OTRS is a service management suite that comprises ticketing, workflow automation and notification, along with a wide range of customizable features. It is used by IT service management, customer service and corporate security help desks to better structure their communication and tasks

Available solutions

This template is for Zabbix version: 6.2
Also available for: 6.0 5.4 5.0

Source: https://git.zabbix.com/projects/ZBX/repos/zabbix/browse/templates/media/otrs?at=release/6.2

OTRS webhook

This guide describes how to integrate your Zabbix 6.2 installation with OTRS using the Zabbix webhook feature. This guide will provide instructions on setting up a media type, a user and an action in Zabbix.


  • OTRS version 6
  • Zabbix version 6.2 or higher

Setting up a OTRS

1. Import ZabbixTicketConnector.yml in Admin > Web Services.

2. Create a new user for a Zabbix alerter with an email address.

Zabbix Webhook configuration

Create a global macro

1. Before setting up the Webhook, you need to setup the global macro {$ZABBIX.URL}, which must contain the URL to the Zabbix frontend.

2. In the Administration > Media types section, import the media_otrs.yaml

3. Open the added OTRS media type and set:

  • otrs_auth_user to the your Agent username
  • otrs_auth_password to the your Agent password
  • otrs_customer to your OTRS customer email
  • otrs_queue to your OTRS ticket queue
  • otrs_url to the frontend URL of your OTRS installation

4. If you want to prioritize issues according to severity values in Zabbix, you can define mapping parameters:

  • severity_\<name>: OTRS priority ID

5. If you have dynamic fields in OTRS and you want them to be filled with values from Zabbix, add parameters in the form dynamicfield_\<OTRS dynamic field name>. Dynamic fields can only be of the text, textarea, checkbox, or date types.

6. Click the Update button to save the Webhook settings.

7. To receive notifications in OTRS, you need to create a Zabbix user and add Media with the OTRS type.

For Send to: enter any text, as this value is not used, but is required.

For more information, use the Zabbix and OTRS documentations.

Supported Versions

Zabbix 6.2

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