-Making at Zabbix Post-Conference Evening

Take Part in Film-Making at Zabbix Post-Conference Evening

When watching a movie, have you ever imagined yourself in an actor’s place taking part in a particular scene? What would it be like to travel through time or fight for the sake of the nation? Well, at the Zabbix Post-Conference Evening this all may come true.

We’ll take you on an adventure to a film city, a world where you can let your imagination run wild and where everyone has the opportunity to play a starring role. There is a church, bridges, market squares, cobblestone streets, Daugava river embankment and boats, tramway, military machinery and a lot of other props at Cinevilla, offering you an insight into the film making business.

Date & Time: 16 September, 19:00-23:00 (local time).
Venue: Vidusvecvagari, Slampes municipality, Tukums region (map).

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