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10 Template changes

This page lists all changes to the stock templates that are shipped with Zabbix.

Note that upgrading to the latest Zabbix version will not automatically upgrade the templates used. It is suggested to modify the templates in existing installations by:

  • Downloading the latest templates from the Zabbix Git repository;
  • Then, while in Data collectionTemplates, you can import them manually into Zabbix. If templates with the same names already exist, the Delete missing options should be checked when importing to achieve a clean import. This way the old items that are no longer in the updated template will be removed (note that it will mean losing history of these old items).


Updated templates

Zabbix server/proxy health

Templates for Zabbix server/proxy health have been updated according to the changes in network discovery. The item/trigger for monitoring the discoverer process (now removed) have been replaced by items/triggers to measure the process utilization of discovery manager and discovery worker respectively. A new internal item has been added for monitoring the discovery queue.

MongoDB node by Zabbix agent 2

The item type of mongodb.version has been changed from Dependent item to Zabbix agent.

Oracle by Zabbix agent 2

The item type of oracle.version has been changed from Dependent item to Zabbix agent.