Zabbix Certified Professional Update (ZCPU)

This course provides in-depth technical knowledge about the advanced administration of Zabbix. It is intended for those who might need to use features, such as Low Level Discovery (LLD), Trend prediction, Distributed monitoring, Encryption, Dependent items and Preprocessing. This one-day course is a mixture of lectures and hands-on exercises. The course is designed for Zabbix 2.2 Certified Professionals only.

Products covered Zabbix 4.0
Format In small groups (up to 15 persons).
Duration 1 day
Course requirements
  • Zabbix 2.2 Certified Professional (only)
  • Prior knowledge and hands-on experience with Zabbix
Next level Zabbix Certified Expert (Level 4)
Previous level Zabbix Certified Specialist (Level 2)

Course program

Day 1
  • Automation: LLD - discovery of host resources, Windows services, discovery using SNMP and SQL
  • Configuration: Trend prediction
  • Configuration: Bulk metrics and dependent items
  • Configuration: Item value preprocessing
  • Installation: Distributed monitoring - Active/Passive proxies
  • Installation: Docker images
  • Installation: Encryption in Zabbix
  • Administration: Maintenance and operations - best practices, DB sizing, upgrades
  • Certification (Exam)

Course attendance certificate

Zabbix 4.0 Certified Professional Certificate

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