25 Upgrade notes for 4.0.16

In case of a write error during the export (data cannot be written to the export file or the export file cannot be renamed or a new one cannot be created after renaming it), the data item is now dropped and never written to the export file. It is written only in the Zabbix database. Writing data to the export file is resumed when the writing problem is resolved.

Previously, in case of a write error, Zabbix would retry with a 10 second interval until success. The previous behavior, while ensuring history data equivalence between database and the export files resulted in actually stopping monitoring until the problem with the export file was fixed. Now the priority is given to continued monitoring rather than keeping the export file in sync with database at all cost.

See also: Real-time export of events, items, trends

Sound in browsers

Sounds are now supported in MP3 format only.