Kvint LLC
Kvint LLC

Business Center Nurly-Tau, Block 2B, office 503, Al-Farabi 19, 050059, Almaty

+7 (727) 3907949


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KVINT LLC is a company from Kazakhstan with its head office in Almaty. The main focus of the company is to provide network and server hardware for building the infrastructure of data centers. For doing so, the company uses high-tech solutions developed by public cloud services providers.

KVINT LLC is working with vendors who concentrate their efforts on the development of specialized niche products. Therefore, their technological base is highly innovative, and the developed solutions are far ahead of the nearest competitors.

KVINT LLC is a partner of the leading vendors of a product line being unique to Kazakhstan. Creating solutions for cloud infrastructure of data centers and their further support is in fact much more difficult than many initially assume. The company’s products help to reduce the necessary effort for deploying data centers out of the box, while also creating the best solutions in terms of density, low latency and, at the same time, simplicity. On a large scale, simplicity is the key to success.