Zabbix opens new operations hub in Mexico

Mar 30, 2023

Mexico City, Mexico – Zabbix – a universal enterprise-class open-source monitoring solution opens a new office in Mexico, thus expanding its operation in Latin America. Zabbix has built a strong user community in Latin America over the past few years after establishing a representative office in Brazil, with Mexico now marking its further expansion in the region.

Millions of people around the globe use Zabbix to monitor their IT infrastructure stack – from network monitoring to cloud infrastructures, microservices, and applications. Now Zabbix services will become more available also in Mexico.

Zabbix’s second office in Latin America is situated in Mexico City and will be the company’s fifth business facility located around the world, in addition to other offices in Brazil (opened in 2020), the United States (2016), Japan (2012) and Latvia (founded 2005) where the company is based.

Zabbix has been providing local professional services and training throughout Latin America since 2020. The company regularly organizes different local events, such as the annual Zabbix Conference Latin America, Zabbix Forum Mexico, and others. Choosing Mexico as the next market to expand Zabbix operations was motivated by a growing number of customers and partners, as well as the rapid extension of the Zabbix user community in this region.

"The new office in Mexico represents an important step in the company’s expansion of the company throughout Latin America. It allows us to make closer relationships with our customers and business partners. We will certainly provide our current and future customers with much more tailored services with the local office," says Alexei Vladishev, Global Zabbix CEO and founder. Answering why Mexico market A. Vladishev explains: "Zabbix has observed this market for years and we see how greatly it develops. We know Zabbix will bring additional value by entering this market."

Following the opening of the new branch, the office will come under the management of Luciano Alves, LATAM CEO for Zabbix, who has overseen the Latin America office located in Brazil since 2020. L. Alves has around 30 years of experience in IT. He points out that their business in Latin America focuses on five countries in particular: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Argentina.

Luciano Alves "We have achieved great results since Zabbix has begun operating in Latin America. Although our strategic plan covers five countries, our efforts in the first few years of the company's operations in this region are focused on setting up operations in Mexico. The technology market in Mexico is rapidly developing and we see Zabbix playing a valuable role in this market. Our initial objective for the company's operations in the country is a 30% increase in revenue in business and services, mainly in sectors such as banking, telecommunications, and retail," says Luciano Alves, Zabbix LATAM CEO.

The Opening Ceremony

On March 29, 2023, Zabbix conducted a free, in-person event to celebrate the opening of the company’s new branch in Mexico, at the Sheraton Maria Isabel Hotel in Mexico City. Alexei Vladishev, the Global CEO of Zabbix, opened the ceremony with a welcome speech and a presentation on the company’s overview. Together with Luciano Alves, CEO of Zabbix LATAM, they presented their business plan for the region. Zabbix’s Director of Development and Business, Sergey Sorokin, was also present at the opening event.

Zabbix Mexico office opening

Zabbix Mexico office opening

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