September 14, 2017

Welcome Party

On the evening just before the conference we welcomed our guests to a fairground in a truly Latvian flavor, creating a world of new tastes and discoveries, where our guest participated in fun activities – games and competitions, enjoyed traditional Latvian food and craft beer. It was an adventure for the senses.

September 15, 2017

Zabbix Conference - Day 1

This day opened the official agenda of 7th Zabbix Conference. We were truly happy to host the biggest Zabbix event yet, showing off achievements and sparking new ideas, mapping the future of open source monitoring together with participants of our event.

Zabbix Conference Party

After a productive first day of the conference, we traveled to a beautiful location with a captivating sea view, where a red carpet was rolled out to welcome the guests of the Zabbix Award Ceremony, mingling among the stars of monitoring at a night filled with surprises .

September 16, 2017

Zabbix Conference - Day 2

Keeping the tradition from the last year, we started the second day with Zabbix Workshops and Exam. While still filled with emotion and a slight headache from the last night, participants were quick to fill out the workshop rooms, with their minds open to new ideas presented by our Zabbix experts.

Zabbix post-conference trip to Cinevilla

After the closing speech, we headed out for an adventure to a film city - a world where you can let your imagination run wild and where everyone has the opportunity to play a starring role.

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