Zabbix Conference 2012
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Thank you everyone who made it to this year’s Zabbix Conference!

157 delegates from 27 countries attended the event. Professionals from various industries including IT, telecommunications, advertising, finance, as well as health-care, public and government sectors gathered in Riga, Latvia, to exchange new ideas and experience about Zabbix Monitoring Solution.

Once again, we would like to thank our honored sponsors Red Hat Enterprise, Miracle Linux, NTT ComTechnology, SRA OSS, and TIS for making this event happen. Your support is very valuable to us and we hope that this is not the last cooperation between our companies on similar events.

Zabbix conference 2012

The two-day Zabbix Conference had quite a tight schedule combining official and non-official agendas. We hope that all the events provided opportunities for learning something new about Zabbix and for socializing with like-minded friends.

Presentation slides and videos are available for download in the Agenda section. We have also posted the pictures in the Photo Gallery, and you are more than welcome to check them out and download the ones you like.

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