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9 Template changes

This page lists all changes to the stock templates that are shipped with Zabbix. It is suggested to modify these templates in existing installations - depending on the changes, it can be done either by importing the latest version or by performing the change manually.

Template changes in 3.0.0

A new item vmware.vm.cpu.ready was added to template Template Virt VMware Guest.

Item net.tcp.service[ntp] was changed to be net.udp.service[ntp] in template Template App NTP Service.

History text cache monitoring item zabbix[wcache,index,pfree] and the corresponding trigger were removed from Template App Zabbix Server template.

History index cache monitoring item zabbix[wcache,index,pfree] with a corresponding trigger were added to Template App Zabbix Server template.

Template changes in 3.0.6

New items vmware.hv.datastore.size[{$URL},{HOST.HOST},{#DATASTORE}], vmware.hv.datastore.size[{$URL},{HOST.HOST},{#DATASTORE},pfree] to monitor VMware datastore capacity were added to template Template Virt VMware Hypervisor datastore discovery.

Template changes in 3.0.7

The vmware.vm.cpu.ready item unit and description was changed from percentage to milliseconds.

Tomcat template changes in 3.0.25

Template App Apache Tomcat JMX has been updated in the following way:

  • support for recent Tomcat versions has been added
  • the following macros have been defined: {$PROTOCOL_HANDLER_HTTP}, {$PROTOCOL_HANDLER_HTTPS}, {$PROTOCOL_HANDLER_AJP}