9 Template changes

This page lists all changes to the stock templates that are shipped with Zabbix.

Note that upgrading to the latest Zabbix version will not automatically upgrade the templates used. It is suggested to modify the templates in existing installations by:

  • Downloading the latest templates from the Zabbix Git repository;
  • Then, while in ConfigurationTemplates you can import them manually into Zabbix. If templates with the same names already exist, the Delete missing options should be checked when importing to achieve a clean import. This way the old items that are no longer in the updated template will be removed (note that it will mean losing history of these old items).

New templates

See the list of new templates in Zabbix 5.0.0

Changes in 5.0.1

New PostgreSQL template is available:

  • Template DB PostgreSQL Agent 2 - collects metrics from PostgreSQL with Zabbix agent 2.

Changes in 5.0.2

New templates are available:

  • Template App Etcd by HTTP - collects metrics from Etcd's /metrics endpoint with HTTP agent (see description).
  • Template DB MSSQL by ODBC - collects metrics from DBMS Microsoft SQL Server via ODBC (see description).
  • Template App IIS by Zabbix agent, Template App IIS by Zabbix agent active - collect metrics from Internet Information Services for Windows Server version 2012R2 and newer via Zabbix agent.

Since Zabbix 5.0 SNMP credentials are carried at the host interface level instead of item level, therefore SNMP templates are now valid for all devices, no matter the protocol version. To reflect this change, the following templates have been replaced:

  • Template Module Brocade_Foundry Performance SNMPv2Template Module Brocade_Foundry Performance SNMP
  • Template Module Cisco CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-MIB SNMPv2Template Module Cisco CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-MIB SNMP
  • Template Module EtherLike-MIB SNMPv1, Template Module EtherLike-MIB SNMPv2Template Module EtherLike-MIB SNMP
  • Template Module Generic SNMPv1, Template Module Generic SNMPv2Template Module Generic SNMP
  • Template Module HOST-RESOURCES-MIB storage SNMPv1, Template Module HOST-RESOURCES-MIB storage SNMPv2Template Module HOST-RESOURCES-MIB storage SNMP
  • Template Module Interfaces SNMPv1, Template Module Interfaces SNMPv2Template Module Interfaces SNMP
  • Template Module Interfaces Simple SNMPv1, Template Module Interfaces Simple SNMPv2Template Module Interfaces Simple SNMP
  • Template Module Interfaces Windows SNMPv2Template Module Interfaces Windows SNMP
  • Template Module Linux memory SNMPv2Template Module Linux memory SNMP
  • Template Net Alcatel Timetra TiMOS SNMPv2Template Net Alcatel Timetra TiMOS SNMP
  • Template Net Arista SNMPv2Template Net Arista SNMP
  • Template Net Brocade FC SNMPv2Template Net Brocade FC SNMP
  • Template Net D-Link DES 7200 SNMPv2Template Net D-Link DES 7200 SNMP
  • Template Net D-Link DES_DGS Switch SNMPv2Template Net D-Link DES_DGS Switch SNMP
  • Template Net Dell Force S-Series SNMPv2Template Net Dell Force S-Series SNMP
  • Template Net Extreme EXOS SNMPv2Template Net Extreme EXOS SNMP
  • Template Net HP Comware HH3C SNMPv2Template Net HP Comware HH3C SNMP
  • Template Net HP Enterprise Switch SNMPv2Template Net HP Enterprise Switch SNMP
  • Template Net Huawei VRP SNMPv2Template Net Huawei VRP SNMP
  • Template Net Intel_Qlogic Infiniband SNMPv2Template Net Intel_Qlogic Infiniband SNMP
  • Template Net Juniper SNMPv2Template Net Juniper SNMP
  • Template Net Mellanox SNMPv2Template Net Mellanox SNMP
  • Template Net Mikrotik SNMPv2Template Net Mikrotik SNMP
  • Template Net Netgear Fastpath SNMPv2Template Net Netgear Fastpath SNMP
  • Template Net Network Generic Device SNMPv1, Template Net Network Generic Device SNMPv2Template Net Network Generic Device SNMP
  • Template Net QTech QSW SNMPv2Template Net QTech QSW SNMP
  • Template Net TP-LINK SNMPv2Template Net TP-LINK SNMP
  • Template Net Ubiquiti AirOS SNMPv1Template Net Ubiquiti AirOS SNMP
  • Template OS Windows SNMPv2Template OS Windows SNMP
  • Template Server Cisco UCS SNMPv2Template Server Cisco UCS SNMP
  • Template Server Dell iDRAC SNMPv2Template Server Dell iDRAC SNMP
  • Template Server HP iLO SNMPv2Template Server HP iLO SNMP
  • Template Server IBM IMM SNMPv1, Template Server IBM IMM SNMPv2Template Server IBM IMM SNMP
  • Template Server Supermicro Aten SNMPv2Template Server Supermicro Aten SNMP

Changes in 5.0.3

A new Oracle DB template is available: Template DB Oracle by ODBC - see setup instructions for ODBC templates.

Changes in 5.0.4

A new Oracle DB template is available: Template DB Oracle by Zabbix agent 2 - see setup instructions for Zabbix agent 2 templates.

Changes in 5.0.5

New templates are available:

Changes in 5.0.6

Template Apache Tomcat by JMX has been updated. Now it is possible to use the template to automatically discover and monitor Apache Tomcat hosts with any configuration settings. See also: JMX template operation.

New templates are available: