Zabbix Summit 2023 Agenda

Zabbix Summit is a 2-day event full of exciting talks, tricky topics, community solutions, use cases from a wide range of companies, and workshops run by the Zabbix Team.

Day 1: Oct 6, 2023

Riga (GMT+3)



Summit Opening



Alexei Vladishev

CEO & Founder, Zabbix, Latvia,

Alexei is the author of Zabbix, an enterprise class open source monitoring solution, and also the founder of Zabbix LLC, the company that develops Zabbix.
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Real-Life Examples: Unleashing the Power of Zabbix Item Scripts for Automation

Explore real-life examples of how to utilize Zabbix script items for automatic SNMP community discovery, while parsing multiple macro values and leveraging one item with multiple macros. In addition, you’ll discover how script items can be employed to automatically modify host configurations in the event of Zabbix Proxy failure and other scenarios.

Alois Zadražil

Technical Consultant, initMAX, Czech Republic,

Alois has been monitoring with Zabbix for many years and has grown quite fond of it! During this time, he has gained plenty of experience and is happy to pass on his knowledge to others. You can often meet him (at least virtually) in our regular webinars. Alois is also interested in Microsoft technologies, especially directory and authentication services.
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Internal Changes and Improvements in Zabbix 7.0

Get an early look at the upcoming internal Zabbix design changes and improvements. Learn how Zabbix 7.0 internal changes will benefit Zabbix performance and overall monitoring workflows.

Kaspars Mednis

Chief Trainer, Zabbix, Latvia,

Kaspars has more than 15 years of experience as a Network Administrator and more than 10 years of experience in Zabbix. He is highly knowledgeable about networking, SQL based databases (MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle), and Windows and Linux server administration. He previously worked in the banking sector, administering and monitoring bank network infrastructure.
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Alert Fatigue: What Does Science Say?

Alert noise and alert fatigue are frequently discussed in the IT monitoring community, but have been studied for much longer in fields such as medicine. We'll look at what we know about alert fatigue, what actually causes alert noise, and how people can avoid alert noise in Zabbix.

Rihards Olups

SaaS Architect, Nokia, Latvia,

Rihards moved from custom monitoring scripts to Zabbix in 2001. Since then, monitoring and security have been his main areas of focus.
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Zabbix Meets Cloud-Deploy - Intelligent Provisioning of Multiple Zabbix Instances in Kubernetes

This presentation will demonstrate how Deutsche Telekom used Kubernetes to automatically deploy a large number of independent Zabbix servers using APIs and Terraform to monitor specific areas in client IT environments. You’ll also see how to overcome most of the challenges encountered in similar automated workflows.

Wolfgang Alper

CEO, IntelliTrend GmbH, Germany,

Wolfgang Alper is the CEO of IntelliTrend GmbH, a German IT company specializing in network infrastructure, virtualization, and network monitoring. He came to the conclusion that companies of all sizes would need to monitor their IT infrastructure, so in 2004 he started implementing Zabbix in enterprise environments and has never looked back. As a Zabbix certified trainer, Wolfgang specializes in large scale deployments of Zabbix.
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Monitoring Green Power and Distributed Edge Computing Infrastructure with Zabbix

The efficient use of green power is being heavily promoted in Japan. To utilize green power effectively, it's necessary to monitor the amount of power generated and consumed. This presentation will cover the nuances of using Zabbix to monitor green power generation and consumption, as well as smaller containerized and edge computing DCs that are being rolled out across Japan.

Hiroshi Abe

Ph. D., Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan,

Hiroshi joined Toyota in 2019. His research encompasses a broad spectrum of topics, including edge computing, edge communication and control, and monitoring systems. He is presently focused on edge control that leverages wide-area data synchronization mechanisms and green energy. He utilizes Zabbix as a distributed monitoring tool for this purpose.
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Zabbix Behind the Scenes: How Zabbix simplified digital transformation for Brazil's largest media group

Zabbix plays an important role in helping Globo, the largest media company in Latin America, by contributing with simple and powerful solutions to keep high standards of live events coverage, such as the World Cup, National Elections and the Summer Olympics. In this presentation, we will discuss how these solutions have been contributing to Globo's digital transformation journey both monitoring our mission critical systems and also generating data to improve the user experience using company strategic products.

Marianna Portela

Tech Lead, Globo, Latin America

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Logs Go LLD

Logs are one of the most important data sources for monitoring. Learn how Zabbix log monitoring can be combined with low-level discovery features to automatically create log items and collect or count the matching log lines.

Giedrius Stasiulionis

IT Solution Expert, SEB Bank, Lithuania,

Giedrius has a strong passion for monitoring, automating mundane tasks, and programming (especially scripting).
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Case study - Zabbix in financial institutions

Dimitri Bellini

CEO, Quadrata Service Group s.r.l., Italy, UAE

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Managing Zabbix for Beginners

Zabbix admins often utilize only a limited set of Zabbix features, due to a lack of understanding about how their monitoring configuration can be improved. This presentation will cover some of the most important basic points that can help you optimize your monitoring and configuration.

Steve Destivelle

CEO, IZI-IT, France,

Steve is a prominent Zabbix evangelist in France.
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Behind the Scenes: Product Delivery

From the text editor to a release - what does delivering Zabbix entail? Campfire stories of success, failure, and improvements in an ever-changing world.

Juris Lambda

C Developer, Zabbix, Latvia

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Monitoring the London Underground

Zabbix is a universal monitoring tool that can be used to monitor everything - even unusual things such as the London Underground. In this presentation, Nathan Liefting (Opensource ICT Solutions) and Adan Mohamed (Boldyn Networks) will guide you through the setup for Transport for London.

Nathan Liefting

Zabbix Consultant & Trainer, Opensource ICT Solutions, The Netherlands

Adan Mohamed

DevOps Manager, Boldyn Networks, UK

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Monitoring Production (OT) Environments Using Zabbix Technology

This presentation covers Zabbix implementation in challenging and somewhat isolated ICS (industrial control systems) environments. In addition, you’ll learn how Zabbix gives good visibility for all ICS assets and provides the same capabilities for legacy and modern technology assets.

Mikko Tikkala

Senior Specialist, Valmet, Finland

Ari Rajamäki

Product Manager, Valmet, Finland

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What's Up, Home?

This presentation is based on the popular “What’s Up, Home?” blog post series by Janne Pikkarainen. You’ll learn how Zabbix can solve a variety of everyday IoT and home monitoring tasks and provide you with new and unexpected insights.

Janne Pikkarainen

Lead Site Reliability Engineer, Forcepoint, Finland,

By day, Janne is a technical monitoring lead in a global cyber security company. By night, he monitors his home with Zabbix and does some weird experiments with it.
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Tips and Tricks on using useful features of Zabbix in large scale environments

Zabbix implements various useful features. There are some tips and tricks to consider when using these useful features in a large scale environment. In this presentation, we have worked on a Zabbix environment monitoring tens of thousands of hosts, We will show the tips and trick we applied to automate mass host registration with LLDs and to set up maintenance for flexible non-monitoring of a large number of hosts, mainly using tags. Let’s get the hang of it and proceed with the use and stable operation of Zabbix in a large scale environment.

Mr. Takashi Fukushima

Zabbix Certified Trainer, NTT Com Engineering Corporation, Japan,

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Day 2: Oct 7, 2023

Riga (GMT+3)



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Zabbix Company News

Sergey Sorokin

Director of Business Development, Zabbix, Latvia,

With a background in business administration and extensive experience in the financial sector, Sergey has been working for Zabbix for over 8 years now. Sergey is responsible for global partner network development, cooperation and joint projects with software and hardware vendors, and some key customer projects.
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Serving Success: How Zabbix Customer Support Fuels Customer Achievement

Dmitry Lambert

Head of Technical Support, Zabbix, Latvia,

Dmitry has been working in IT monitoring for many years. He started as a technician, providing support to all types of customers with different problems and goals that are related to high scale customized monitoring solutions that require an individual approach. It gave him a great opportunity to gather experience and knowledge that he now puts to use as a Head of Technical support at Zabbix.
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Zabbix in an MSP Environment - Design Decisions and Implementation Ideas

Zabbix is the right tool for every MSP, but in order to make deployment successful there are quite a few things to consider, document, and prepare. Once the prerequisites are sorted out, Zabbix is a joy to deploy!

Brian van Baekel

Zabbix Trainer, Opensource ICT Solutions Ltd., United Kingdom,

Brian started using Zabbix around 10 years ago, and has been working with it ever since. He became a trainer almost 6 years ago, and founded Opensource ICT Solutions in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States, focusing solely on Zabbix.
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Zabbix Use Case

Michaela de Forest

Developer and Platform Engineer, The ATS Group, USA

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Latest in database monitoring with Zabbix

Learn about the latest Zabbix database monitoring features such as bulk data collection and agent based database monitoring as well as many other improvements.

Edgars Melveris

Technical Support Engineer, Zabbix, Latvia,

Edgars has more than 15 years of experience as a System Administrator and 11 years of experience working with Zabbix. He is knowledgeable in administering Linux and networking, and is both a Zabbix Technical Support Engineer and a Certified Trainer.
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Zabbix in the AV Industry

In the vast and diverse AV industry, monitoring can be a real challenge due to the large number of different interfaces and protocols supported by the monitoring endpoints. During this presentation, you’ll see how Zabbix can make it easier to monitor such diversified environments.

Silvano Giacomello

Team Leader IT and Application Development, Member of the Board, Tingo Gmbh, Switzerland

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The Key to Optimizing your Zabbix Setup

This presentation will cover a series of recommendations to optimize your Zabbix setup on all levels, from Zabbix server to database as well as the underlying operating system.

Fernando Collado Permuy

Head of Observability and Monitoring, Allenta, Spain

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Telegram as a User Interface for Zabbix

One of the more popular Zabbix integrations is with Telegram. To further improve the integration, a Telegram bot has been developed that allows two-way communication between the Telegram client and Zabbix. Join this presentation and check out how the Telegram bot can be used to acknowledge, fetch, and update alarms, as well as other Telegram bot capabilities.

Sven Putteneers

CEO, 7 to 7, Belgium,

Sven has been using Zabbix daily for more than 7 years. He is passionate about hardware, software, programming, and helping people in the community.
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Zabbix and HPC

Selecting a new monitoring solution can be a daunting task. With over 600 compute nodes, login nodes, switches, and a VMWare environment to rule them all, we decided to go with Zabbix. Join the presentation and take a look at how we achieved the predefined goals in our Zabbix instance.

Mark Vilensky

Scientific Computing Manager, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel,

Mark finished his Ph.D. in theoretical physics at the Weizmann Institute of Science in 2008 and started working as a Scientific Computing manager. In 2009 he designed and built an HPC system for the Chemistry faculty of the Weizmann Institute, and he has managed and grown it since then. Currently, Chemfarm ( is one of Israel's largest civilian HPC systems.
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Managing Zabbix Monitoring with CMDB Integration

Integrating Zabbix with an existing CMDB can provide a wide variety of benefits – everything from automated host and template onboarding/offboarding to automatic event correlation and maintenance. This presentation covers the steps required to integrate Zabbix with a CMDB and the primary benefits of doing so.

Thiago Leao Melo

Monitoring Tech Lead, Natixis, Portugal

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Monitoring Kubernetes Cluster with an External Zabbix Server

Containers and microservices are key components of many modern applications and services. Check out another successful approach to monitoring your Kubernetes environment with Zabbix, including worker autoregistration, pod discovery, lifecycle trigger creation, and using Zabbix aggregate functions to get additional information about your Kubernetes instance.

Dario Sindicic

System Engineer, APIS-IT, Croatia

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The Importance of Data Analytics in the Telecom Industry with Zabbix

Zabbix can be used as a very rich data source when it’s time to analyze data. In this presentation, we’ll take a look at a variety of Zabbix features and how they come into play when analyzing data in the Telecom industry. The presentation will cover features such as Zabbix real-time item value and event streaming, integrations with third-party systems, general Zabbix design and implementation, and much more.

Hernandes Martins

Zabbix Specialist, Lunio, Brazil,

A Zabbix specialist since 2011, Hernandes has worked with many large companies and currently works as a Zabbix Specialist in Lunio partners of Zabbix SIA in Brazil. He is a member and contributor to the official forums and channels of the Zabbix Brasil community, and he also gives lectures and carries out implementation and consulting projects with Zabbix and maintains channels with videos and collaborations for the Zabbix Brasil community.
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Implementing TimescaleDB on large Zabbix without downtime

Kim Anthonisen

Senior Consultant / Team Leader, Miracle 42, Denmark,

Kim is a highly experienced Oracle DBA who has moved on to Zabbix.
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Lightning Talk: What's Up, Me? - How I'm Monitoring Myself with Zabbix

Learn how to use Zabbix on a more personal level – why only monitor your home when you yourself are a great source of data that Zabbix can monitor?

Janne Pikkarainen

Lead Site Reliability Engineer, Forcepoint, Finland,

By day, Janne is a technical monitoring lead in a global cyber security company. By night, he monitors his home with Zabbix and does some weird experiments with it.
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Riga (GMT+3)
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