Sample of Justification Letter

Sample of Justification Letter

Feel free to copy, fill-in the missing information and send or e-mail to your supervisor for approval.

Please note! Approval is not guaranteed by this letter and in case of refusal, the Zabbix Company will bear no liability or responsibility whatsoever.

[Subject Line] Why I should attend Zabbix Summit 2019

Dear [First Name],

I propose that you send me to Zabbix Summit 2019 — taking place October 11-12 in Riga, Latvia — so I can continue to educate myself with the skills necessary to maximize the effectiveness of our IT infrastructure.

Zabbix Summit 2019 is an event dedicated to one of the world's best enterprise-level Open Source monitoring solutions, gathering together IT professionals of different levels, starting from the enthusiastic Start-ups up to the IT experts representing leading enterprises and organizations from all over the world — the leading products, the interactive sessions with practical how-to tips and use cases, all under one roof.

Attending Zabbix Summit 2019 will provide

  • In-depth training and hands-on experience. I'll be able to hear and see a series of presentations, technical sessions and live demos, backed with bright ideas, interesting solutions presented by speakers having years of experience in the IT industry.
  • Learn the Best Practices. Summit will be attended by IT professionals of different levels, starting from the enthusiastic Start-ups and up to the IT experts and leading enterprises and organizations with a worldwide reputation. This will provide me with an opportunity to get invaluable experience from all these people and to discover their best practices and obtained knowledge.
  • Get answers. I will be able to meet the Zabbix team, including developers, engineers, consultants, as well as Sales representatives. Get our technical questions, on Zabbix services or Zabbix Partnership Program queries answered by the Zabbix team and find the best suitable solution for our company.

The cost of sending me to Zabbix Summit 2019 breaks down like this:

  • Registration: [Choose one of the Packages at the Registration page]
  • Airfare: €
  • Hotel: € [Included in Most Packages]
  • Meals: €

The total travel costs are: €.
The total Summit costs are: €.

If you’d like to learn more about the Summit and the benefits it will bring to [Company Name], visit I hope you’ll agree that this is a practical and important investment that will deliver real return for our organization.

Thanks for your consideration,