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This section of our web page is devoted to Zabbix Conference 2011, the first event of such a kind for our company. The conference will take place in Riga, Latvia at Tallink Hotel Riga on September 30 - October 1, 2011.

We expect to gather together many professionals and fans of Zabbix to tell more about Zabbix, its features and possibilities, future plans and our vision of Zabbix development.

This conference is intended for both Business and IT oriented Zabbix current or prospective users. Many topics related to efficiency, areas of application, future development of Zabbix will be covered during this two day event. Not to forget presentation of Zabbix 2.0 version.

More detailed information about agenda, registration, accommodation, visas, transport, sponsorship opportunities and informal events is available from left menu on this page.

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If you consider joining us for this event, please let us know by simply clicking on this link and sending us your e-mail address. This will help us greatly to plan the event trouble free. Pre-registered users will receive e-mail updates as new information is posted on this page.

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