Development Services

Development Services are designed to deliver a complete end-to-end development to address some specific requirements of your business and to help you achieve the most benefit from your Zabbix implementation. Whether the need is for a minor adjustment in functionality of Zabbix or for a large custom project, feel free to contact us. In addition, as part of the development service, we are able to create specifications that outline a development project and determine a solution that will meet your individual needs best.

Many existing Zabbix functionalities, configurations and options were implemented and now are available to the community thanks to development orders we had received from our clients, partners, simply Zabbix users and fans.

Almost all newly implemented and integrated projects, sponsored by our clients, become publicly available to everyone. Exceptions apply if a project consists of very specific and narrow configurations or disclosure of information on the project may violate company security policies etc.


  • Freedom to set up monitoring of your IT infrastructure the way you want it
  • Assurance that the delivery of the demanded functionality will happen on time and according to your specification
  • Confidence that the requested functionality will be supported in upcoming releases
  • Awareness of your involvement in developing the best monitoring solution
  • Satisfaction from giving back to open source movement

What Do You Get as a Result?

All our development work comes fully tested and documented. Zabbix warranty applies for the delivered code even if it is not included in the Zabbix source code. Availability of the developed code, which was not included in the Zabbix source code, in upcoming releases is a subject to the terms and conditions of the Development Agreement.

Involvement Options

You may use our Development Services in 2 ways:

  • Contract Zabbix individually to develop unique functionality according to your specifications
  • Team up with other users to commonly sponsor implementation of some functionality. Active projects are listed in the table below. The full list of community requests (ZBXNEXT) sorted by popularity is available here, where you can vote for your favorite project or submit your ideas.


The price for Development Services depends on the complexity of requested feature and the level of integration with existing Zabbix functionality. When evaluating the cost of specific development, Zabbix takes into consideration the added value that this implementation can bring to other Zabbix users.

Cost of development is calculated with a minimum billing period of 1 day and generally varies from €500.00 and up to €850.00.

Please complete the Development Request form to request a price proposal.

Purchase Development Services

To purchase Development Services, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete Development Request form
  2. Agree on cost, date of delivery and scope of work estimated by Zabbix
  3. Make a payment according to invoice
  4. Test and accept delivered code
Application Process

List of Recent Active Projects

You may support development of any project listed in this table by pressing "Contribute to this project" button and filling out required information. Zabbix will require making a payment only and when the project is funded by 100%. You may suggest including another ZBXNEXT into Active Project list only if you are ready to contribute to such project development.

Add another ZBXNEXT to this table
Feature DescriptionRequired AmountStatus
Send an alert after trigger being acknowledged

Implement the possibility to send an email notification upon alert acknowledgment

Read more: ZBXNEXT-18
€25,000.00 2% funded
Agent and Proxy for Android devices

Current low cost devices are unique to provide new services at very attractive HW cost. More and more companies are using low cost Android devices like TVBox or similar to run applications or perform tasks that do not require expensive hardware. This project is about creating a Zabbix agent and Zabbix proxy that would run on Android devices, both rooted or not.

Read more: ZBXNEXT-2378
€18,000.00 5% funded
Add Comments to Graph

When some issue is discovered and the graphs look different than normal, it would be nice to attach a comment to that specific graph and time. For example "interface failed, internet connection down, DOS attack, etc".

Read more: ZBXNEXT-117
€15,700.00 9% funded
Switch Trigger to OK State Based on Acknowledgement

An option to resolve a problem based on acknowledgement. For example, a log entry about a detected problem would have to be acknowledged before trigger could return to OK state.

Read more: ZBXNEXT-104
€8,000.00 100% funded
Available in v.3.2
Define dependencies between prototype triggers

If several trigger prototypes are defined on same item (ex., (vfs.fs.size[{#FSNAME},pfree])) with different thresholds and severities set as Warning, Average, High and Disaster, feature will allow to define a dependency between them.

Read more: ZBXNEXT-1229
€15,000.00 100% funded
Available in v.3.0
Encryption of All Communications

Zabbix Monitoring Solution is all about communicating data. Zabbix server, proxies, and agents constantly exchange data with monitored devices and between each other. While in most cases it is absolutely fine to do it using open communication protocols, some installations and organisational policies require to transmit information in secure way. This feature will allow to manage how data is exchanged between Zabbix components and monitored devices - in secure or non-secure way.

Read more: ZBXNEXT-17
€13,500.00 100% funded
Available in v.3.0
Templated Web Monitoring

For companies that administer many similar or identical webpages (ex., a farm of webservers behind a loadbalancer), setting up web monitoring might be a daunting task. Introduction of templates for web monitoring will allow to do the configuration work only once and then apply this configuration to many web pages.

Read more: ZBXNEXT-20
€4,000.00 100% funded
Available in v.2.2
Discovery Uniqueness and Proxies

IP "uniqueness criteria" should include the proxy, or at least give the option of using the proxy as part of the uniqueness algorithm.

Read more: ZBXNEXT-1267
€2,900.00 100% funded
Available in v.2.2
SNMP V3 Context Support

When using SNMP v3, some devices support the use of context parameter, which may be used to monitor complex network appliances like Brocade 85xx Class etc.

Read more: ZBXNEXT-1438
€2,400.00 100% funded
Available in v.2.2
Monitoring of Virtualization Platforms

While it is possible to monitor various aspects of virtual environments with current versions of Zabbix, it does require some time to set it all up and isn’t as integrated as it could be. A more integrated experience for virtual environment monitoring is currently in development stage.

Read more: ZBXNEXT-1633
€98,000.00 100% funded
Available in v.2.2
New macros for notifications: ITEM.ID and TRIGGER.EXPRESSION

With a help of this new macro ITEM.ID, URLs to history graphs may be included in alert messages. This feature is quite useful to quickly get a view of the event evolution without manually navigating through the interface and thus vastly improves workflow for some organizations.

Read more: ZBXNEXT-744
€600.00 100% funded
Available in v.1.8.12

Development Services vs. Internal Changes to Source Code

When there is a need to introduce a new feature or functionality to an open source solution, 3 major options are available: to make the development by internal resources, to outsource the development to third party integrators or to order requested functionality from the creators of the code. While each approach may have its benefits and drawbacks, ordering development from Zabbix will benefit you in the following way:

  • Requested feature will be implemented in most effective way
  • Functionality will be tested and supported in upcoming releases
  • No extra costs associated with further maintenance of functionality
  • Much wider community will benefit from your development compared to the internal use by one company
  • Assurance it will work well with Zabbix code
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Add comments to graph (ZBXNEXT-117) Encryption of All Communications (ZBXNEXT-17) Switch Trigger to OK Based on Acknowledgement by User (ZBXNEXT-104) Agent and Proxy for Android devices (ZBXNEXT-2378) Define dependencies between prototype triggers (ZBXNEXT-1229)

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