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Zabbix Conference Japan, organized by Zabbix Company is left behind and we would like to thank all the honored guests, registrants and sponsors of course, who have joined the event and spent this wonderful and valuable time together with Zabbix team and its community!

Zabbix Conference is the annual event that gathers professionals who share their experience and knowledge of Zabbix Monitoring Software.

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The conferences so far have only been held in Latvia, where Zabbix head office is located, but we decided to hold it in Japan as well because there is a Japanese subsidiary now and strong demand for Zabbix in Japan.

Zabbix Company and its main product, Zabbix Monitoring Solution are making great breakthroughs every year, gaining recognition and increasing number of Zabbix users. The conference presentations will contain examples of usage, introduction examples, information about Zabbix related tools, and so on.

* Please note that most of the presentations will be delivered in Japanese.

Event Outline

Date and Time:22 November,2013
[Registration for Conference Delegates] 9:30-10:00
[Conference] 10:00-17:00
[Convivial Party] 17:30-19:30
Venue:Palaceside Building, 2nd floor, Mynavi room
Capacity:200 people
Participation fee:[Conference]: free,
[Convivial party]: 1,000 JPY
*you must participate in the conference part to join the party.
Contents:Around 10 sessions will present examples of usage, introduction examples, Zabbix related solutions, etc.
See agenda page for more details.


Pre-registration is required to attend Zabbix Conference Japan 2013. We will start the registration from 22 October 2013. Thank you for your patience.
The Conference hall size is limited, so please register as soon as possible when registration starts to reserve your place if you are interested in attending.
Please note, to attend the Convivial Party, you need to pay 1,000 JPY as the participation fee in advance and must participate in the conference part to join the party.

Zabbix Conference Japan 2013 Sponsors

Platinum Sponsors:
株式会社オージス総研 クロス・ヘッド株式会社

Gold Sponsors:
株式会社インテリジェンス ビジネスソリューションズ    ぷらっとホーム株式会社

Silver Sponsors:
インフォコム株式会社 NTTコムテクノロジー株式会社

Media Sponsors:
ExpoTODAY サイボウズ式
日経BPシステム運用ナレッジ マイナビ
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