Pro-active monitoring

The resources offered by Zabbix were created to help your business reduce operating costs, avoid downtime and improve service quality.

Stay Alert

Besides the Zabbix frontend interface that provides all the information about the environment, Zabbix can send notification messages via e-mail, SMS or Jabber (XMPP protocol) for each notable event.

You can also easily integrate any other method of notification, including the creation of automatic tickets in Service Desk or Service Catalog systems.

Event Handler

There might be situations where an automated action can fix the problem, as restarting a service or bring up a spare server through IPMI, Zabbix can do this job for you.

Solving Faster

If the first notification or an automated task were not enough to solve the problem, you can use the powerful Escalations feature that can notify technical experts, the management or even execute another action.

Managing the Problem

When someone is working on a problem, the analyst can acknowledge it and even leave comments. This feature helps in improving teamwork and allowing high level management of the issues, as well as avoiding situations of events staying ignored.

The result is a better controlled operational environment, with reduced downtime and improved customer satisfaction.

Useful Information

Some details about a device, such as applications, hardware specifications, location, serial number and points-of-contact can be precious to solve a problem. For that Zabbix offers a Host Profile resource where all of this information can be stored.

This information may be collected automatically.

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