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Oracle monitoring using zabora

den_crane from the community has done a good work of monitoring Oracle from zabbix. He has written zabora, a script available for unixes and Windows, that monitors various information from an Oracle database. I just wanted to gather all information and the current version of the script in the wiki. So here it is:

Currently available functions:

zabora version: 1.5
   zabora checkactive [SID]     -- Check Intance is active and open.
   zabora usercount [SID]       -- Count of users connected to Oracle.
   zabora activeusercount [SID] -- Count of active users.
   zabora dbsize [SID]          -- Size of user data (without temp).
   zabora dbfilesize [SID]      -- Size of all datafiles.
   zabora version [SID]         -- Oracle version (Banner).
   zabora dsksortratio [SID]    -- Disk sorts ratio.
   zabora rcachehit [SID]       -- Read Cache hit ratio.
   zabora uptime [SID]          -- Instance Uptime (seconds).
   zabora commits [SID]         -- User Commits.
   zabora rollbacks [SID]       -- User Rollbacks.
   zabora deadlocks [SID]       -- Deadlocks.
   zabora redowrites [SID]      -- Redo Writes.
   zabora tblscans [SID]        -- Table scans (long tables).
   zabora tblrowsscans [SID]    -- Table scan rows gotten.
   zabora indexffs [SID]        -- Index fast full scans (full).
   zabora hparsratio [SID]      -- Hard parse ratio.
   zabora netsent [SID]         -- Bytes sent via SQL*Net to client.
   zabora netresv [SID]         -- Bytes received via SQL*Net from client.
   zabora netroundtrips [SID]   -- SQL*Net roundtrips to/from client.
   zabora logonscurrent [SID]   -- Logons current.
   zabora lastarclog [SID]      -- Last archived log sequence.
   zabora lastapplarclog [SID]  -- Last applied archive log (at standby).Next items requires [timed_statistics = true].
   zabora freebufwaits [SID]    -- free buffer waits.
   zabora bufbusywaits [SID]    -- buffer busy waits.
   zabora logswcompletion [SID] -- log file switch completion.
   zabora logfilesync [SID]     -- log file sync.
   zabora logprllwrite [SID]    -- log file parallel write.
   zabora enqueue [SID]         -- enqueue waits.
   zabora dbseqread [SID]       -- db file sequential read waits.
   zabora dbscattread [SID]     -- db file scattered read.
   zabora dbsnglwrite [SID]     -- db file single write.
   zabora dbprllwrite [SID]     -- db file parallel write.
   zabora directread [SID]      -- direct path read.
   zabora directwrite [SID]     -- direct path write.
   zabora latchfree [SID]       -- latch free.
   zabora zaboraver             -- Version of this script.

Code to embed zabora in Zabbix agent:

UserParameter=oracle[*],/opt/zabbix/zabora \$1 \$2
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