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7 Template changes

This page lists all changes to the stock templates that are shipped with Zabbix. It is suggested to modify these templates in existing installations - depending on the changes, it can be done either by importing the latest version or by performing the change manually.

Changes since version 2.2.1 only are listed here, older changes are not documented.

See upgrade notes for specific version of Zabbix for hints on fixing templates in existing installations.

Template changes in 2.2.1

Item prototypes have been fixed for Template OS FreeBSD and Template OS OpenBSD.

Template changes in 2.2.2

Corrected typo in discovery rule description on template Template SNMP Disks.

Template changes in 2.2.4

In Template App Zabbix Proxy item Values processed by Zabbix proxy has been renamed to Values processed by Zabbix proxy per second to match server template.

In Template App Zabbix Proxy graph Zabbix proxy performance y axis side for the queue item has been changed from left to right to match server template and separate unrelated items.

All operating system template Memory usage graphs now have their Y axis minimum value set to 0 and Y axis maximum value to the maximum amount of memory detected on the system.

Affected templates:

  • Template OS AIX
  • Template OS FreeBSD
  • Template OS HP-UX
  • Template OS Linux
  • Template OS Mac OS X
  • Template OS OpenBSD
  • Template OS Solaris
  • Template OS Windows

Template changes in 2.2.5

Typos in item descriptions have been fixed for the following templates:

  • Template JMX Tomcat
  • Template OS FreeBSD
  • Template OS HP-UX
  • Template OS Linux
  • Template OS OpenBSD

Template changes in 2.2.6

Items discovered by VMware virtual machine disk and network discovery will now have descriptions rather than instance IDs in their names for Template Virt VMware Guest.

Item name "mpTenured" has been fixed to be "mp Tenured" in Template JMX Generic.

Template changes in 2.2.9

Disk device discovery transfer rate item prototype names now correctly identify item value as bytes per second rather than kilobytes per second in Template Virt VMware Guest. The affected items are[{$URL},{HOST.HOST},{#DISKNAME},bps] and[{$URL},{HOST.HOST},{#DISKNAME},bps].

Template changes in 2.2.10

Value type was changed from "Numeric (unsigned)" to "Numeric (float)" for items system.stat[kthr,b] and system.stat[kthr,r] in Template OS AIX. Both items were also added to "Performance" application.

Template changes in 2.2.11

Item vm.memory.size[total] moved from "Filesystems" to "Memory" application in Template OS Windows.