17 What's new in Zabbix 4.0.12

Manual closing of problems

When updating a problem, the checkbox for closing a problem is now available if the Allow manual close option is checked in trigger configuration for at least one of the selected problems. Only those problems will be closed that are allowed to be closed when clicking on Update. Already closed problems will not be closed repeatedly. If no problem is manually closeable, the checkbox is disabled.

Previously, closing a problem in this way was only possible if the Allow manual close option was checked in trigger configuration for each selected problem. If at least one problem was not manually closeable, the checkbox was disabled.

Similarly, when changing problem severity the relevant checkbox is now available if at least one selected problem is read-writable. Previously each selected problem had to be read-writable, otherwise the checkbox was disabled.

Global notifications

Several improvements have been made to global notification messages and sounds:

  • Notifications are synchronized across tabs and windows. Any changes to the list of notifications are immediately rendered into other tabs.
  • Notification timeout is calculated since the first rendering time of the notification.
  • The Display OK triggers for setting is now applied to recovery type notifications. That becomes relevant if it is shorter than the regular problem notification message timeout thus the notification disappears sooner.
  • Default audio clips are now in MP3 (it used to be wave files). An embedded media player is not used any more (it was used for Internet Explorer only), so now, in case of custom audio files, you must be sure that your browser can play them (or just use the MP3 format).
  • The sound tends to follow the focused tab/window, except when Play sound is set to 'Once'.
  • When Play sound is set to 'Once' it will not replay the sound on page reload.
  • In case of several notifications, the sound of the most severe or the most recent notification is played.
  • There is now an icon next to each snoozed notification.
  • It is possible to snooze a whole list of notifications of High severity and be assured to receive an alarm when an Average severity notification arrives, meanwhile keeping the notification list with all event links open.
  • If you snooze a notification in problem state, it will not play audio when the particular problem becomes resolved.
  • Regardless of how many tabs are opened the server is polled by only one of them, reducing server load. Additionally the server response traffic is minimized, by not containing the message body and title in response, if the client receives the same notification ID.
  • Recovery of a crashed tab is implemented. Any tab that is still able to execute JavaStript will detect a crashed tab and would continue to be the one who polls server. In case of a slow connection and heavy page load during the request, any other tab would continue to poll for notifications. Thus with a notification timeout (30 seconds) and a performed request (40 seconds) one can be assured that no notifications will miss the eye if there is another tab..
  • Slide animations are improved. Fade out will happen when all remaining notifications reach the message timeout at once, else the consecutive slide-up transition is applied.
  • Updated user settings, such as the timeout and audiofile, are applied to the list of notifications dynamically.