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Zabbix API

This section contains community-related information about Zabbix API.

Covered versions

Zabbix API was introduced in Zabbix version 1.7.

Accessing the API

The API is implemented in JSON-RPC. That means, to call any function, you need to send a POST request to http://<zabbix_server>/zabbix/api_jsonrpc.php with input data in JSON (i.e. JavaScript structure textual representation) format in the request body and interpret the answer formatted the same way.

A request should look like this (plain text, the fancy formatting is optional of course):

{ "jsonrpc":"2.0",                             //json-rpc protocol version used
  "method":"apiinfo.version",                  //full API function name
  "params":[ <arg_1>, <arg_2> ],               //positional arguments, or
  "params":{"name1":<arg_1>,"name2":<arg_2>},  //named arguments
  "auth":"a6e895b98fde40f4f7badf112fd983bf",   //omit to work anonymously
  "id":2                                       //any value to identify the request; JSON-RPC 2.0 standard recommends an integer

A response looks like:

{ "jsonrpc":"2.0",
  "result":<value>,                            //can be of any representable type
  "id":2                                       //corresponds to the request

The auth hash to use is obtained with user.authenticate API:

{ "jsonrpc":"2.0",

Community provided tools

See a list of various Zabbix API libraries.

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