• Can I put Zabbix banners on my website? Can I link to you?

    We would greatly appreciate your support! We have several banners and buttons developed exactly for this purpose, which can be downloaded from this page. But if you prefer to develop your own banners or buttons, please be sure to follow Zabbix Trademark policy rules and Visual Identity Guidelines. We also would highly appreciate if you could send us a copy of your banner.

  • Am I allowed to use Zabbix screenshots etc.?

    Approval is not required for the following fair uses of the Zabbix trademarks:

    • screenshots of our software or our web site in magazine articles or reviews of our software;
    • on-screen displays of Zabbix products in television programs or movies;
    • screenshots of Zabbix software in presentations both educational and commercial, as long as these presentations foster usage of Zabbix software.

    You may also use screenshots of Zabbix products in commercial books and publications, both where the products are the focus and where they are not (e.g. screenshots of web pages or emails). Please note that these screenshots should not be altered in any way without Zabbix permission.

  • Can I make merchandise products (T-shirt/desktop wallpaper/coffee cup) with the Zabbix logo on?

    Sure, if it's just for you, or if it's for others and no money or other consideration changes hands.

  • Can I modify your logos and distribute the result?

    Please don't. The logo is a trademark and so if the result is confusingly similar to the original, or used in a confusing manner, it's a violation of trademark law.

  • Doesn't having trademark restrictions contravene the principles of free software?

    No. Many free software licenses explicitly exclude rights to trademarks, and so trademark restrictions on otherwise free software are accepted by the community. We are using our trademarks as a mark of quality to protect consumers - we think this is very much within the principles of free software.

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