15 What's new in Zabbix 4.0.10

VMware datastore discovery

VMware datastore discovery has been moved from hypervisor level to vCenter level. As a result datastores are discovered and datastore info is collected only once for each datastore instead of one time per each hypervisor.

Within this development the following new items have been added:

  • vmware.datastore.discovery[<url>]
  • vmware.datastore.hv.list[<url>,<datastore>]
  • vmware.datastore.read[<url>,<datastore>,<mode>]
  • vmware.datastore.write[<url>,<datastore>,<mode>]
  • vmware.datastore.size[<url>,<datastore>,<mode>]
  • vmware.hv.datastore.list[<url>,<uuid>]

For more information on the added items, see: VMware monitoring item keys

Item changes

web.page.get, web.page.perf, web.page.regexp agent items now along with hostname also support URL as the first parameter, allowing to specify both HTTP and HTTPS protocols. As a prerequisite of SSL (HTTPS) functionality, the agent should be compiled with cURL support. Previously, only domain name or IP address was allowed in the first parameter and there was no support for HTTPS protocol.

Additionally, Unicode is now supported in the hostnames of these items (Punycode support was added).

Configuration parameters

The LoadModule server/proxy/agent parameter now supports specifying relative or absolute path to the module.

Maintenance icon in host list

An orange wrench icon next to the host status now indicates that this host is in maintenance in Configuration → Hosts. Maintenance details are displayed when the mouse pointer is positioned over the icon:

Previously, an orange In maintenance string was displayed as status instead of the icon.

Regular expressions

The File systems for discovery global regular expression has been updated to include "apfs".