2022 Zabbix中国峰会
2022 Zabbix中国峰会

11 Additional frontend languages


In order to use any other language than English in Zabbix web interface, its locale should be installed on the web server. Additionally, the PHP gettext extension is required for the translations to work.

If a locale is installed, a language becomes available in the language selector in Zabbix web interface. Languages for which locales are not installed are greyed out and cannot be selected.

Installing locales

To list all installed languages, run:

locale -a

If some languages that are needed are not listed, open the /etc/locale.gen file and uncomment the required locales. Since Zabbix uses UTF-8 encoding, you need to select locales with UTF-8 charset.

Now, run:


Restart the web server.

The locales should now be installed. It may be required to reload Zabbix frontend page in browser using Ctrl + F5 for new languages to appear.

Installing Zabbix

If installing Zabbix directly from Zabbix git repository, translation files should be generated manually. To generate translation files, run:

make gettext

This step is not needed when installing Zabbix from packages or source tar.gz files.