Jiangsu Yixin Tiancheng Information Technology Service Co. , Ltd.
Jiangsu Yixin Tiancheng Information Technology Service Co. , Ltd.

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Jiangsu Yixin Tiancheng Information Technology Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is a holding subsidiary of Suheng Technology Group. Yixin Tiancheng is an enterprise specialized in providing information solution consulting and implementation, IT operation and maintenance services and IT service management. Its customers involve government, medical care, education, public security, procuratorial and law enforcement, radio and television, enterprises and many other industries. On the basis of summing up the best practice experience of serving customers, we refined a unique service delivery method, and relying on rich IT technical resources, a strong technical team and an effective IT service management model, we provided a full life cycle of advisory integrated IT services during the planning, construction, operation and optimization and upgrading periods of customer IT construction.

The company has been deeply engaged in the field of information construction in the education industry, the medical industry and the government industry, and has carried out four business segments: IT information system operation and maintenance services, software customization and development services, information system integration services, and weak current intelligent design and implementation services. The company has a technical service team with advanced technology, rich experience and ability to tackle key problems, including senior engineers and intermediate engineers, which has long served cooperative customers in various industries and escorted their information systems. The company has demonstrated its leading technology and understanding of business in various industries in many industry solutions. It shows customers not only the image of a technology expert, but also the expert who applies information technology to solve industry management problems. The company has established close cooperation with the world's top technology product manufacturers, providing customers with world-class products and services, and constantly creating value for customer growth.