Monitor everything

Using Zabbix, you can easily monitor servers, network devices and applications, gathering accurate statistics and performance data.


Monitoring performance indicators like CPU, memory, network, disk space and processes can be done easily with Zabbix agent, which is available for Linux, UNIX and Windows platforms.

It is a native process and does not require a specific environment like Java or .NET.

Agentless Monitoring

Zabbix agent is a great way to monitor servers, but it is not always possible to deploy it. For those situations Zabbix supports multiple agent-less monitoring approaches.

You can check availability and the responsiveness of standard services such as e-mail or web servers without installing any software on the monitored devices.

Network Devices

Zabbix supports SNMP agents, present in all network devices like routers and switches. So Zabbix can help you with monitoring and capacity planning on your network providing key figures such as network utilization, CPU, memory and port status.

In addition, Zabbix can monitor any other device with an SNMP agent like network appliances, storages, cooling and power systems.

VMware Monitoring

VMware virtual machine monitoring allows monitoring VMware vCenter and vSphere installations for various VMware hypervisor and virtual machine properties and statistics.

Zabbix can use low-level discovery rules to automatically discover VMware hypervisors and virtual machines and create hosts to monitor them, based on pre-defined host prototypes. Ready to use templates can be applied to start monitoing the virtual components quickly.


Think that market data is something extremely specialised and requires custom-tailored monitoring tools? Zabbix lets you rethink that. The incredibly extensive customisation capabilities of Zabbix allow to integrate it in any environment and gather data from financial systems, environment control systems or even sophisticated research devices. No limits on the scripting or programming language in use - have your own checks in shell, Perl, Python or anything else.

Monitor Databases

Databases have been one of the IT pillars for decades. There's rarely a company without a single database. They hold important data, including financial, customer and employee information. It is a crucial need to know not only whether a database is available, but also how it is doing. Using Zabbix it is possible to monitor in great detail any database, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.

Built-in Java Application Server Monitoring

Zabbix provides the ability to monitor Java application servers over JMX directly - no need for 3rd party modules or integration layers anymore. Monitor JBoss, Tomcat, Oracle Application Server or any others with the efficient Zabbix Java gateway.

Web Services

Databases are great and important, but they do not mean the information is actually accessible. More often than not the distribution of the information today happens through a website or a web-based IT system. To help you ensure continuous operation of these systems, Zabbix provides a built-in web monitoring support.

Using this feature you can define sequential steps that Zabbix should take when analysing a website. This feature allows to easily monitor availability, response time and download speed of your external website, e-commerce portal or internal wiki and service desk system.

Hardware Monitoring

If the hardware provides IPMI access, Zabbix can gather statistics such as temperature, fan speed voltage, and disk state, avoiding downtime and financial losses.

Furthermore, Zabbix can run IPMI commands to turn on or off devices over the network when an issue occurs.

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