Zabbix Partner Program is built to extend Zabbix services locally through a trusted network of professional IT companies

Zabbix is one of the most popular monitoring solutions available on today's market. Its high performance, rich functions and proven reliability is well ahead of many competitors with open-source and proprietary products. Given that total cost of ownership is much lower compared to other solutions, requests for Zabbix professional consulting, advice, support and training arrive from around the world.

For your convenience, partners are separated in 3 categories:


Reseller is a company that engages in the promotion and re-sale of Zabbix services. Reseller’s primary task is to find a lead, present and promote Zabbix product and services, consult the lead on best suited solution, and arrange signature of the contract, while Zabbix will actually provide the selected service.

Certified Partner

Certified Partner, besides the right to promote and re-sell Zabbix services, is officially authorized to deliver selected Zabbix services and solutions. The partner benefits from keeping a very close contact with the customers at all times and thus is able to sell other value added services to the customer along with Zabbix services and create a stronger attachment to customer.

Premium Partner

While Premium Partner has the same authorization to promote, re-sell and deliver Zabbix services and solutions, this highest partner status is testament of special knowledge, skills and experience, as well as the capacity to participate in sophisticated projects related to Zabbix solution implementation, integration and support.

The Premium Partner status is assigned by Zabbix only to those partners that meet a special benchmark in providing Zabbix services and are able to prove high proficiency of personnel about Zabbix solution.

Map of Partners

Zabbix has 246 partners located in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. This number continues to grow.

List of Zabbix Partners

Premium Partners

Zabbix Certified Trainer

Allenta Consulting S.L.

+34 881 922 600 - Spain

Allenta delivers professional services in Linux and UNIX system administration, including design, deployment, maintenance, support and advice. Customers contact Allenta when:

Considering the usage of Linux and UNIX for critical tasks Require experienced technical support in Linux and UNIX system administration Depend on one or several data centres with Linux and UNIX servers Need advice about Linux or UNIX systems infrastructure Allenta specialists have experience in Zabbix solutions design, integration and administration in large environments. Service provision is not bound by location: apart from meetings in person, specialists are used to work remotely. Allenta understands – response time matters much more than geographic proximity.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

Aplitt sp. z o.o.

+48 58 782 82 82 - Poland

Aplitt sp. z o.o. provides high quality solutions for business, especially for financial institutions. In addition to offering IT monitoring services and training in this area, Aplitt maintains a wide range of services including outsourcing IT, software development, Electronic Document Workflow system or Call Center. The company consists of a team of highly qualified specialists who take care of both the infrastructure and the entire IT processes.
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K.K. Ashisuto

+81 3 5276 5565 - Japan

K.K. Ashisuto is a leading independent supplier of a large range of software products from hardware manufacturers and software vendors.

By combining our expertise in various software products and services, Ashisuto supports large enterprises in each field of information utilization, including operations, data base and business intelligence.
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+43 1 811 50-0 - Austria

The core business of Frequentis are highly-available communication and information solutions for the civil air traffic management market. Frequentis has continued to expand its portfolio and evolved into a provider of complete solutions with outstanding competence in integration: a supplier that delivers both standard products and customized solutions.

The core activities of Frequentis in civil air traffic management are end-to-end communication systems, tower automation systems, ATM information systems and value added Front-Ends. The company’s comprehensive product range covers all the central requirements of air traffic management.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

Imagunet S.A.S.

+573002473785 - Colombia

Imagunet is a leading Systems Integrator and IoT Solutions Provider based in Colombia. Company is primarily focused on business transformation by using the latest technology trends in realistic deployment models with real end-user value.

Imagunet helps customers automate their infrastructure performance on both physical and logical fronts. Their Solutions Portfolio includes: Cloud Services, Predictive Maintenance, IoT, Connectivity as a Service, Training Services and Implementation Services.
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03 6866 3730 - Japan

Infocom Co., Ltd. became a certified partner early in Japan and has been involved in Zabbix for more than 10 years since 2012. For those who want to introduce Zabbix in a short period of time, or those who are already using Zabbix but have problems and cannot solve it, we offer a combination of multiple unique solutions that follow our knowledge.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

initMAX s.r.o.

+420 800 244 442 - Czech Republic

initMAX delivers certified training and professional services primarily for OpenSource platforms including architecture design, infrastructure deployment, support services and consulting.

Typical use cases of our customers are:
Complex monitoring solution designs based on Zabbix. Analysis, review and redesign of already implemented monitoring solutions. Assisting customers with non-typical monitoring use cases for retail and telco companies with specific requirements and focus on high availability solutions. Customers are reaching out to the company to find comprehensive and creative solutions to complex tasks they are facing. initMAX is helping its customers in fields of monitoring, systems architecture design, infrastructure automation, troubleshooting databases and database engines, log management or security threat assessments. And last but not least, the company is organizing webinars, on-line courses, Zabbix Certified Training and much more.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

Intellitrend GmbH

+49 521 557716 0 - Germany

Intellitrend GmbH is a professional IT services company with its specialists having extensive experience in all sectors of IT, from anti-virus and anti-spam installation to server virtualization. The company strategy is analysis–planning–consolidation. It is focusing on cost reduction through proven consolidation concepts, which include network monitoring as the key.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

JLCP Treinamentos e Serviços em TI

+55 (16) 99793 5754 - Brazil

JLCP provides expert IT consulting. Besides deployment, company's portfolio offers training and technical support, custom development, dashboard and integration services.

Addressing many different industries- from financial, data center and banking to food manufacturing companies, JLCP allows the customization of Zabbix solution for all types of businesses.
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Linux Polska

+48 22 213 95 71 - Poland

Linux® Polska is a Polish IT company founded in 2009. We are experts in open source technologies in the Polish market and the CEE region. We provide consulting, auditing, implementation, integration and maintenance services. We specialize in developing and implementing solution, system and application architectures based on open source technologies. Alongside our own services, at Linux Polska, we also provide information technologies in collaboration with the global IT leaders such as Red Hat, EnterpriseDB, Splunk, Docker, Hortonworks, Microsoft, Puppet, Suse, Oracle, DataStax, Zabbix and Canonical. Our technology offering is supplemented with training services.
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- Japan

Japan, 2004 - NEC have started support services for targeted OSS in the area of middleware as "OSS Middleware Support Service" for the customers incorporating Open Source Software (OSS) for the first time and for the customer who want to use OSS for confident System Integration & desire to have stable Operation.

We are providing total support service for customer's System Lifecycle from pre-verification to Design, Deploy till Maintenance. Customers can also consider to expand the OSS in-use for their core business. In recent years, globally OSS based System Deployment in companies has increased. In NEC, to further promote OSS globally, we are strengthening our OSS based System Deployment and Maintenance Support Services by using our overseas subsidiaries.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

NTT Communications

050 3811 9414 - Japan

NTT Communications gives full support for every stage of ZABICOM Operations - from initial consultation, installation, to system operation.

ZABICOM is the trademark of Zabbix within Japan. Trademark rights belong to Zabbix LLC, Latvia.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

Opensource ICT Solutions B.V.

+31 (0)72 743 65 83 - Netherlands

Opensource ICT Solutions is your go to partner for opensource products. From the ground up fully started as a Zabbix partner, you are assured real Zabbix knowledge and focus. They provide multiple Official Zabbix trainers and a selection of IT consultants.

Besides their focus on and dedication towards Zabbix, Opensource ICT Solutions consultants are highly skilled in Linux management, Network Engineering, Opensource Software products and other IT Infrastructure related architecture.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

Quadrata Service Group s.r.l.

+39 3474531356 - Italy

Quadrata provides a wide range of IT related services to small and medium size businesses in Italy. From very simple to very complex problems, Quadrata delivers reliable and cost-effective solutions to satisfy every customer need. With over 15 years of experience in IT sector Quadrata offers a vast range of services to satisfy every consumer requirement - long or medium term.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

Rhein-Main Solutions GmbH

+49 6021 90 17 500 - Germany

Rhein-Main Solutions is specialized in custom software development and consulting, meeting the business needs of their clients.

Being competitive today means to react flexibly to changes and to shape workflows individually. Standard software solutions do not always meet all the requirements that an individual business process entails.

To close gaps in the business processes, we help you with individual software development. Together with you we find ways to adapt your existing solutions as well as to optimize the business processes with new developments.
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SCSK Corporation

- Japan

SCSK Creates new value and supports businesses’global development with a full range of IT-related services.

IT Management Group provides its our customers with construction and operation of customer-owned IT system infrastructure as well as management of data centers that store customer data.
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+81 3 5979 2701 - Japan

SRA OSS provides total services for OSS (opens-source software).

SRA OSS is highly specialized in OSS middleware and supports its customers technically through support, consultation, training and so on.

For Zabbix, the company provides support, implementation consulting and implementation service.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

S & T CEE Holding s.r.o.

+421 258 273 111 - Slovakia

S & T CEE Holding s.r.o. primarily on the areas of IT and business consulting, implementation and support of SAP solutions and deployment tools for Business Intelligence.

The company provides all kinds of services from procurement to the planning and realization of complex network, storage and security solutions, and solutions for virtual data centre operations, as well as services in the field of Cloud Computing.

S & T CEE Holding s.r.o. has many years of experience in implementing IT infrastructure management solutions for large environments with a large number of servers, active network components and equipment. Zabbix is part of a rich portfolio of offered solutions, which is provided as a service or as "on-premises" implementation in the customer environment.

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Zabbix Certified Trainer

ADS S.p.A.

+39 051 6307411 - Italy

ADS S.p.A. is a subsidiary of Finmatica, a group that worked in the IT market since 1969. At present more than 250 people are employed in the group’s companies. The group offers the most comprehensive suite of information solutions to the local government and to the healthcare organizations.

ADS S.p.A. designs and manufactures solid and secure network infrastructure, constantly monitored to ensure continuity of service. It also provides additional tools in order to comply with local law regulations and pro-actively detect possible issues.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

Unirede Inteligência em TI

+55 (51) 2312 5100 - Brazil

Founded in 1999 Unirede Soluções Corporativas is a consulting firm that delivers technology solutions to growing businesses. Powered by Unirede, customers and partners are able to leverage the use of technology to focus on their core business and realize their goals.
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Certified Partners


+30 2177770188 - Greece

ADAPTERA provides the best of breed mix of integrated visibility, performance optimization and advanced security solutions for supporting their customers’ digital transformation journey.
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+55 (17) 3513-6767 - Brazil

The Add Solution is a company focused on the development of information technology solutions, with the exceptional quality of services offered. We specialize in design and management of infrastructure Linux and Unix systems. Our team has years of experience implementing development projects for large corporations.
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ALDABA Servicios Profesionales S.L.

+34 981902060 - Spain

ALDABA is a Spanish IT professional services Company. Our main working area: Design, Deploy and support complex IT environments. Zabbix is our choice to monitor and measure the behavior of our customer’s infrastructure. We are providing support and specialized IT services to several Spanish customers using Zabbix.
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Alpha Technologies

+593 2 281 4291 - Ecuador

Alpha Technologies is an Ecuadorian Computer security Company established in Quito in 2001, specialized in data security, web security and digital media. Their products and services are part of the day-to-day work of important banking, commercial and state entities in the country.
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ARK Systems Co., Ltd.

03 3666 8141 - Japan

ARK Systems Co., Ltd. is a professional company which established with Kobe Steel, Ltd. and RECRUIT CO.,LTD. its parents organizations. Through constructions of a mission-critical systems and operations of the large-scale centers, ARK Systems gained a high reputation for "System management", "Operation management" and "System construction", which are the key services for enterprise-class systems. As a member of CAC Group, ARK Systems provides solutions for that are covering IT life cycle from development to operation.

Based on the cultivated know-how about operation and monitoring through the support and knowledge about Zabbix, ARK Systems provides low-cost and speedy "Zabbix installation service" and low-cost Q&A support after installation. This service is good for the companies that monitor and operate system by themselves. ARK Systems also provides self-study package to study environment construction technique for Zabbix beginners and people who are anxious about system operation.
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+91 63 6639 8088 - India

ASPL Info Services is an IT services provider headquartered in the silicon city of Bangalore, India and has presence also in the UAE. The company serves global enterprises, blue-chip giants, and ambitious SMB’s across the world. ASPL Info Services offers the advantages of a mid-tier company while creating high-quality results delivered professionally. It is ISO certified in 3 standards – ISO 9001:2015; ISO/IEC 20000:2011 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013.
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+97 15 0394 0151 - United Arab Emirates

ASPL Info Services is an IT services provider headquartered in the silicon city of Bangalore, India and has presence also in the UAE. The company serves global enterprises, blue-chip giants, and ambitious SMB’s across the world. ASPL Info Services offers the advantages of a mid-tier company while creating high-quality results delivered professionally. It is ISO certified in 3 standards – ISO 9001:2015; ISO/IEC 20000:2011 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013.
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ATS Group

610-764-9581 - USA

Since 2001, ATS Group has positioned itself as a recognized leader and trusted advisor for businesses who are serious about digital transformation. ATS supports customers by providing expert services centered on the complexities of the next-generation data center.

With over 75 industry certified professionals, the company supports a wide range of industries including SMBs, Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies, and educational institutions. As experts in today’s prominent technologies, ATS focuses on evolving technologies that operate mission-critical systems on premise, in the Cloud, or in a hybrid environment.
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Axel IT s.a.s

+33 1 71 11 36 15 - France

Axel IT offices are located in France, Switzerland and Cameroon. Company offers to its customers personalized services with high value to meet their business demands.

Axel IT core business is to support and enable Infrastructure and Data Center initiatives, offering solutions to optimize information systems through four activities: Business solutions integration, Organizational consulting, Technical assistance/support and Training. Company works on a national and international scope around specific services such as expertise and technology consulting, integration and deployment, IT Operations and infrastructure consolidation.
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PT. Bangunindo Teknusa Jaya

(021) 7183641 - Indonesia

Bangunindo enables enterprises to survive and strives for the best in this everchanging digital world. Established in 2012, we are a leading information technology services and consulting company in Indonesia. Our belief in the constant technological evolution in this ever-changing digital world and our long-lasting relationships with our customers make us a trusted and preferred business partner in many of our clients’ digital transformation. We offer an integrated portfolio of world-class solutions & services across Infrastructure, IoT, Enterprise Security, Cloud & Mobility, and Product Engineering & Development to Industry Verticals like BFSI, Telecom, Government/ PSU, Manufacturing, and Healthcare. We empower top global enterprises across myriad verticals by helping them drive business-enabled IT initiatives with our end-to-end provisioning of IT services combined with the latest digital technology.
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BNC Business Network Communications AG

+41 31 858 58 58 - Switzerland

Founded in 1998, BNC Business Network Communications AG is a major Swiss IT infrastructure service provider with over 70 employees based in Bern, Zurich and Lausanne. BNC designs, implements and manages custom solutions and services in the areas of Networks, Security and Cloud & Data Center.

We consult for and support medium to large-sized enterprises and organizations and other IT service providers. Our Professional, Support and Managed Services enable them to not just keep up with the rapid pace of technological progress but realize a competitive advantage.
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BPS Consultores S.A.C.

+51 960 135 453 - Peru

BPS Consultores provides high quality solutions for technology monitoring and management, being leaders in their region in this practice as well as in IT automation. Their services also includes software development, digital transformation and process automation.
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Canon IT Solutions Inc.

03 6701 3430 - Japan

Management innovation utilizing IT infrastructure is attracting attention. On the other hand, information security measures and the cost burdens of operating and managing systems are also pressing issues. Canon IT Solutions not only provides IT infrastructure using a multivendor approach that gives high returns on investment, but also meets customers’ diverse requests with system operations services, cloud services, and data center services, centered on our advanced Nishi Tokyo Data Center facility, so that customers can make use of safer systems with greater reassurance.
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CIJ Next Co.,Ltd.

+81 3 5740 7451 - Japan

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CNS Co., Ltd.

03 5791 1001 - Japan

Since our establishment in 1985, we have gained a lot of achievements in system integration, mainly in financial,telecommunications, medical, manufacturing, distribution, retailing, service and open systems.

In addition to the system integration business, we have developed our services covering the design, construction,and operation of IT infrastructure such as introduction of servers and clouds, and provide a one-stop service to customers.

We proceed with the provision, construction and operation service of the monitoring system using Zabbix,based on the achievement in building monitoring system accumulated through construction of IT infrastructure in various large and small enterprise environments all this time.
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Collaboration System Co.,Ltd

092 432 5300 - Japan

Collaboration system Co., Ltd. is a company that mainly provides software development for universities and construction services for IT infrastructure. As its core, we officially launched the construction and support of an integrated monitoring environment for IT infrastructure using Zabbix.

We are good at building Zabbix environments that can utilize the IT infrastructure related technology for many years, construct a monitoring environment, and can detect security incidents at an early stage.

We will strive to build Zabbix environments closer to customers, and provide support services with reflecting their real opinions.
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COMNIC Corporation

03-5645-3685 - Japan

Comnic Corp. provides total coordination of system planning, design, development, construction, and operation following close to our customers' needs with "和:Harmony", "誠:Sincerity", and "縁:Relationship" as our philosophy, In the field of system development, we excel at developing applications for the telecommunications, manufacturing, and financial industries, and have a wide range of experience in proposing and developing from large-scale to small-scale systems. In the area of infrastructure construction, we have extensive experience in IT infrastructure construction using OSS and operation/maintenance work. We can propose excellent configurations with efficient cost performance by experience of building the large-scale server environments on-premise and experience of building servers using cloud services, Especially, in the area of monitoring systems, which is the essentials for system operation, we can provide outstanding solutions about automatic construction and automatic monitoring configurations by excellent experiences in Zabbix construction and monitoring design.
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+30 210 3000630 - Greece

In a particularly complex technological period, where we have the creation of a new technology or the upgrade of the old ones almost every hour, there is a need for a different approach in this technological knowledge.

CoreNetworks invests in technology and its people in a way that is no longer the turning point for the solution.

The company believes in providing custom-made solutions, but not solutions that just 'bind' the customer to them, as well as in the freedom to develop any solution further and be bound to specific vendors. Their goal is to be a solution provider based on the intelligence and capabilities of the solution.
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Create Solutions, Inc.

048 644 6450 - Japan

Create Solutions, Inc. is strong in Linux technology and provides consistent services from requirement definition to design, system development, testing, operation and support maintenance, focusing on system infrastructure development for government and public agencies, in response to customers' requirement.
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03 5793 3366 - Japan

CROSS HEAD provides a wide range of IT services to companies in Japan. The company offers virtualization and mobile business solutions, operation management and monitoring. For several years CROSS HEAD was using Zabbix as a number one choice of monitoring solution for their clients. Among company’s customers are many system integrators and businesses from financial and security industries, as well as major electric companies in Japan.
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CTC System Management Co. Ltd.

03 5210 8100 - Japan

CTCシステムマネジメント株式会社(略称:CTCS)は、伊藤忠テクノソリューションズ株式会社グル-プの中でシステム運用管理を中核とした、効率的で付加価値の高いITアウトソーシングサービスを提供する企業です。 CTCSはZabbixを中心とした各種OSS運用管理ソフトウェアでの構築・運用経験を有しています。 CTCSにお任せいただければ、高い技術力を持った当社エンジニアがOSSの導入からアフターサポートまでワンストップで対応します。 ITシステム運用会社ならではのきめ細かいサービスと、30年以上の実績により確立したノウハウを活用することで、お客様の需要を満たすOSSを利用したIT統合運用管理ソリューションを提案します。
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CTL Information Technology

+54 11 28212100 - Argentina

We are a company dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for technical support and maintenance.
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03 5487 6030 - Japan

キューブシステムは独立系のシステムインテグレーターとして、流通・通信・金融・公共・製造等幅広い業種に対して、システムソリューションサービスを提供しています。 これまではオンプレミスの環境においてのZabbix運用監視サービスの設計や構築、別監視ソフトからのZabbix監視ソフトへの移行を行ってきました。直近では、クラウド環境におけるZabbixを用いた運用監視を実施しており、弊社独自のサービスとして、Oracle CloudへのZabbix運用監視の展開を進めています。
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Zabbix Certified Trainer


+598 99 286741 - Uruguay

Custos is a group of professionals with over 5 years of experience in real time information systems monitoring at international level, providing service quality indicators throughout the Uruguay.

We focus in assuring continuous and right performance of hardware and software installed on our client’s data centers, detecting degradation or failures of services and facilities.

We offer custom reports according to the client’s requirements about recurrent problems, average failures time, issues prevention and advices to avoid them.
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Cyber Solution Inc.

- Japan

サイバー・ソリューション株式会社は2000年に設立された、情報システムにおけるシステム運用管理をサービス提供するマネジメントサービスプロバイダーです。 設立以来、企業・団体の情報システムに対して、運用監視、運用管理サービスを提供しております。これらのシステム運用のノウハウを元に、クラウドサービス利用のコンサルティング、システム運用の設計・運用支援、クラウドやオンプレミスでのサーバ・ネットワークシステムの構築などを提供しています。
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Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.

03 4562 7209 - Japan

Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd. provides high quality and highly-dependable information system services to wide range of customers such as financial institutions like brokerages, banks and insurance companies, general business companies like telecommunications and retails as well as civil services and local governments.

The types of services are characterized by one-stop total service which include information system utilization, system consulting for IT strategy formulation support, system integration from system design to implementation and support for large core system and datacenter service which assume to system operation, management and improvement.

As a neutral system integrator, Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd. provides services with optimum combination of hardware, software and service.

Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd. actualizes optimum system operation with customizing and integrating Zabbix’s brilliant functions and services with other OSS.
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Datadope S.L.

+34 919 41 05 39 - Spain

Datadope improves performance of their customers by providing them with in-depth analysis of their data. Datadope only creates products it can be proud of. The company has become the trusted partner of its customers on their journey from traditional analytics to intelligent operational analytics, which aims to automate tasks while minimizing the impact of human error, detect incidents early and improve time-to-resolution (MTTR). In short, Datadope makes IT operations more predictable, measurable and less complex to manage.

Their IOMetrics solution is key for companies in all business sectors (distribution, industry, telecommunications, insurance, energy, banking, logistics, services) and public administration.
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+420 225 308 250 - Czech Republic

The DATASYS provides IT services at a high professional level. The key fields that our company focuses on are:

IS implementation and integration custom software development customer support and outsourcing consultancy and advisory services The DATASYS company has had extensive experience in implementing systems for IT environment monitoring and management. Our solutions are based on many reliable commercial and open source network management systems, and Zabbix is among them.
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+52 55 10083218 - Mexico

Specialized consulting in Infrastructure Monitoring and Software Development tailored to the customer.

We focus on offering solutions in balance with the Contemporary Design of User Interfaces,and the adequate functionality to meet the needs of our customers.
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Digital Business Group

+1 (809) 480-8975 - Dominican Republic

Digital Business Group is a company that provides IT Services in Dominican Republic, Venezuela and United States. They also provides Software Services - SaaS, Data Center & Cloud Services, Managed & Outsourcing Services, Integration Services and IoT & Monitoring Services.
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Dmove Co., Ltd.

+82-2-6405-0800 - South Korea

Dmove Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing IT infrastructure consulting firm in South Korea. As an Atlassian Solution Partner, they provide a full range of Atlassian products portfolio with best-in-class expertise to help the customers to efficiently transform their business. Dmove Co., Ltd. also offers business consulting, technical support and integrated management services with open source solutions such as DBMS, Backup & Restore, Deep Learning and Monitoring.
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East Japan Accounting Center Co., Ltd.

03 5367 2021 - Japan

East Japan Accounting Center Co., Ltd was established in 1965. Since the company formation, it has responded to development and change of information technology, by diversifying its appeal from host machines to WS, C/S, PC to embedded field.

East Japan Accounting Center has also expanded its business area with a business systems field; engineering field, based on large control systems and embedded; IT infrastructure field, based on network and security; BPO field utilizing datacenter operation and regionality.

East Japan Accounting Center is aiming to respond to the demands of the times, helping customers and the society.
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eGroup Solutions Inc.

+421 2 3211 28 40 - Slovakia

eGroup designs and implements solutions based on different technologies, systems and applications. eGroup manages the technical infrastructure of information systems with the maximum data protection and resistance to their loss. The result is a highly available, reliable and secure IT infrastructure for the customers. eGroup also provides high added value for business partners by their knowledge of IT technologies of strong technological leaders: IBM, HP, Oracle, EMC, VMware, Microsoft.

Our team has an extensive experience in infrastructure design, implementation and the following high availability support services, storage and backup strategies, virtualization and cloud computing, ICT infrastructure management, system monitoring together with a service desk integration.
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FireStar Technology

+507 6671-3091 - Panama

FireStar Technology is a company located in the Innovation Center of Panama City. It is a company specialized in consulting and strategic integration of IT, focused on the design of software architecture: secure, efficient and profitable, creating digital business strategies and optimizing the software portfolio through careful planning and effective execution of the IT strategy.
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+55 (16) 3256-1412 - Brazil

Flowbix portfolio is focused on monitoring solutions and systems consulting for companies inside and outside Brazil, providing services for Technology and Telecommunications segments. Having a 24x7 service operation, they provide integration and support services for Cloud Monitoring and hybrid solutions. Their ISP market offers have been generating a lot of savings and control for their customers.
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Fujitsu Ltd. SSL Unit

+81 44 739 1511 - Japan

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Future Architect, Inc.

03 5740 5792 - Japan

Future Architect, Inc. is a consulting service company, which provides best solution for each customer with full use of IT on the cutting edge. From its establishment in 1989,Future Architect has been providing business solution consultation and system integration with its strong IT, practical know-how and has solved customers’ business problems. Company realizes problems analyzing for whole system operation, enforcing consultation service for cost reduction and system quality improvement and cost reduction based on consulting result.

Future Architect has implemented Zabbix as a recommended system monitoring solution into welter of industries such as 24/365 mission critical systems for financial institution, distribution industry, hospitality industry and so on, and has realized stable system operation at a low cost.
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Giz Bilgi Teknolojileri ve Danısmanlık Tic. Ltd. Sti.

+90 216 3684795 - Turkey

Carrying out many value-added projects in Information Technologies in Turkey since 2010, GizIT provides consultancy, professional service and training solutions particularly on monitoring, IT service management and system automation. Today, the company continues to provide value for its customers in different business areas.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

Shanghai Grandage Data Systems Co. Ltd.

021-69786188 - China

Grandage was established in 2010 and is headquartered in Shanghai. The company is always focused on providing exceptional IT services to a large number of customers, among which are large enterprises as well as medium-sized financial institutions.

Grandage has been actively engaged in various products and solutions related to IT infrastructure monitoring management, Big Data and operations management maintenance, and application and transaction monitoring.
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Hangzhou KC Information Technology Co., Ltd.

0571-88149098 - China

Hangzhou KC Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, the registered capital of RMB 20.09 million. KC is a professional computer system integration services company of high-tech enterprises, the company has a number of senior Internet experts (CCIE) and system engineers. The company provide bank customers with secure Internet security solutions, Intranet security solutions, overall data security solutions and so on.
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011 221 5800 - Japan

HARP offers service variously in ASP/SaaS system.
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+48 696 830 663 - Poland

Established in 2011, Hatomi is an independent, professional company providing IT solutions. The company is focused on delivery of complex solutions based on Open Source, commercial as well as their own software.

Its team of experts has gained professional experience working for leading IT and Telco companies on the Polish market. In 2013, Hatomi acquired 2DO S.C., which has over 11 years of experience in building business applications (Software House) proven with many solution deployments.

Enjoying the benefits of Zabbix advanced functionality and free customization, plus their own monitoring and programming experience, Hatomi builds complex monitoring, covering fault and performance management, sophisticated automation tools and SLA reporting.
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4iG Plc

+36 1 270 7600 - Hungary

4iG Plc is a leading Systems Integrator in the Hungarian market with close to 30 years experience. The focus of the company is managed IT services for large and medium enterprises and public sector organizations. 4iG offers standardized and customizable services including monitoring, security consulting and integration, 24x7 helpdesk, infrastructure and application specialists.
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S.ICZ a.s.

+420 222 271 111 - Czech Republic

ICZ a.s. is a significant supplier of information technology and a systems integrator – offers a wide range of services ranging from consultancy through to supplies of information systems and the provision of full network administration.

The company provides supplies in the areas of application software, security and infrastructure, especially for the public sector, healthcare, defence, transport, finance, production, logistics, telecommunications and power engineering.

The ICZ Group is also active outside the Czech Republic in Slovakia, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries.
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Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

- Japan

Founded in 1992, Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ), is one of the Japan’s leading Internet-access and comprehensive network solutions providers. IIJ and its group companies provide total network solutions that mainly cater to high-end corporate customers. IIJ’s services include:

high-quality systems integration cloud computing/data center services security services Internet access Moreover, IIJ has built one of the largest Internet backbone networks in Japan that is connected to the United States, the United Kingdom and Asia.

IIJ GIO Service is a high-quality cloud service that covers every service layer, from HaaS/IaaS to SaaS. It provides the IT resources used to create systems and offers these as components that can be arranged in over 1,000 configurations to create the most ideal system for a specific client and at a reasonable price. The highly secure and flexible network structure can be used to provide a wide range of system infrastructure, from on-premises private cloud environments to public cloud environments.
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IM Fellows Oy

+358 44 2086221 - Finland

IM Fellows is independent ICT services company combining 40+ years of information management & technology excellence. The company is developing scalable ICT systems and optimizing customer services SLA by using the latest high-end technologies. Their mission is to accelerate the business of their customers by optimizing the IT throughput and performance. IM Fellows has a track record of decades, how to find solution for complicated IT bottlenecks and availability issues.
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InfoSense Corporation

03 3536 3434 - Japan

InfoSense Corporation, currently employing 433 people (April 2015) since its establishment in 1989, has grown into a major information system developer and operating in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, the United States, Europe and throughout the world. Starting out as the information systems department of one of the leading logistics companies - Sankyu, InfoSense has an extensive experience in the area of international logistics information systems.
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03 6385 6103 - Japan

パーソルプロセス&テクノロジーはコンサルティング、システムインテグレーション、システム基盤設計・構築の3事業でソリューションを展開。設計、開発、運用・ 保守までのトータルをサービス提供しています。 クラウド環境、企業のシステム基盤など、環境に応じたシステム統合管理を実現するノウハウを有しています。 これまで、某通信事業者クラウドシステムなど複数件のZabbix導入実績があり、大規模環境・クラウド環境でのZabbix導入の豊富な知識を 有しています。
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IOS Informática

+55 (61) 3533-0003 - Brazil

IOS provides innovative and effective digital solutions to help customers on their digital journeys. To achieve those goals, IOS applies their purpose of making technology an agent of change for a better world. Together with their customers, they seek to digitally transform their businesses and build solutions for a better future.
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IBM Japan Systems Engineering Co. Ltd.

- Japan

IBM Japan Systems Engineering Co.,Ltd. (referred to ISE),was established as a 100% subsidiary of Japan IBM in July 1992 as System Engineer division of Japan IBM started up independent company as expert group of Japan IBM Groups. ISE has been delivering and working on challenging and complex system architecture which our customers required with our outstanding IT skills since its establishment.

ISE offer and deliver both systems utilizing IBM products and automation solutions with OSS including Zabbix and Chef.
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ITManaged.Solutions, Inc.

(888) 964-8155 - USA

The growing managed services portfolio of ITManaged.Solutions, Inc. includes globally standardized managed services products for automation, network and server build and monitoring, backup and recovery, disaster recovery, data centers and security. The company can also offer custom managed services based on your specific requirements, delivered through their IT outsourcing capabilities. ITManaged.Solutions, Inc. are constantly building their list of standardized services through the skills, experience and methods they gain over time.

By working with their customers, the company develops specialized product suites that best meet your current IT needs while anticipating the growth of your customers’ technology demands. They keep their finger on the industry’s pulse so you can consolidate costs and spend less time managing multiple partners.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer


+33184605590 - France

IZI-IT delivers high-quality IT services including full stack monitoring, optimized for both small and large environments, by using either SAAS or implementing on-premise solution. IZI-IT can help you monitor your IT infrastructure and applications, as well as the impact on user experience and key business metrics.

The company helps their customers simplify monitoring and troubleshooting with automated anomaly detection and contextual insights, so that they can act proactively on performance changes that impact their end-users or bottom line.

Living now in an era of dynamic, constantly changing infrastructures that require new monitoring tools and methods, IZI-IT provides best practices for both sysadmins and developers.
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Johokobo, Inc.

03 5447 6811 - Japan

Johokobo, Inc. is a company that deals with leading-edge products from foreign communication industries and provides high quality network operation solutions, including their support. Since 1992, the year of its establishment, Johokobo provides unique additional value focused on after-purchase servicing such as customizing, training and technical support using its expertise. Regarding Zabbix, Johokobo will provide high quality installation and support services.
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+55 (11) 2284 3232 - Brazil

Keeggo is a new company and the name is just the most visible part of it. They follow the value chain of their customers. Their work is focused in mapping the customer journey, including point of sale, to managing multi-cloud productive environments. They operate in the top and bottom lines of their clients.
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Guangdong Lerwee Software Co., Ltd

020-28192830 - China

At the beginning of 2010, under the baptism of open source technology civilization, Levi focused on independent research and development, widely and deeply combined with the open source platform, and used a new product thinking mode to improve the enterprise level delivery of open source from 30 points to 100 points, so as to be inclusive, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, and provide reliable enterprise level open source operation and maintenance products and solutions for users around the world; Levi intelligent operation and maintenance has penetrated the fields of it monitoring, CMDB, automation, ITSM, event platform and so on. \N at present, Levi has provided business centered intelligent operation and maintenance products and services for 300 + customers in government, finance, medical treatment, education, operators, transportation and other industries.
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LinearIT S.p.A.

+39 081 5377201 - Italy

LinearIT S.p.A. is an Italian Digital Integrator, providing “end-to-end” solutions addressing and supporting the digital transformation process. We deliver custom projects where we apply best of breed market technologies to the specific business, sustainability and growth requirements of our Customers.

Our main competences are the design and implementation of User Experience, Advanced Analytics, IoT, Blockchain as a Service, Machine Learning, RPA and Cloud Transformation solutions. A unique value of LinearIT is the Innovation Lab, our internal engineering lab that works in close contact with Academic institutions for technology based research projects and provides ready-to-use, transversal sw modules, such as identity management, workflow, monitoring and notification functions, allowing to accelerate and standardise the delivery process.

Our professional services portfolio include IT Consulting, Business Process Analysis, Enterprise Applications Integration, Application Management, PMO Test and Sw Quality.

We have developed a strong market know-how in Telco, Financial Services, Energy & Utilities and Public Administration sectors and our customers base is mainly made of Top Customers of the Italian market.

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+81 3 5733 6811 - Japan

An ongoing operations team links Zabbix to the essence of the business. Neither a consultant nor a vendor. As an IT advisor who continues to be close to us, we will co-create with our customers not only Zabbix but also what it should be.
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Linux Solutions

+55 21 2526 7262 - Brazil

As a leading company in consulting, services and solutions based on the Linux platform, Linux Solutions offers a vast set of integrated, free and high technical quality programs that will eliminate your constant concerns with costly software licenses and product owners.
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Jiangsu Liwei Internet Technology Co. , Ltd

025-58234369 - China

Jiangsu Levi Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiangsu Levi) was established in 2015. Its core team mainly comes from focus technology (002315), focusing on cutting-edge technology fields such as information security, cloud platform and cloud operation and maintenance services. It is the first domestic company to focus on business stability assurance services, providing services for enterprises, including Alibaba cloud, Tencent cloud, Huawei cloud AWS and other internal cloud platform consulting, architecture, construction, backup, security, operation and maintenance, and optimize one-stop services to help enterprises ensure enterprise data security, platform stability, save costs and solve worries through professional services.
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Lugos SAS

+33 253 9750 14 - France

Since 2013, Lugos as an independent French company, based in Nantes and Paris, delivers high technical expertise in Network, Metrology and Security. Lugos proposes consulting and support to public or private companies and services providers at each stage of their IT projects : think, build and run. Visibility is a key driver for expertise of Lugos, that is why the company includes Zabbix monitoring in every project: audit, support, blueprint for every market: banking, retail, media, manufacturing, service provider.

Lugos has built an automated SaaS platform to provide Zabbix services to customers and give them an always on managed visibility monitoring solution that also includes logging and performance module.
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Lunio Cloud Solutions

(81) 2011-2758 - Brazil

Lunio Cloud Solutions is a company specialized in IT, Cloud Computing and Security services, with over 10 years of experience in the market, developing a methodology based on international frameworks to help organizations on the journey of digital transformation, developing or promoting the evolution of digital products that can provide innovative experiences.
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+55 (43) 30478300 - Brazil

Made4it has been operating for over 7 years delivering IT solutions for ISP - Internet Service Providers and Companies of all sizes throughout Brazil and other countries from Latin America. They are specialized in Backbone Networking, MPLS and Networking solutions, Linux and Windows Servers and 24x7 Infrastructure Monitoring. Their team has many years of experience in all types of environments.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

Metricio AB

+46 10 175 1337 - Sweden

Metricio provides professional services and monitoring solutions for the Nordic market. Their customers range from large enterprises to small and medium businesses.

The company always aims to deliver the best monitoring solutions and develop modern integration services that assist IT-operations to take the correct action.

With over 20 years of experience in the IT sector Metricio is confident that they can deliver the most cost-efficient and reliable solutions to their customers. Metricio provides professional services like IT development, consulting, technical support and training.
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Netjer Networks México

(+52) 55 1054 1185 - Mexico

Netjer Networks México seek the best technology offered by the telecommunications market worldwide and make partnership with high-level companies to provide qualified technological solutions adjustable to the market and to the needs of their clients. Their mission is always being pioneers, with a continuous renewal of their catalog of products and services and keeping their team of experts trained to provide constant advice to their clients in all stages of the business.
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Netmetrix S.A

(+56) 9 9825 2477 - Chile

Netmetrix is an Advanced Network Management company, formed by a group of professional engineers specialized in IT, Networks and Communications with over 30 years of experience in design, operation and sale of integrated solutions to ICTs.

They also offer network management solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to protect web services against DDos attacks on corporate LAN, WAN and Man data networks.
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NID Corporation

03 6221 6826 - Japan

NID is an independent information service corporation which has dealt with a wide range of fields including system development and information processing service as a basic concept \"Creation of Humanware\" since established in 1967.

For 50th anniversary of foundation, we raised \"There's no way we can't do this.(Dekiruwakearu)\"as a corporate message to take a further leap and also for the future of the people and society.

NID offers the following total services to meet customer's various needs for supporting their business promotions.

Planning of application systems Designing UI/UX and service System development Infrastructure construction Application maintenance Server monitoring operation
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Nisseicom, Limited

03 6774 7222 - Japan

Nisseicom, Limited has been supporting customer IT infrastructures since its establishment in 1974. Nisseicom’s customers are medium to small size companies in a wide variety of industries, including public offices, municipalities and universities. The company provides one-stop solutions that include:

System integration \"GrowOne Cube\" ERP package \"GrowOne Accounting\" top share accounting solution for national and public universities \"GrowOne Comp\" SAP template for manufacturing industry Operation consulting Cloud service Network construction Nisseicom aligns and combines Zabbix with other products to reach the best results in solving a customer’s operation problems.
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Nobius Ltd.

+44 7791 292026 - United Kingdom

Leveraging over 80 years of experience in IT Management and monitoring, Nobius provides on-premise and hosted Zabbix services and solutions.

Adding to the core IT Monitoring solution with Zabbix, Nobius will facilitate integration with existing ITOM tools and dashboarding, notification, reporting, and other solutions. Nobius' experience spans all industries, financial services, retail, manufacturing, government, IT Service Providers, oil & gas and healthcare.

Nobius staff are Zabbix Certified Specialists and Zabbix Certified Professionals.
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Novian Technologies

(370 5) 219 0000 - Lithuania

UAB Novian Technologies is an IT infrastructure services company, providing consultation services for the establishment and implementation of the digital transformation strategy, high-availability solutions, high-performance computing and cloud computing solutions, design, implementation and management of solutions, maintenance of critical infrastructure and resilience services.

As a business and service partner to the leading global hardware and software manufacturers, Novian Technologies provides its customers with complete supply chain and equipment life cycle management – from architectural design, selection, delivery and deployment of equipment, professional maintenance, warranty and post-warranty services.

Novian Technologies also provides its clients with consultations on the design of modern, digital workplace strategy and its implementation, workplace as a service, Internet of things, information kiosks and print-copying managed services.

Novian Technologies is owned by INVL Technology, a UTIB investment company in information and communication technology, listed on AB NASDAQ OMX Vilnius.

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NSW Inc.

03 3770 0096 - Japan

Established in 1966, NSW provides for each industry one-stop services, such as: system development, large system operation and outsourcing with data centers. Taking advantage of this experience, NSW realizes cloud computing service that includes not only providing IT resources, but also data center solutions, such as: monitoring and operation, and wide range of support, including migration design and integration.
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+54 0810 345 6677 - Argentina

Nubiral is a business unit of SGIT group, and is exclusively dedicated to supporting the implementation of DevOps culture and the digital transformation through innovative processes and tools.

The company believes in the advantages of working in an agile and secure way which allows them to simplify business processes by reducing time and costs and increasing the quality of final products.\\
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OGIS-RI Co., Ltd.

03 6712 1211 - Japan

OGIS-RI Co., Ltd. was established in 1983 and is a system integration company. It provides total e-business solutions matched to each and every client. Company’s goal is to have an ability to provide its customers \"total solutions\" backed-up by the advanced capabilities in both technology and business. OGIS-RI is offering its customers seamless integrated solutions that include consulting, IT strategy development, and systems design, development, operation and management. Moreover, OGIS-RI provides a huge variety of IT services from education, consulting, maintenance, operation, housing, EC/EDI and helpdesk to SaaS and PaaS.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

Opensource ICT Solutions LLC

+1 (929)-377-1253 - USA

Opensource ICT Solutions is your go to partner for opensource products. From the ground up fully started as a Zabbix partner, you are assured real Zabbix knowledge and focus. They provide multiple Official Zabbix trainers and a selection of IT consultants.

Besides their focus on and dedication towards Zabbix, Opensource ICT Solutions consultants are highly skilled in Linux management, Network Engineering, Opensource Software products and other IT Infrastructure related architecture.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

Opensource ICT Solutions Limited

+44 (0)20 5441 1827 - United Kingdom

Opensource ICT Solutions is your go to partner for opensource products. From the ground up fully started as a Zabbix partner, you are assured real Zabbix knowledge and focus. They provide multiple Official Zabbix trainers and a selection of IT consultants. Besides their focus on and dedication towards Zabbix, Opensource ICT Solutions consultants are highly skilled in Linux management, Network Engineering, Opensource Software products and other IT Infrastructure related architecture.
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OptiCom, SIA

+371 67331878 - Latvia

Founded in 1994, OptiCom is one of the leading IT infrastructure and security solution integrators and distributors in Latvia with a mission to professionally increase its client's business efficiency by the means of modern information technologies.

As a system integrator, OptiCom evaluates world's leading and trendiest IT products and technologies to offer and implement optimal and customized solutions to fit customer’s needs. OptiCom’s primary customers are companies with high requirements towards IT: banks, financial and government institutions, medium and large-sized companies.

OptiCom top fields of expertise are: top notch customized IT infrastructure (servers, storages, backup systems, data centers), IT security (firewalls, mobile security, content security, DDOS security solutions, SCADA, penetration tests, audits, SOC), IT system virtualization, monitoring and networking solutions.
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+33134933535 - France

Orsenna, Monitoring Expert, is specialized in supporting structures, from the evaluation of needs and their qualification by a team of specialist consultants to the complete engineering of solutions.

Orsenna has solid references, include companies large and small with clients in the retail, banking, press, industry, energy, public administration, hospital and education sectors. Their team will help you to ensure the implementation of solutions for the monitoring and control of network and application infrastructures. Orsenna’s network training is firmly based on practical experience and a professional delivery. Their trainers are also consultants working in their relevant areas of expertise and bring their day to day knowledge of real situations into the classroom.
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PAD Systems

(+56) 2 2432 7500 - Chile

PAD Systems is a company with more than 25 years in the IT solutions development market, delivering high-quality tailor-made developments, integrations and platforms/systems monitoring. They accomplish these tasks over a broad number of techonological platforms: APIs, Databases, Cloud Services, IoT Devices, among others. They believe that every solution must offer and enable mechanisms to be monitored and audited, so that it could generate key information to the different user groups throughout the company.
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Panasonic Solution Technologies Co., Ltd.

0570 087870 - Japan

Panasonic Solution Technologies is an ITC solution provider with a B2B cloud in the Panasonic group.

The company implements highly reliable system environments with outstanding performance and availability in mind, using software such as the self-developed search engine, OCR technology and integrated content management, as well as education and mobile solutions.
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Shanghai Pinyi Information Technology Co., Ltd.

13916351943 - China

Shanghai Pinyi Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known high-tech company in Shanghai, specializing in providing enterprise-level IT services. Their services cover IT infrastructure design, business consulting, training, implementation and deployment to customers of various industries. Relying on world-class process platform technology and perfect services, the company has successively built integrated IT service management and information security solutions in line with ISO20000/ISO27000 standards for insurance and network information industries.
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Prosmart(Beijing)Technology Co., Ltd.

010-62156990 - China

Prosmart(Beijing)Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based company that provides information system construction and information system services to customers. The company also provides integration services including server, storage, backup and other products.
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P.S. Solutions and Consulting Co., Ltd.

+66 108-8888 - Thailand

P.S. Solutions and Consulting Co., Ltd. is a modern solutions integrator fully merging technology, solutions and services. The company is focusing on both commercial and government sectors from small to enterprise segment.

Their professional team will support customers in maximizing the benefit of technology investment, develop and modernize technology framework, focus on the best possible integration to support customer in digital transformation journey.
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Kyuden Business Solutions Co.,Inc.

092 515 1206 - Japan

Qsol core business is to develop, operate and support mission critical systems for electric power companies that require high stability and reliability. With this key knowledge and expertise QBS provides solution services such as mission critical system integration and cloud services for companies and organization operating in different areas.
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Qnetix Ltd.

+44 3333355673 - United Kingdom

Qnetix is a UK based independent consultancy and cloud services company. We specialise in Cloud, Security, Network and Operational solutions including offering full turnkey projects for Zabbix as well as Zabbix based cloud monitoring and management solutions. Our expertise extends across a broad spectrum of vertical markets and our team has hands-on experience with Zabbix in real-world, mission critical environments. We use Zabbix ourselves as part of our own mission critical cloud solutions and have extensive, practical experience of how to get the best out of your Zabbix investment.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

Quadrata FZCO

- United Arab Emirates

Quadrata is a team of professionals specialized in IT services, tackling challenges of Enterprise customers in the fields of telco, finance, manufacturing and broadcasting for over 10 years in Europe. The company's passion to grow led them to a long path during which they as a well-known European company reached the heart of Middle-East to extend their services in the city of innovations - Dubai.

Quadrata's solutions focus on optimizing business processes and managing every technical trouble, with the aim of reduce time and costs, and in the end increase productivity of their customers’ business.

Taking advantage from a long experience and great passion of its team, Quadrata is the best partner to manage your infrastructure.
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SAF Tehnika

+371 670 468 40 - Latvia

SAF Tehnika is one of the leading microwave data transmission equipment manufacturers with a global presence in more than 130 countries worldwide and more than 20 years of experience in the field. Our knowledge of microwave technologies has also given us unique skills and know-how to develop the Spectrum Compact series of the world's first truly hand-held microwave spectrum analyzers and signal generators for field engineers, as well as the next-generation industrial IoT solutions for environmental monitoring – Aranet.
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+52 55 3684 1708 - Mexico

Scentec is a company positioned and specialized in the installation, implementation, customization, consulting, best practices, development and integration of systems, solutions: IT, telecommunications; and even more, all this can be provided in the cloud.
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+45 70 42 42 20 - Denmark

Miracle 42 A/S is a Danish IT consultancy company founded as a merge of the Companies Miracle42 and Scott/Tiger, both Companies has been in Business since 2003. The company has + 100 employees in Denmark and Sweden. Miracle 42 covers all phases of IT projects - from Project Management, IT Development, Licenses, Test and Test Management, Database Administration and Hosting. Miracle 42 calls it their 360 degree IT Service. Miracle 42 has gained in depth Zabbix knowledge and uses Zabbix on a daily basis for monitoring its customers it systems.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

secadm GmbH

+49 (8135) 99 99 7 0 - Germany

secadm is an IT Security and Development specialist with a team of highly experienced IT professionals, offering custom-built IT solutions to the customers in Europe, Asia and the USA.

With years of experience in IT Security and Healthcare areas, secadm focuses on data security, documentation, process optimization and security management.

The company uses Zabbix to continuously monitor a large number of KPIs internally as well as to offer Zabbix Monitoring Solution to their customers to ensure business continuity and to provide control and visibility to the IT infrastructure.
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Sedam IT d.o.o.

+385 (1) 2353 777 - Croatia

Sedam IT is a leading Croatian provider of IT & Communications solutions and services since 2003. By optimizing business processes and providing support with decision-making and management, Sedam IT provides its users with the means to achieve their business goals and gain returns on their investments. Company's portfolio covers entire ICT spectrum: from infrastructure to optimization and business development solutions.

Sedam IT is especially proud of its solutions, developed to achieve each of their client's specific goals accomplished by years of experience and knowledge provided with more than 100 experts in Sedam IT.
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Sangikyo EOS Corporation

- Japan

Sangikyo Eos is an engineering service corporation.
We use our highly technical strength and expertise to provide high level of engineering serviceat the space industry, the defense industry and the telecommunications infrastructure industry.

Our head office states at Yokohama, but we have several offices not only the metropolitan area, but also all the places of Japan.

At System Integration project, we provide one-stop service from the selection of the best combination for each customer to the design and construction of networks, servers, and other ICT infrastructure, to operation.
We select the best combination from various of manufactures and technic not only specific manufacturer or vendor.

We provide full support for the design and construction, and operation of monitoring systems using Zabbix, based on our longtime experience in building monitoring systems.
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Esun Technology Shanghai Co., Ltd

021-23135900 - China

As a fully licensed and experienced private enterprise with more than a decade of experience operating integrated telecommunications services in China, ESUN provides customer with integrated services across fixed network ,VPN, SDWAN,MPLS and IDC areas. Moreover, ESUN is a carrier-neutral service provider in China and is able to align various resources to deliver high-quality and reliable services to customers.
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Di-Matrix (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd

021-50591753 - China

Di-Matrix is an innovator of data intelligence operation technology and product. Di-Matrix regards “AI driven closed-loop operation management” as its major innovation and best practice in technical research and product development, so as in the field of financial industry. The machine learning and NLP abilities are integrated in the platform and industry know-how is in the application. Through the decoupling architecture of platform and AIOps applications, Di-Matrix provides the technologies for the future IT operations in financial industry that deal with AIOps use cases out-of-the-box.
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Shanghai uTecare Technology Co., Ltd.

021-61135828 - China

Shanghai Hengxiang Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established on January 5, 2011, with its registered address at 3 / F, D7 building, 39 Hongcao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, and its legal representative is Qiu Zhen. The business scope includes general items: technology development, technology transfer, technical consultation and technical service in the field of computer network and communication equipment, network generic cabling, sales of mechanical and electrical equipment, electronic products, communication equipment, instruments and office supplies, and chemical products (except hazardous chemicals, monitored and controlled chemicals, fireworks, civil explosives, precursor chemicals) Sales of computer hardware and software and accessories, computer system integration. (except for the items that need to be approved according to law, they shall independently carry out business activities according to law with their business license) permitted items: basic telecommunication services; first class value-added telecommunication services; second class value-added telecommunication services.
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+34 902 480 580 - Spain

SIA, an Indra Company, leader in digital services like Digital Signature, Cybersecurity, and Digital Risk. Indra is one of the leading global technology and consulting companies and the technological partner for core business operations of its customers world-wide. It is a world-leader with more than 49,000 employees, a local presence in 46 countries and business operations in over 140 countries.

SIA has a division specialized in guaranteeing the IT services of our clients, for this we rely on the latest monitoring technologies such as Zabbix, as well as the best trained and certified professionals, we offer from managed 24x7 monitoring services to specific projects for our clients.
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Sielte S.p.A.

+39 095 717.13.52 - Italy

Sielte was founded in 1925 in Genoa as an Italian Ericsson Telephone System Company. Today it has ninety years of experience in the fields of Telecommunications, Technology Systems for Transport & Infrastructures and ICT Services oriented to Cloud Computing. A group with a total turnover of over 400 million Euros is now recognized on the market as one of the major Italian partners with whom to undertake major integration projects, representing a company operating throughout Italy with 30 offices in Italy and around 20 abroad. With its headquarter in Catania and the General Management in Rome, Sielte has a registered capital of 28 million euros, a team of over 3,000 people, constantly engaged in important certification and specialization courses. Attention is given to the training of young resources acquired in recent years, through targeted training projects with the aim of improving know-how and skills to offer highly qualified System Engineers, Team Leaders and Project Managers certified for the use of standard and international methodologies.

Sielte is widely present throughout the national territory, having its own operational centers. All the operational centers are manned from Monday to Friday, by specialized and appropriately trained personnel. All services are active for ordinary activities from 07:00 to 18:00. For assistance services with SLA 24x7 a technical team is always available with guaranteed availability. In all the operational centers, there are teams specialized in the management of data network systems, VoIP, telecommunication systems and all the main IT tools for productivity; In San Gregorio di Catania, Rome and Milano offices the system support teams also work on server, storage and application systems. The skills guaranteed by all the support teams range over the entire area of the above-mentioned technological partnerships of the bidder.

Sielte has 18 main warehouses located throughout the country for a total of 90,000 square meters of which 19,000 square meters of covered area and 71,000 square meters of uncovered surface. 70% of the total areas are committed to the storage of goods owned by clients.
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Equinix Japan Group

03 5461 7564 - Japan

Equinix Technology Services KK provide the outsourcing service of “integrated operations management” for the customer’s various IT systems in different environments, such as on-premise environment/external data center/public Clouds. Regarding Zabbix as open source software (OSS), we can provide 24/7 manned operation over Zabbix operating in various environments.

Without any impact incurring on newly installed Zabbix operation or on the customer’s existing Zabbix operation, under this service we can only perform the operation required by the customer on behalf. As Zabbix users have the holiday/night time operation team established, they are able to maximize the cost reduction effect which is one of several benefits that the customer can enjoy by Zabbix installation, and to further improve the quality of their daily IT system operations at the same time.
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Shanghai Shujing Information Technology Co., Ltd

13361801558 - China

Shanghai Shujing Info Tech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company focusing on providing leading monitoring solutions for customers. Our solutions include Panorama Data Center Manager(P-DCM), Converged Monitoring Platform and Digital Visualization Platform, etc., which cover from IT infrastructre to applicatns and business transaction levels, from On-Premises to Cloud. By integrating the tools/technologies we help the customers to build their unified architecture monitoring platform.
Furthermore, we also provide content building services of monitoring with best practices, such as customized template, hierarchical alert event, visualization,data drill downs, etc.
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Sky365 Co., Ltd.

- Japan

Sky365 is a Managed Service Provider with 24/7, jointly established by TerraSky and ServerWorks that are highly specialized companies in the field of Cloud Computing. In this age of the Cloud, We support your business with our technical expertise.

Zabbix is a monitoring tool we mainly adopt. We have extensive know-how for Zabbix thus we can provide Zabbix server construction and technical consulting.
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Sky365 Co., Ltd.

03 6222 0831 - Japan

We "SMS Data Tech" deploy businesses widely about the whole of system life cycle around fields of Finance, Distribution, Manufacturing and Public.

According to every customer's needs, our "Operation Automation Lab" provides many kinds of business automation with RPA, RBA and our own system developed.

Now we are promoting automation of system operation collaborated with "System Monitoring Service" using Zabbix and then we will contribute to stably system operation such as prompt troubleshooting by making use of our technology and expertise in system operation we developed.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer


+33 (0)1 84 23 06 43 - France

Since 2006, SOMONE support its clients in the field of strategic management of services and business indicators in real time and delayed time, thanks in particular to a Service & Software packaged offer. Thanks to our wide experience with different monitoring tools and our past responsibilities in the spheres of systems and network infrastructure in major accounts, we securely manage your project up to production. SOMONE is recognised as a key actor in the area of surveillance and observability.
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StyleZ Corporation

03 5846 2151 - Japan

StyleZ provides services from application development, infrastructure design and setup for failure monitoring to operation support that are provided 24 x 365 and have an option for monitoring company servers from an external BGT server with e-mail and critical alert notification by phone: Zabbix installation/customization/support service 24x365 monitoring service 24x365 operation support service Cloud service (IaaS) Infrastructure design and setup Application development BGT’s flexible approach satisfies the unique requirements and is highly appreciated by private companies as well as governmental and public institutions.
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Systena Corporation

+81 3 4235 2455 - Japan

Systena Corporation provides:

Service solution business. Development services for Smartphones and Web applications as well as planning, design development and operation for Internet business using smart devices; Quality design business. Performance and quality assessment for Smartphone and Web applications, servers monitoring and operation of service providers; Flam work design business. Development of mission-critical systems for wide range of industries including financial institutions and design and deployment of application platforms; Systena Corporation provides ‘System monitoring automation services’ - total support starting from deployment of system monitoring services to its monitoring operation, using the knowledge of Zabbix and platform design.
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Target Solutions

+55 (21) 99372-4676 - Brazil

Target is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company specialized in providing products, services, support and software development for Business Support Systems (BSS) and Network Operation Support (OSS) integration projects. With over 20 years' experience, Target Solutions have a qualified professional team, with high technical skills and extensive knowledge in heterogeneous hardware and software environments.
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+51 970-008-126 - Peru

TDI LATAM is a computer services company that provide solutions and services in the Latin American region since 1993. Their vision is provide comprehensive, innovative and flexible solutions that supply value to companies. Their mission is being the best business partner for their clients, working on solutions according to the business needs of each particular client. Therefore, TDI LATAM have the main technology companies in the international market as strategic partners. Their solutions have a consultative and integrative approach, with activities of configuration, integration, deployment, support, administration and operation of IT solutions.
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TechnoPro Inc.

03 6859 0358 - Japan

TechnoPro, Inc. TechnoPro Engineering Company, one of the largest technical services firms in Japan, provides services to many customers including listed companies, such as major automobile manufacturers, major manufacturers, information and communication companies that require cutting-edge IT technology, public and private research organizations that continue to challenge unknown areas, public companies, etc.

With knowledge accumulated for more than half a century, we continue to challenge the latest IT technology field (cloud / virtualization / hyper-converged infrastructure etc.), as well as supporting existing technology in order to create new value for clients. Our engineering organization provides customers optimal technology that meets the needs and high quality standards to solve their problems in all processes such as planning, proposal, design, development and maintenance.
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Shanghai Tekrally Technology Co., Ltd.

021-80399333 - China

Founded in Shanghai in August 2006, the company is a leading cloud computing solution and professional service provider, focusing on cloud computing enterprise application practice that has received recognition from well-known customers like Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shanghai Futures Exchange, UnionPay etc. Meanwhile, the company continues to develop cooperation with world-level vendors like Microsoft, Huawei, Alibaba etc.
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TIS Inc.

03 5337 4244 - Japan

TIS Inc. is one of the companies in IT holdings group that provides system integration, customized development, as well as numerous SaaS like datacenter and cloud. In addition, TIS has global support system with a central focus on China and ASEAN.

TIS Inc. promotes OSS utilization which aims to adopt OSS to mission critical system in the enterprise area, and to realize optimal system configuration demanded in the cloud area. The company systematizes its knowledge to utilize OSS as \"ISHIGAKI Template\" and chose Zabbix for the monitoring and operational part of \"ISHIGAKI Template\".

As a business partner of more than 3000 companies in various industries, including finance, manufacturing, distribution, service, public utilities and communications, TIS is continually contributing to the growth of our customers’ business.
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+420 270 002 811 - Czech Republic

TOTAL SERVICE a.s. has been on the Czech market since 1997. For that period, the company has been focusing primarily on project solutions and services in the field of ICT infrastructure management and ensuring the operation of critical systems of their clients.

Majority of more than 100 employees are engineers, consultants and analysts specialized in the project delivery and consultations to customers and professional management of a wide range of information and communication technologies from small systems to datacenters.

Their services are powered by:

Systems monitoring (provides Zabbix monitoring to all of their clients); 24/7 NOC, Service Desk and Emergency service; SOC security response team; Expert teams (Microsoft & Linux); Detailed reporting of their delivery. Currently TOTAL SERVICE a.s. is a partner to more than 120 SLA service contracted clients across variety of verticals and technologies.
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Beijing Trust&Far Technology Co.,LTD

010-82629666 - China

Founded in 2004, Yinxin Technology is a national key high-tech enterprise and a one-stop IT operation and maintenance solution provider for data centers.Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on data center IT operation and maintenance services, and is the leader and promoter of third-party data center operation and maintenance services in China.
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TSP DATA, a.s.

+420 281 864 203 - Czech Republic

TSP DATA, a.s. is a leading provider of ICT and telco OSS management solutions in the Czech republic with business both locally and internationally. Solutions comprise both network and datacenter environment. The company uses proven systems from leading global suppliers and clients from the telco, government, banking and insurance sectors, as well as a major system integrators. Provided services include analysis and consultancy, high-level and low-level design, proof-of-concept installation, licenses delivery, installation in physical/virtual environment, system implementation, software development, 3rd party software integration, training, maintenance and support including NOC.
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T-Systems Brasil

+55 11 2184-2700 - Brazil

T-Systems is present in more than 20 countries and is one of the global leaders in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) market. Currently, the company offers an integrated portfolio focused in four areas: Connectivity, Digital & SAP, Cloud & Infrastructure and Security. T-Systems specialties include cloud computing services (customized infrastructure, platform and software) and many concepts and technologies such as Data Analysis, Big Data, Industry 4.0, Machine-to-Machine, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Robotics and Cybersecurity, all designed for the new business areas that aim for Digital Transformation.
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T-Systems México

+52 222 223 4000 - Mexico

T-Systems is present in more than 20 countries and is one of the global leaders in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) market. Currently, the company offers an integrated portfolio focused in four areas: Connectivity, Digital & SAP, Cloud & Infrastructure and Security. T-Systems specialties include cloud computing services (customized infrastructure, platform and software) and many concepts and technologies such as Data Analysis, Big Data, Industry 4.0, Machine-to-Machine, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Robotics and Cybersecurity, all designed for the new business areas that aim for Digital Transformation. ION
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03 5463 6383 - Japan

UNIRITA Inc., an independent company, develops, sells, and supports package software for operations management. BSP provides a wide range of IT services. Its main products are A-AUTO, a system for managing batch and job scheduling that has been sold for more than 30 years, and LMIS (Lifecycle Management for IT service), a concept of IT service based on ITIL.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer


+33 768024472 - France

Coming from the service world, listening to the customer's needs is the key to success. The Zabbix solution, which has been implemented many times, provides added value in the control of information systems, both historical (containerization, Cloud, etc.) and evolving (Windows, AIX, Linux, AS400, etc. We look forward to sharing these values and this software solution.
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Vecto Sp. z o.o.

+48 793 511 144 - Poland

VECTO is a Polish IT company that has been supporting companies and institutions in addressing IT challenges and in the process of their digitalisation since 2008. The company supplies and implements IT systems and provides IT outsourcing services for companies. It offers comprehensive data security and backup solutions using proprietary products as well as systems from renowned global manufacturers. VECTO's advantage is its many years of experience and the broad competence of its team of certified engineers who perfectly understand the needs and specifics of Polish companies' operations. The company has been repeatedly awarded for its contribution to building the IT value of its customers and strengthening their competitiveness through the implementation of innovative IT solutions - it is a laureate of, among others, Forbes Diamonds or the Business Gazelles programme carried out by the daily newspaper Puls Biznesu, one of the most important economic editorials in Poland. For the past five years, the company has published an annual report entitled "Cyber Security in Polish Companies", which is an important analysis of the threat awareness and available security and data protection solutions used by Polish companies.
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06 6348 5422 - Japan

VINX CORP provides system integration and operation services to the distribution and retail industry additionally providing IBMi Operation Management packages to their customers.

Now being a Zabbix Certified Parter VINX has created an Operation Monitoring package offering operation and integration services including official Zabbix technical support.

Integrated Monitoring Viewer solution allows the clients of VINX to carry out a trouble-free integration and operation cost reduction without the need to change the existing infrastructure.
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03 5829 4178 - Japan

WIDETEC is a technology company founded in Dec. 2000 to provide the best solutions to the problems of customers and society.

We are working on the development of new products, solutions and services on a daily basis, with ICT, such as the design, construction and operation of networks, servers and security, as our core business.

In particular, we provide various solutions under the theme of automated operations. In recent years, we have been focusing on automation of monitoring-operation management in cooperation with Zabbix and our infrastructure operation management automation solution POLESTAR Automation.
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Beijing Xiaoshu Shenzhou Technology Co., Ltd.

+86 010-82737366 - China

Beijing Xiaoshu Shenzhou Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2014 in Beijing, focusing on providing customers with industry-leading DevOps solutions, project and demand management solutions, and intelligent operation and maintenance solutions. Adhering to the service orientation, it has won a lot of praise from users.
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Beijing Xiaotong HongZhi Technology Co., Ltd.

+86 400-010-1505 - China

Xiaotong HongZhi, a subsidiary company of Xiaotong Network - one of the most distinguished network distribution companies in China with 18 branch offices throughout the country. Xiaotong HongZhi focuses their business on network services including network design, maintenance and technical support, network service outsourcing and assessment. Moreover, the company offers network engineer certification training courses.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

Xifeo ICT B.V.

+31362002357 - Netherlands

Xifeo ICT B.V. is an innovative Dutch ICT company that provides consultancy to a variety of customers with a complex ICT environment. All consultants have more than ten year’s experience in this field. Xifeo ICT B.V. is active within the world of DevOps, Infrastructure (as code), automation, (hybrid) cloud and monitoring.
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Hangzhou Yatop Information Technology Co. LTD

0571-88915279 - China

An enterprise-level financial digitalization construction solution provider, a practitioner and promoter of domestic data asset management consulting and landing, uses artificial intelligence and big data technologies to solve various pain points in the process of "standardized governance, data assets, assets services, data business and operation platform". Through end-to-end digital services such as strategic planning, solution consulting, product design and implementation delivery, financial institutions will be helped to evolve their organizational structures, comprehensively improve their digital capabilities and realize digital transformation.
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YEC Solutions Inc.

045 662 0881 - Japan

Since the establishment in 1969, YEC Solutions, Inc. has been providing a wide range of effective, secure and high-quality services ranging from consulting services for ICT utilization, system building and operation services, development of industrial software, ASP services that provide in-house iDC and BPOs to local governments and private companies throughout the whole country.
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Zero Networks, Inc.

03 6550 9246 - Japan

Zero Networks, Inc. provides network specialized services such as system design, development, implementation, support and consulting. It delivers monitoring solution proposal using Zabbix with it policy \"responding flexibly to customer demand\".
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toBizIT (Shanghai) Information System Co.,Ltd.

021-62497005 - China

toBizIT (Shanghai) Information System Co., Ltd. pays attention to and continues to engage in enterprise informatization integration services, using various informatization methods to solve problems encountered in the process of enterprise development, and strengthen operational physique, in manufacturing, finance, retail, medical and other fields There are many successful cases, which have been highly recognized by customers!
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+34 910 883 711 - Spain

Famytec is a company based in Madrid, Spain, with the purpose of providing high value to their customers through the most appropriate and efficient use of the best Information Technologies. In Famytec are more than 70 professionals working and in 2021 we have invoiced more than 6 million euros carrying out projects in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia) and around the world (Portugal, Romania , Peru).

Famytec offers specialized services in the IT area through a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the different reference technologies in IT Service Management. The company's deep knowledge in IT Service Management is a sure value when it comes to the reliability, robustness, scalability and persistence of the processes designed according to these premises. Solutions in the world of IT Service Management and the projects associated with them are one of the strategic areas of Famytec, for which there is a dedicated area in the company to develop them. Famytec comprises of a team of consultants with extensive experience and knowledge in the pre-sale and execution of projects (analysis, implementation, custom development, integration with other tools, knowledge transfer, post-implementation support, administration, developments, etc.) in the following business lines: - Monitoring, Management of Events and Services; - Discovery of the Infrastructure; - Process Planning; - ITIL Process Management - ITSM (Service Desk, Incident Management, Change Management, CMDB, Asset Management, SLAs, etc.); - Automation and Orchestration; - Business Intelligence: Reporting and Scorecards.

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Adaptive Mobile Security Ltd.

+353 1 524 9000 - Ireland

AdaptiveMobile Security is the world leader in cyber-telecoms security, powered by their core expertise and foundation in security with a unique focus on real-time mobile network enforcement. The combination of global insight provided by the company's security specialists teams, world-leading Threat Intelligence Unit, and proprietary, telecom-grade Network Protection Platform are trusted by the world’s largest service providers to secure their critical communications infrastructure.
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AKA Sistemas

+52 333-7236315 - Mexico

AKA Sistemas is a company focused on Open Source and GNU / Linux solutions, currently based in the Riviera Nayarit, dedicated to serving the niches of small and medium-sized companies in central-eastern Mexico.
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+56 2 2993 2175 - Chile

Technology consulting company focused on infrastructure implementation and IT platform management. Integrated by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the management and operation of comprehensive IT solutions. Based on this, they are able to deliver all their operations with great agility, effectiveness and efficiency. Their operational model provides a level of personalized attention, aimed at establishing long-term relationships of trust and allows them to position themselves as a valuable Partner for their clients.
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Alerta Security Solutions

+55 11 3105-8655 - Brazil

Provider of Managed Services for Information Technology and Remote Monitoring Security solutions with a portfolio of over 200 customers from medium and large companies and more than 12 years in the information security market, the Alerta security Solutions became a MSSP (Manage Security Services Provider) covering the entire security infrastructure and networks with extreme speed efficiency and assertiveness.
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Beijing Apline Information Technology Co.,Ltd

13602518751 - China

Established in 1995, Apline is a professional service provider specializing in product maintenance services and spare parts sales for minicomputers, storage products, networking hardware, X86 servers, databases and middleware. In order to specialize in IT services, Beijing Apline Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Apline) was established in Beijing in 2005. Now the company has established 5 branches and more than 20 offices based in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei, Wuhan, Changsha, Changchun, Shenyang, Hohhot, Yinchuan, Lanzhou, Xining, Taiyuan, Xi'an, Chongqing, Chengdu, and Guiyang, covering the whole country with its maintenance service team.
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+1(829)7471938 - Dominican Republic

ASYNCDATA DO DOMINICANA provide their clients with high-level solutions in terms of IT Infrastructure Monitoring, as well as their integration with other solutions. They take their clients by hand not only in Monitoring but also in the deployment of Linux servers. This allows them to provide their clients with a comprehensive and high-quality service.
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+82 261118350 - South Korea

ATTO INTERNET Co., Ltd. leads the transition from solutions and products to services. The company was founded in February 2011 and provides online-based security services, PKI-based Products, system integration and monitoring services.
Online Security Service offers SSL, Codesign, Document sign, SMIME certificate and various Global CAs products in Korea and Vietnam.
The company supplies products (DB Crypto, PKI Crypto) for PKI-based services to Korean public institutions, universities, and CAs.
ATTO INTERNET Co., Ltd. also provides solutions, products, and services for monitoring in various environments such as server, cloud, IoT, Web server, Web Application Server, etc.
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BroadBand Tower, Inc.

03 5202 4801 - Japan

ブロードバンドタワーは、高度な運用技術と信頼性の高いハウジングサービス、インターネット接続サービス、およびクラウドサービスを提供しております。アクセスの良い都心にインターネットデータセンターをはじめとしたネットワークインフラストラクチャー資産を有し、インターネットサービス提供企業をはじめとした、多数の企業から高い信頼を得ております。またDell EMC PowerScale(Isilon)等のビッグデータ対応ソリューションを提供しています。
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+972 (9) 772 2045 - Israel

Belocal is one of the leading Cloud, Data and IT solutions integrator to mid and enterprise companies in Israel, with unmatched capabilities and a history of building strategic, customizable, and insight-driven solutions that maximize efficiency and results. Belocal commitment to you is to provide you with the most innovative, cutting edge solution that fits perfectly to your business needs, without making any compromise in delivery, quality, serviceability, stability and competitiveness. Since its inception in 2006, Belocal has experienced consistent and sustainable growth by developing strong long-term relationships with its technology partners and by providing tremendous value to its clients. We believe that innovation is linked to performance and customer trust and therefore our ability to stay competitive or ahead of it as a market leader has largely depended on our ground-breaking strategies, innovation and early technology adoption and internal management expertise.
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+55 16 3010-8645 - Brazil

BeOnUp operate in the assessment, migration, architecture design, consulting, backup, support and management of IT Infrastructure environments in the cloud and Zabbix Monitoring, whether in a cloud, hybrid or multicloud environment. Their services are optimized and flexible according to each need, offering maximum benefit from the cloud, maximizing profits and improving workflows.
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BGmot Inc.

+1-877-345-8614 - Canada

BGmot is a professional IT services company focused on modernizing infrastructure monitoring and automation solutions. The company's solutions are based on best in class Open Source products which allows them to scale to all organization sizes, technology requirements and manageability.

With their teams' vast IT industry experience BGmot will help their clients through a discovery phase, then onto design, planning, implementation and finally providing the on-going support model to insure success of any engagement.
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Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas, Ltd.

+371 67819977 - Latvia

Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas, Ltd. (BIT) is one of the leading IT companies in Latvia, established in 1992. Our business scope includes main IT industry fields, especially concentrating on complex IT infrastructure projects, integration and support. Company is highly competitive with serious experience in secured and approved IT projects.

By our close cooperation with many vendors we offer high quality solutions for our customer needs. Deliberative long-term strategy, successful partner choice, qualified employees at all levels, elastic approach to each individual customer, all these are our main values in a way to successful company.
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BSM Consultoria

+58-426-5361696 - Venezuela

Having more than 7 years of experience, BSM Consultoria specializes in management of infrastructure and applications’ components that support critical business services of the organizations.

“Becoming the partner of Zabbix, we will now be able to offer our clients a high-quality resource-efficient tool that can monitor and correlate events on large IT platforms, benefiting from professional support and elimination of downtime”.
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0857 30 4791 - Japan

With its engineers, experienced in development and integration support, BirdWorks meets customers needs and provides optimal and realistic system, which brings new hope.

The company offers Zabbix as a monitoring solution to maintain stable system operation.
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ChinaEtek Service & Technology Co., Ltd.

010-58523737 - China

ChinaEtek Service & Technology Co., Ltd. (CES) is a leading third-party IT infrastructure high-end services provider in China. CES is committed to providing the users with the consulting services, construction services, management services and support services covering the full life-cycle of the IT infrastructure layer. While ensuring the stable operations of the user’s system, it aims to realize the automatic and intelligent operations management and build an efficient system architecture.
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Chongqing haisiyun Technology Co., Ltd

18696735698 - China

Since its inception, adhere to the "progressive, enterprising, pragmatic, innovative" for the purpose of the enterprise. Committed to providing enterprises with professional intelligent weak current engineering overall solution. One stop information integrated service. The business covers weak current construction, it infrastructure, information security, it operation and maintenance services, etc.
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+52 55 1519 8857 - Mexico

Ciberescudo protects the business of their customers through the proactive care of the cybersecurity of their information assets. They apply knowledge, experience and certifications of their staff to understand the explicit and implicit needs of users. Enterprise monitoring is one of their core business and opensource is the other.
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Clube da TI

55 (68) 99975 3965 - Brazil

Founded in 2016, Clube da TI, have been helping several companies in the development of solutions for network infrastructure, focusing mainly on open source environment, always seeking to maintain the balance between performance and security in our projects. New experience in software security can be increasingly partnered with the best software delivering and economy.
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Cyber ​​Concierge Co., Ltd.

03 6677 4653 - Japan

サイバーコンシェルジュは、お客様の利用環境にあわせたシステム管理や運用改善など、システム運用のご支援をさせていただいております。 安定運用に欠かせない運用監視は、Zabbixを利用した監視サービスから各種OSSの組み合わせ、サポートサービスご紹介まで幅広くご提案させていただきますので、お気軽にお問い合わせください。
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Converge Technology Solutions Corp.

+1 (416) 3601495 - USA

Converge’s global solution approach delivers advanced analytics, application modernization, cloud platforms, cybersecurity, digital infrastructure, and digital workplace offerings to clients across various industries. Converge supports these solutions with advisory, implementation, and managed services expertise across all major IT vendors in the marketplace. This multi-faceted approach enables Converge to address the unique business and technology requirements for all clients in the public and private sectors.

Converge’s goal is to provide a trusted partner that brings together world-class solutions and services to help reduce costs, increase efficiency, and create competitive advantages.

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Data Process Co.,Ltd.

06 6343 6430 - Japan

データプロセス株式会社は、昭和43年の創業以来、数多くのお客様環境にてシステムの運用保守業務をご支援させていただいてまいりました。そこで培ったノウハウをを集結し、お客様にとってより良い業務改善のご提案やシステム導入提案などを推進しております。 Zabbixについては、新規構築および他の有償監視ツールからのリプレースにおけるコンサルティング、またはシステムインテグレーションサービスを提供し、その後の運用業務までトータルでご支援することが可能です。また、弊社システムセンターとのVPN接続によるリモート監視サービスについてもご相談いただけます。
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+55 11 4195-9663 - Brazil

Delfia is a consultancy that offers digital innovation curation with a portfolio of products and services providing that partners, customers and employees can build their digital future. Their portfolio of products and services functions as a hub of integrated solutions that are intelligently architected according to customer demand.
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Shenzhen DATA INTELLIGENCE Technology Co., Ltd.

+86 15671557380 - China

Shenzhen Digital Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in intelligent operation and maintenance, big data analysis, and machine learning. The company provides new intelligent operation and maintenance solutions and products for traditional finance, Internet finance, operators, electric power, logistics, Internet and other industries, escorting enterprise IT business and keeping enterprise business online forever.
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EDU Trainings s.r.o.

+420 724 792 023 - Czech Republic

EDU Trainings offers an extensive portfolio of IT education services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We provide certified training from leading global companies such as Red Hat, Microsoft, Micro Focus, VMware and others. Not only as traditional classroom training, but also as virtual or On-Demand training. We organize interesting seminars, webinars, and online discussions, and provide certification exams in an authorized testing center for Pearson VUE and PEOPLECERT, the providers of internationally recognized certification exams. Training is delivered in Czech, Slovak, and English language, some courses are also available in German and Spanish.

EDU Trainings Education Center's priority is to deliver high-quality education matching the current trends and market requirements, which meets customer demands and enables them to grow further.
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Entisys Solutions, Inc.

(925) 688-8989 - USA

Entisys360 is an award-winning IT consultancy specializing in advanced IT infrastructure, virtualization, security, automation and cloud first solutions. Through state-of-the-art methodologies and broad solutions and services offerings, Entisys360 expertly solves its clients’ most pressing IT and business challenges.

With more than three decades of experience, Entisys360 has become a trusted advisor to some of the most prominent companies in California. Offering professional support services, managed services, consulting and engineering services, Entisys360 not only serves government agencies and educational institutions, but also focuses on mid-tier and enterprises within the healthcare, financial and legal services sectors.

The Entisys360 corporate headquarter office is in Concord, Calif., with its public sector division located in Sacramento, Calif. Entisys360 also has regional offices in Irvine, Calif., Pasadena, Calif. and San Diego, Calif. For more information, visit or call 1-877-ENTISYS (877-368-4797).
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Flyingnets Information Co., Ltd.

+86 021-22798930 - China

Flyingnets was established in September 2010, headquartered in Shanghai, focusing on IT services. The main service directions are "cloud" and "security". In these two fields, Flyingnets provides one-stop services from consulting, design, construction, operation and maintenance to its clients. Meanwhile, based on its own 7/24 service center, Flyingntes also provides cloud MSP services and SOC security operation services for its clients. Flyingnets is committed to assisting its clients to achieve safe and stable business development through its own IT services.
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Focus Systems Co., Ltd.

03 5420 2470 - Japan

Focus Systems Co., Ltd. was established in 1977. Engaged in system development and operation in highly social fields such as public and telecommunications, In recent years, we have been actively promoting business development in anticipation of the trends of the times, such as IoT, cloud and AI. From application development / infrastructure construction to operation / maintenance While we are able to make integrated proposals, we will provide an operation monitoring service for the system infrastructure through "Zabbix". We will continue to provide further value to our customers.
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Foresight Cyber Ltd.

+44 208 159 8942 - United Kingdom

From their inception in 2009, the team at Foresight Cyber have been focused on their central mission: to provide cyber security solutions which perfectly meet the needs of their clients. Their team have decades of experience between them and were delving into cyber security before most of the world had woken up to the dangers for cyber-crime. Firesigh Cyber are continually seeking to extend and improve their knowledge, so they keep one step ahead of the ever-sophisticated cyber threats. Each member of their core team dedicates several hours a week to learning. The company funnds their team’s professional development and are members of ISC2, an international, not-for-profit association for information security leaders. Their services are agile and adaptable for any size of business, from law, accountancy, or financial services SMEs, right up to corporates including R&D, manufacturing or energy providers. Almost all Foresight Cyber clients come to us via recommendation.
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Gantek Teknoloji Bilisim Cozumleri A.S.

+90 216 538 80 00 - Turkey

Established in 1987, Gantek Technology is one of the oldest and most reputable systems integrator within the Turkish ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) industry and a global company with operations in more than 10 countries. Thanks to its powerful team and solution partners within the ecosystem, Gantek represents an advanced level of expertise and broad range of experience. Throughout the quarter of a century during which information and communication technologies penetrated various areas of social life, Gantek has pioneered the integration of these technologies in the business processes and played an exceptional role in the rise of Turkish economy through ICT.

With its broad solution portfolio improving the operational effectiveness and efficiency of the corporations, Gantek serves the leading organizations of Turkey and Eurasia.

The headquarters of the company is located in Istanbul, having local operations in Albania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Northern Cyprus, Moldova, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.
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Shanghai Geewell Information System Co,LTD

021-62899082 - China

Shanghai Geewell Information System Co., Ltd. is an IT company with a registered capital of 50 million CNY which focuses on system integration service. It headquartered in Shanghai and has subsidiaries in Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian, and Shenzhen. With years of professional experience, it boasts a top-ranking service team and R & D team. The business activity covers many industries and institutions like government office, finance, retail, and intelligent manufacturing. Geewell is qualified for system integration, ISO9001, ISO20000 and ISO27001. It also has the licenses of ISP, IDC, VPN and cloud computing granted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
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Gmatesystems Corp

+8215667956 - South Korea

Gmate Systems was established in December 2008 and provides operation agency services to various domestic companies.

Gmate also developed an IT managed monitoring service to provide integrated monitoring services. Monitoring service experts with various functions provide the best service.

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+34 910 13 98 27 - Spain

Hard2bit has extensive experience in projects related to Computer Security and Business Continuity, as well as its own methodologies and reference models for the development of Security projects. In addition, Hard2bit is equipped with its own 24x7 Security Operation Center and a team of specialized consultants certified in industry leading technologies and manufactures. It's portafolio consists of 360º service to address the needs of each of our clients in the field of IT —audit, consultancy, technical service, adaptation and certification.
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Hawatel sp. z o.o.

+48 22 122 82 41 - Poland

Hawatel delivers professional IT monitoring, infrastructure management, and custom software development services. The company's strength is a team of specialists that participated in IT projects for the biggest organizations in Poland. Hawatel apply their industry-adopted, best-practices approach during each activity in their customers' environment.

Over the years, Hawatel has been providing IT monitoring services based on Zabbix and commercial solutions. Their experienced consultants and engineers implement projects on every scale of the monitored environment. Hawatel can prepare the concept of the monitoring approach and apply it to your organization.

Hawatel team also specialises in the migration process of commercial solutions like HP Operations Manager, IBM Tivoli Monitoring, MS SCOM, and Op5 to the Zabbix platform. The company performs integration with third systems, e.g., event synchronisation with the central system, non-standard notifications, and transfer of monitoring metrics to another system. Hawatel creates support tools and dedicated monitoring scripts that work in the Zabbix solution.
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Changchun Huifengdacheng Network Information Co. , Ltd.

0431-85131888 - China

The company has a system integration platform, data security platform, intelligent engineering platform, and application development platform. It is committed to cloud platform construction, virtualized network, database tuning, migration, backup, disaster recovery, data center operation and maintenance, intelligent network, security monitoring, In terms of integrated computer room construction and other aspects, it provides users with professional services, and in the areas of big data mining and analysis, customized application software is developed for users.
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Huizhou Changtong Information Technology Co., Ltd.

0752-2115280 - China

Founded in 2006, Huizhou Changtong Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of information security and IT infrastructure building. The company continues to show sustainable growth and development and provides its customers with technology and professional services.
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ICI System Mongolia LLC

+976-99900654 - Mongolia

The company started in 2013 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. ICI System Mongolia is selling and servicing network devices layer 1~3, including SP and enterprise routers, switches and optical transmission systems. The company also provides IT operation and maintenance including integrated logistics service, evaluation, verification, implementation, and post-maintenance of network equipment projects.
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iDev Soluções

- Brazil

Specialists in DevOps and ITSM practices, iDev Soluções use Zabbix to structure their clients' infrastructure and business monitoring. Focusing on the core business, whether IT or not, the company delivers value by conducting analysis and implementing continuous improvements through the collected indicators, whether in technology or processes.
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Intervillage Limited

- Japan

Intervillage Limited gives a technique mainly on system infrastructure construction, maintenance in the system development spot.

We have a strength in particular in the technical area securing reliability, availability, conservatism of the system infrastructure, and there are large number of results.

Please feel free to contact us if you may have a problem about a system what it is.
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+57 4 3224357 - Colombia

IT consultores is a highly experienced team with an exceptional knowledge and capability to analyze business processes and deliver value added solutions. IT consultores focuses on the simplification and improvement of the business processes. The Company guarantees process traceability and improved operating efficiency, while supporting cost reduction and facilatates data gathering used in strategic decision making.
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Jiezhi information technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

18001261978 - China

Jiezhi Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a provider of IT monitoring event processing software, services and solutions. It is committed to using accurate AI algorithms and convenient integration methods to provide enterprises with a flexible and unified event processing platform to achieve mass abnormal event aggregation and access, information processing, fault assignment, intelligent diagnosis and impact analysis of traditional IT architecture, cloud native environment, Internet of Things, industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing equipment, etc. In this way, the business and operation and maintenance teams can quickly master the IT health status, identify IT system operation problems, locate the root cause of the failure, establish an event knowledge map, achieve accurate alarm of enterprise IT events, reduce event noise, and create a high-quality user experience for enterprise level IT applications.
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Hangzhou JiuZhou Fang Yuan technology Co., Ltd.

0571-87007799 - China

Hangzhou Jiuzhou Fangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a newly established technology company engaged in one-stop information products and services, data warehouse and data visualization, financial inclusive points and other businesses such as cloud computing solutions, network security solutions and dual active data centers. The company has more than 100 employees and developers take more than 80% of the whole team.
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Shanghai Kaitong Information & Technology Company

021-55219508 - China

Shanghai Kaitong Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, the main service objects are financial enterprises and data center customers. The company takes service as the foundation and attitude as the foundation, providing solutions for customers' various emergency situations and daily services. At the same time, relying on the resources of senior information system integration and IT technology services for many years, we help customers solve different problems and situations encountered in various periods such as IT application and implementation stage.
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KEY Trainings s.r.o.

+420 723 038 638 - Czech Republic

KEY Trainings offers courses in the field of IT, tailored to their customers, certified courses or their own courses created by professional lecturers with practical experience. The company delivers courses in the form of a classroom, online or via eLearning. KEY Trainings provides not only courses focused on hard skills, but also soft skills. In addition to courses, they also provide consultations and advice.
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Koala Management Solutions GmbH

+49 7262 999900 - Germany

As a consulting and service partner for small, medium and large companies, we offer a comprehensive service for the information technology sector. We are at our customer's side as a competent partner in all phases of the IT business process, such as analysis, concept development, concept implementation, procurement and outsourcing. We work together with the responsible persons of the departments in all questions concerning IT and commercial consulting.
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Kvint LLC

+7 (727) 3907949 - Kazakhstan

KVINT LLC is a company from Kazakhstan with its head office in Almaty. The main focus of the company is to provide network and server hardware for building the infrastructure of data centers. For doing so, the company uses high-tech solutions developed by public cloud services providers.

KVINT LLC is working with vendors who concentrate their efforts on the development of specialized niche products. Therefore, their technological base is highly innovative, and the developed solutions are far ahead of the nearest competitors.

KVINT LLC is a partner of the leading vendors of a product line being unique to Kazakhstan. Creating solutions for cloud infrastructure of data centers and their further support is in fact much more difficult than many initially assume. The company’s products help to reduce the necessary effort for deploying data centers out of the box, while also creating the best solutions in terms of density, low latency and, at the same time, simplicity. On a large scale, simplicity is the key to success.
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Guangdong leadcom Information Technology Co., Ltd

020-66319828 - China

Guangdong leadcom Information Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2002 with a registered capital of RMB 10 million. It is a high-tech enterprise with technical services and information system integration as its leading business. It upholds the "customer-centric" service concept and is committed to system integration and technical support services for mid-to-high-end servers, storage, networks, and databases. Hundreds of customers from governments and enterprises have provided systematic solutions and technical service support. It is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the Guangzhou Municipal Government and enjoys a high reputation in southern China. It is currently one of the professional information technology companies with strong technical strength and years of experience in system integration and professional services in the country.
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+55 (16) 3234-6000 - Brazil

LGTI has over 14 years of experience in the IT market, delivering smart and valuable solutions in Cloud Computing, Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Managed Services and Corporate Mobility. Supported by the most robust and flexible NOC platform on the market, LGTi offers concrete information in real time, enabling its customers to obtain agility and speed in correcting faults in a precise and agile way. In addition, the company's network, server and application monitoring services provide information based on indicators and detailed metrics, which can be defined by the customer, in order to obtain a more effective and manageable control of the infrastructure.
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Libre Solutions Pty Ltd

+61 2 9157 0376 - Australia

Libre Solutions Pty Ltd offers range of services such as commercial Debian support and packaging, systems administration (DevOps), development, automation, application containers, cluster orchestration, distributed storage systems, monitoring and assistance with liberation from proprietary software.
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+58 412 626-36-63 - Venezuela

M2SP provides consulting and integral solutions to their clients in Monitoring, Design and adaptation of Data Centers, Service Desk and Internet of Things (IoT).
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Shandong MetaTech Information Technology Co., Ltd.

18610601918 - China

Established in 2016, Shandong MetaTech Information Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing enterprise-level customers with high-quality database products, middle-ware and other IT products and services, as well as reliable IT monitoring and DevOps solutions. The company succeeds in delivering IT projects to various industries.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

Mikrotik Warsaw Training Center

+48 796 171 971 - Poland

Mikrotik Warsaw Training Center is the leading training center located in Poland. The company provides high-level expertise in: telecommunication, IT infrastructure deployments, IP network architecture, IT systems monitoring.

In addition to the training business, Mikrotik Warsaw Training Center delivers state-of-the-art solutions in various areas including communication & network management services, system integrations, complex network design. Over the years the company worked with over 200 customers: service providers, system integrators, healthcare, finance, public services, small and medium size businesses.
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+82-01-6206-6073 - South Korea

MKISCORE is an IT company that provides know-how to customers for many years of consulting related to data center construction and supercomputer operation experiences.

Main business areas:
- High Performance Computing (HPC) Implementation;
- Consulting on Data Center Construction with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD);
- Building a Cloud Data Center Based on OpenSource;
- IT Security Consulting and Penetration Testing.

Key Solutions:
Monitoring (Zabbix), Application Performance Management (Dynatrace), Terminal Device Management (Tanium);
Virtualization(MapR, OracleODA, etc.);
Cloud, Bigdata AI/ML, OpenSource.
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Naseej Business

+966920007796 - Saudi Arabia

A Startup Company That Just Happens To Invest in Technology.
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neiL & Company

03 5927 8389 - Japan

neiL Co., Ltd. strives to provide customers with the best information technology environment under the theme of “good for everyone”. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems related to information technology, such as operation and system development using ZABBIX, computers deployment, retail sale of information technology equipment, and more.
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+95 9 799 772 604 / +95 1 230 5190 - Myanmar

NEX4 is an information and communications technology company from Myanmar, specialized in storage and information security. The aim of NEX4 is to help their clients deal with any challenges arising with new technologies, ensuring cutting edge services and consulting in hybrid cloud, managed services, networking, security, IP telephony, big data, and data centers.

The company works with global leading technology companies to create solutions that strengthen security, fulfil business requirements and improve business operations.
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Nimbus Services Pte Ltd

+65 9754 3602 - Singapore

Nimbus Services Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company founded in 2013. We focus on selling software products and services across APAC. We will understand your requirements and tailor the solution accordingly which will help you in your decision making. We provide outstanding service and support throughout the entire process Most of the products are listed in magic quadrant of Gartner. Nimbus services was a finalist of Channel Asia awards in 2019.
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+385 1 4852 639 - Croatia

Whether it is about the design and implementation of computer networks, or a solution based on Linux operating systems, Nimium strives to be the best.

Nimium team listens to the demands and needs of customers and provides them with the optimal solutions and the highest quality services.

Nimium is also a Red Hat Premier Business, EnterpriseDB and Zimbra partner in Croatia, and offers years of experience in implementation of demanding projects.
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NMS Distribution

(+33) 1 34 93 21 90 - France

NMS Distribution is a value added distributor in Network/Application Monitoring and Security solutions. Historically, NMS Distribution has developed an expertise and partnerships with the main editors of the Supervision market. Today, the goal of NMS Distribution is to reinforce these competences around Network/Application Monitoring by a rise in competences of the Security part, more and more naturally linked to the Supervision.

One of the added values of NMS Distribution is its willingness and ability to support its reseller partners on a daily basis. The team offers a technical support by facilitating the dialogue with the editors. It accompanies the pre-sales process and supports the partner as much as possible to promote the positive outcome of the files. Finally, the marketing department acts as a relay for the publisher to develop referencing and enhance the value of the actions.
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OAT Solutions

+55 (11) 5594-4891 - Brazil

OAT Solutions is a company dedicated to process improvement, which offers Consulting, Training and Support Tools. They work to offer to clients the best approaches and strategies to be effective in order to help companies and people through their improvement journeys to achieve better results and higher levels of quality.
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082 909 2122 - Japan

OFFICE-HAYASHI Co., Ltd. mainly supports the information system departments of manufacturing companies. Nowadays, it has become a matter of course to be connected and to be able to use the system, but the information system department, which is in charge of system operation, is required to take immediate action when a failure occurs. For this purpose, we offer "original map creation and implementation for each client" using the standard features of Zabbix. Our original maps allow you to visually understand "what happened and where", thus improving the speed of identifying the location of the failure and the extent of its impact. Our original map has been well received by our clients and has greatly contributed to the speedy response of their information system departments. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our original map.
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Zabbix Certified Trainer

Open-Future B.V.B.A

+32 2 255 70 70 - Belgium

Open-Future is the Belgian competence center for everything covered by "Linux & Open Source" and is driven by a team of highly motivated Linux guru’s. Open­Future focuses on open source based infrastructure, using the strength of Open Source to make the integration of our proposed solution work seamlessly with existing setups. Although Linux is a cornerstone in an Open Source based infrastructure, Open-­Future goes beyond the OS, looking at the vast horizon Open­Source is offering.
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Paramaah IT Services LLP

+91 7204393736 - India

Paramaah IT Services LLP is an organisation that focuses on providing enterprise-level solutions and services based on open-source software. The company has successfully implemented and managed large sites using Zabbix for global customers and for End-to-End IT infrastructure monitoring, DB Monitoring, monitoring for BigData environments, proprietary/indigenously built Application monitoring, integration with Visualization tools like Grafana, integration with Ticketing tools, creating custom reports, custom dashboards and much more.
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Piros NV

+32 495 61 57 38 - Belgium

Piros NV is a long lasting Open Source solution provider. With a heritage spanning three decades, company covers a broad Open Source product portfolio- from web-application development to system administration, mobile development, storage and cloud hosting solutions.

Piros NV can help and is your partner of choice when it comes to adopting Open-Source technology and is always looking to extend its Open Source product portfolio based on market demand.
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Plat’Home Co., Ltd.

03 5213 4370 - Japan

Plat’Home serves customer needs completely from helping to introduce the Zabbix solution included in Zabbix Enterprise Appliance to operation after introduction.
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+55 11 50819261 - Brazil

Pro4tuning is an IT Infrastructure services company, with extensive experience in Database: Administration, performance tuning and projects, Cloud Computing, and Zabbix monitoring solutions. With a list of more than a 1.000 projects in 17 years of work an learning, they implant solutions to several sectors highlighting the health care segment.
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+593 (02) 453 2999 - Ecuador

Prosystem is a group of IT administrators and their passion is to support our clients to optimize the availability of your IT infrastructure to increase your productivity and reduce costs. They implement quality solutions for Servers, Databases and Virtualization.
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Guangzhou Qi Rui Information Science and Technology Co.,Ltd

020-38390810 - China

Founded in 2008, Guangzhou QiRui Information Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional IT service company integrating independent software R&D, IT services and system integration. We has end-to-end delivery capabilities for consulting, software development, product agency, implementation and high-end technical services. And committed to providing information security services, operation and maintenance enhancement services and Microsoft services for customers in the financial industry and other industries, mainly including network security, data security, automated operation and maintenance services etc.
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Quotec Srl.

+591 242 7283 - Bolivia

Quotec Srl. provides consulting services in such IT areas as computer science, data control and security systems, as well as recruitment, selection and management of personnel. Since the founding of the company in 2012, the main objective has always been the satisfaction of their customers.

Quotec Srl. is capable of providing experience, knowledge and solutions to their customers by collaborating with other recognized software solutions such as G-Data antimalware suite, which is an award-winning antivirus security solution.
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Shanghai RealIts Information Technology Co.,Ltd.

021-61531071 - China

Shanghai Realits information technology Co., ltd. is a company focused on IT service business that Beijing Shenlan Norte Technology Co., Ltd. spins off the value-added service division and operates independently. Deep Blue Service Division was established on May 4, 2010, and Realits was established on October 20, 2015, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan, and now has ITSS, ISO9001, ISO20001, ISO27001, high-tech enterprise and other industry qualifications. Realits mainly provides technical support services for the key businesses of the country's core major industries, ensuring the stable and safe operation of businesses related to the national economy and people's livelihood. Major industry customers include: public security (ministries, departments, municipal bureaus, traffic police), finance (banks, insurance, payment), operators (telecoms), transportation (urban intelligent transportation, subways, railways), social security, finance and taxation (national and local taxation) , finance) and other core pillar industries/sectors. The main business includes data center-based IT operation and maintenance, IT maintenance, weak current engineering and other businesses. It has established nearly ten service outlets in major provinces across the country and has more than 60 service engineers. It fully covers the technical service capabilities of mainstream brands such as IBM/HP/SUN/ORACLE/EMC/HDS/NETAPP/CISCO/HUAWEI/Lenovo/Inspur.
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SadidAfarin (SACO)

+98 21 2642 1399 - Iran

Sadid Afarin Company (SACO) operates in information security market and delivers open source professional solutions and services.

SACO provides a list of security and open source services such as consulting, planning and implementing solutions for a wide range of customers, including financial institutions (banks and insurance companies), IT companies (telecommunications), IT development companies, government, public institutions, education and research organizations, medical-related organizations, general consumers, etc.

SACO specialists have experience in Zabbix solution design, integration and administration in large environments. Service provision is not bound by location; apart from meetings in person company specialists are used to work remotely. SACO understands – response time matters much more than geographic proximity.
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SAF Tehnika

720 502 0728 - USA

SAF Tehnika is one of the leading microwave data transmission equipment manufacturers with a global presence in more than 130 countries worldwide and more than 20 years of experience in the field. Our knowledge of microwave technologies has also given us unique skills and know-how to develop the Spectrum Compact series of the world's first truly hand-held microwave spectrum analyzers and signal generators for field engineers, as well as the next-generation industrial IoT solutions for environmental monitoring – Aranet.
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Sapphire Consulting Services

+92(21)34300581-84 - Pakistan

Established in 2005, Sapphire Consulting Services (SCS) has emerged as respected name in the IT market. Sapphire vast clientele encompasses public sector, financial institutes, public safety, Energy, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education and large enterprises. Sapphire specialises in Consulting, System Integration, Solution Development, Software Development, Managed Services and BPO.
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Shanghai Wicrenet Co., Ltd.

021-50374949 - China

Wicresoft is a joint venture of Microsoft and Shanghai Government, founded to provide digital transformation services for customers based in Asia (China, Japan), North America (USA, Canada) and Europe. Wicresoft now has more than 7000 experienced industrial and technical experts, more than 2500 enterprises partners, and they are trusted by many top 500 customers and well-known domestic customers.
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Eden Information Service Limited

+86 0755-88262572 - China

Incorporated in 2002, Edensoft Holdings Limited is a first-class integrated IT solutions and cloud managed service provider in China. With years of solid presence in the IT enterprise service market in China, Edensoft is committed to providing world-class products, solutions and efficient and convenient technical support service for corporate customers. Relying on its best practices of self-developed industry-specific solutions, Edensoft can help enterprises with informatization, digital transformation, cloud migration and overseas market exploration so as to empower enterprises, improve business performance and enhance their market competitiveness.

In May 2020 Edensoft was successfully listed on the Hong Kong stock market (01147.HK).
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Sintecn S.R.L.

+1(809) 935-2223 - Dominican Republic

Sintecn provides specialized technology services with the highest level of quality and customization in the Dominican Republic. They offer infrastructure consulting services, monitoring solutions and DevOps digital staff. They also create versatile technology solutions that allows to develop the full potential of our partners. Their passion is to accompany our clients throughout the journey towards technological competitiveness.
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Smart Layer

+55 64 933008993 - Brazil

Smart Layer provides consultancy and consulting services in network projects, mainly for internet access providers. They provide configuration and planning regarding the implementation of equipments (routers, switches, OLTs, servers).
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Solucions Informàtiques Maresme S.L.

34-93-522 26 27 - Spain

Founded in 2012, Solucions Informàtiques Maresme, is a professional and independent IT services company. Being experts in monitoring operations, the company provides to its customers personalized services, that have become one of the company’s added values.

Solucions-IM offers to its customers a full spectrum of IT monitoring project management - starting from development and implementation, and up to maintenance services according to customer needs. The company helps its customers improve their businesses by optimizing resources through IT monitoring services.
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Stratesfy, Inc.

+1 (202)-319-1115 - USA

Stratesfy is a global technology solutions provider. Committed to delivering innovation, Stratesfy collaborates with clients to help them achieve high-performance. With deep industry and business process expertise, broad global resources, and a proven track record, Stratesfy mobilizes the right people, skills, and technologies to improve the performance of all their clients.

The company is the first and last point of contact for all IT related issues from technical to governance. Their team of experts include certified technology professionals that are the best at what they do and strive to deliver the highest quality service and product every time. Stratesfy provides full onsite and remote support and engineering services to meet the needs of your business and make available all the tools to streamline the operation.

• Custom Application Development
• Mobile App and Product Development
• End-to-end IT Infrastructure Support
• Systems and Network Engineering
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Syone, S.A.

+351 214 246 710 - Portugal

Syone is the leading Open Source Software Reseller and System Integrator in Portugal. Works with outstanding companies by implementing mission-critical projects and helping organizations to increase agility and to drive Digital Transformation in a wide range of sectors. Syone has delivered projects worldwide in different business areas, such as Data Management & BI, Development & Integration, Business Applications, Mobility Solutions and IT Infrastructure & Cloud.
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(502) 2218-3117 - Guatemala

SYSESA offers high-tech solutions, visibility and information security to improve the productivity of your organization, optimizing your resources through new generation applications, services and products, changing the way companies, governments and service providers achieve their IT goals.
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System Support Inc.

03 3342 9612 - Japan

System Support Inc. provides system integration services with a focus on the original Cloud Kobo brand, which contains services utilizing AWS (Amazon Web Service).

The strength of the company is the technical area such as Oracle database, LAMP and monitoring utilizing Zabbix and the company has a lot of results in the area.
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Tecsidel ITS

+34 932922110 - Spain

Since 1979 Tecsidel is providing solutions based on Information and Communications Technologies within the following scopes:

• Traffic Management Systems in Toll and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

• Warehouse and Supply Chain Management Systems,

• eGovernment (Document Management and Archiving, eSignature, Interoperability),

• ICT Monitoring and Support Operations Systems.

Tecsidel has offices in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona and Valladolid), Argentina, Brazil, Chile, India and Mexico). Tecsidel builds IT solutions based on company’s own software, others suppliers software or Open Source, and delivers turn-key projects to the clients in order to implant it. Specialization, expertise, alignment with customer objectives and flexibility are the main characteristics of the company.

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Tingo GmbH

+41 56 511 23 40 - Switzerland

Tingo GmbH was founded in 2009 as an independent planning office in Switzerland specialized in the implementation of audio, video, and network infrastructure. The company delivers knowledge and expertise of planning, engineering, project coordination as well as software development in the AV sector. Within that sector Tingo GmbH has wide knowledge and experience in monitoring infrastructure and systematic problem solving.
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+34679345410 - Spain

ToBeIT company strongly specialized in system monitoring, application performance management and user experience management. We are specialized in the performance of services focused on the operation, quality and security of Information Technology. We have headquarters in Madrid, Bilbao and Barcelona where we serve large and medium-sized companies throughout Spain. Our commitments are quality and personalized service to our clients. Our vocation of service translates into speed in our responses, agility in our services and proximity in our dealings
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Truly Systems

(+55) 4042 5008 - Brazil

Truly Systems has been working on innovation and digital transformation for their clients since 2012, operating throughout the digital transformation lifecycle, from processes to technology and support. They are experts in monitoring applications, infrastructure and developing applications for Cloud. Their portfolio extends to the ability to work with Intelligent monitoring, creating automated processes in addition to monitoring.
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Verdanatech Soluções em TI

+55 (81) 30914252 - Brazil

Verdanatech develops solutions focused on strategic pillars such as cost, utility, guarantee, performance, capacity and scalability, based on solving real problems in corporate environments. They enable Service Management processes in IT departments, IT service providers and for business areas with an improved methodology in what really adds value to their customers. All work is developed based on important concepts present in IT Market Standards and best practices.
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+60 13 836 8083 - Malaysia

Voculus Sdn Bhd specializes in systems management and infrastructure monitoring. The company offers a wide range of ICT solutions to their customers, addressing their business requirements with best of breed technologies.

Voculus has strong roots in open source systems and is able to provide consulting, implementation and support services for commercial and free open source products.

The company provides their customers with solutions with the most optimal balance of technology and cost, working with technology partners from around the world.
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WeCloud Technology JSC

(+84) 913793827 - Vietnam

WeCloud constantly improves business performance, constantly innovates to become a modern and professional technology service provider, and always focuses on quality and brings outstanding efficiency to clients. We have many experts and experience in consulting and supporting customers to implement ITIL/ISO20000/ISO270000 and other framework. We have the following main business segments:
- Cloud Services;
- System Integration & Services;
- Software Development.
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WSA Consulting

+55 11 40401177 - Brazil

WSA Consulting is a company specialized in consulting and technical support in information technology and IT (information technology). Their team values ​​the satisfaction of their customers and good technical service, conducting a study of the entire IT infrastructure, mapping the weaknesses, processes, people and technologies involved, in order to point out and define priorities and improvements for your IT environment.
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Jiangsu Yixin Tiancheng Information Technology Service Co. , Ltd.

+86 0510-82759997 - China

Jiangsu Yixin Tiancheng Information Technology Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is a holding subsidiary of Suheng Technology Group. Yixin Tiancheng is an enterprise specialized in providing information solution consulting and implementation, IT operation and maintenance services and IT service management. Its customers involve government, medical care, education, public security, procuratorial and law enforcement, radio and television, enterprises and many other industries. On the basis of summing up the best practice experience of serving customers, we refined a unique service delivery method, and relying on rich IT technical resources, a strong technical team and an effective IT service management model, we provided a full life cycle of advisory integrated IT services during the planning, construction, operation and optimization and upgrading periods of customer IT construction.

The company has been deeply engaged in the field of information construction in the education industry, the medical industry and the government industry, and has carried out four business segments: IT information system operation and maintenance services, software customization and development services, information system integration services, and weak current intelligent design and implementation services. The company has a technical service team with advanced technology, rich experience and ability to tackle key problems, including senior engineers and intermediate engineers, which has long served cooperative customers in various industries and escorted their information systems. The company has demonstrated its leading technology and understanding of business in various industries in many industry solutions. It shows customers not only the image of a technology expert, but also the expert who applies information technology to solve industry management problems. The company has established close cooperation with the world's top technology product manufacturers, providing customers with world-class products and services, and constantly creating value for customer growth.
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+1(809) 692-7775 - Dominican Republic

Xbyte is a IT Services Company oriented to provide solutions according to customer requirements. Relying on best practices and experiences from the local and international markets, Xbyte offers a portfolio of solutions and services tailored to the needs of each business partner
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CT Technology HK Limited

852-31699766 - China

CT Tech is proud to offer exceptional, customer focused IT support. Our ethos is to make IT support flexible, affordable and always available. We are there when you need us most, keeping your systems up and running smoothly. We work quietly and efficiently in the background, not only to offer help when you need it, but also to support development of your IT into a business-enabler, that will make you more productive, efficient and competitive.
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NanTong XinChengCloud Information Technology Co., Ltd

0513-80201002 - China

NanTong XinChengCloud Information Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2020, the company adhering to the "professional technology to help the stable development of enterprises" concept, infrastructure system integration business, information security system integration business, product services business as the main body. In the field of enterprise hybrid cloud, desktop cloud, enterprise network and network security, it has a complete and mature solution and rich customer practice cases; In the field of IT integrated operation and maintenance services, with customer satisfaction as the goal, committed to providing quality localized services.
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ChengDu YDY Technology Ltd,

028-62326749 - China

ChengduYDY Technology Co., Ltd., established in September 2013, as a IT system provider,Provide information system solutions, software and services for industry users, with customers mainly from various large enterprises and governments. At present, the company has many full-time technical personnel, all of whom have been engaged in the industry for at least five years. They have obtained the qualification of certified engineer from Alcatel, Huawei, Huasan, Cisco and other professional manufacturers.
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Shanghai Yorkwell Co., Ltd.

021-59946626 - China

YORKWELL is firmly established in 2009 and become a complete Networks/IT/Telecommunication System solution provider. Focusing on providing reliable IT products, networking products, communication products and communication solutions, the company is located in Shanghai Hongqiao Business District. Yorkwell is an ISO9001 certified company. Our comprehensive system solutions include network communication and network system hardware, software and engineering services, and extend to the comprehensive turnkey communication system package. Our company specializes in providing reliable IT products and networking products to local and multinational companies in the rail transit, data center, financial banking and futures industries, petroleum and petrochemical and gas industries, power, semiconductor, construction, food and paper industries. Communication products and communication solutions. Yorkwell is a highly reliable network communication expert. Has a good market reputation, global expertise, strong partners, and a team of versatile, highly dedicated, experienced and experienced internal engineers and sales and technical support staff.
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+52 55 2744-1706 - Mexico

Networks, servers and IOT, have become essential tools in the operation of any company, and according to many forecasts they will be growing exponentially for several years. Zatagonet's mission is to bring the best technologies to meet your needs, identify and address areas of improvement in networking, monitoring and automation of your business, providing high quality support and contribute to the growth of your business.
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Zavatec IT Services & Consulting

+54 11 5365-9244 - Argentina

Zavatec IT Services and Consulting provides IT Solutions in Argentina with special focus on Server and Storage Management. Zabbix system provides their customers with an integrated and intelligent monitoring platform.

The company has more than 8 years of experience providing IT managed services to cover Systems Management and Monitoring, including servers, disk and tape storage, OS, VM, DB, network and middle-ware. Zavatec has experience in different industries like finance, energy, health and telcos.
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Zen Networks SARL AU

+212 522 784 589 - Morocco

Zen Networks is a monitoring and telecommunications expert company, having extensive experience in deploying highly scalable and geo-redundant monitoring solutions for their customers, as well as creating advanced monitoring modules adapted to their needs.

Due to the synergy between company's DevOps and monitoring experts, Zen Networks is able to secure efficient monitoring which is adapted it to the business applications of their customers.
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Ziva Tecnologia e Soluções

+55 11 3365-0410 - Brazil

Ziva is one of the main Brazilian integrators in the networking area. The company develops projects in the areas of lan, wan, wlan. Through its NOC installed in São Paulo, it manages and administers networks throughout the brazilian territory.
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Jiangsu ZongMu Information Technology Co., LTD

0519-83611968 - China

Jiangsu ZongMu Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading technology software manufacturer of automation operation and maintenance and basic platform of Internet of Things. Long-term deep development based on Zabbix product secondary development and industry application services.Developed Argus, an IT operations monitoring platform commercial software, and Zeus IoT, an open source Internet of Things big data platform. Argus is a software for privatized and hybrid cloud data centers. It provides a comprehensive and multi-level unified monitoring and operation management platform.Helps users monitor the performance indicators of IT resources in real time.Network devices, servers, storage devices, databases, and middleware are included.Realize ex ante operation and maintenance.Argus is committed to helping customers build an easier and more comprehensive operation and maintenance system with the vision that there is nothing too hard to do. Zeus IoT is an open source IoT platform that integrates device data collection, storage, analysis, and observation.It is the world's first distributed and open source data acquisition platform for the Internet of Things based on Zabbix architecture.Capable of concurrent monitoring of millions of IoT devices.Dedicated to making device access and data processing out of the box.Enabling iot companies to focus on industry application development.Greatly shorten the development cycle of Internet of Things systems.The development efficiency of Internet of things projects is greatly improved and the cost is greatly reduced.
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