Conference Fun-Stuff Program

We believe that great work must be rewarded!

To take part in Zabbix Official Party event, do not forget to register for a particular Conference package that includes attendance of Conference Official Party.

Zabbix Official Party at Sheng Zhai

Sheng Zhai

Sheng Zhai is a very cozy and exquisite place, former residence of the Sheng Xuanhuai, founder of Shanghai JiaoTong University. Now this great building serves as the university alumni center.

We expect that all of the speakers from the offial Conference agenda will be present at this event. So, consider it as another opportunity for networking and sharing ideas about Zabbix in the very relaxed atmosphere.



Sheng Zhai


Date & Time: 24 November, 18:00 (local time).
Venue: Sheng Zhai, Shanghai JiaoTong University, Shanghai.