操作系统存储库中的ZABBIX软件包 通常,操作系统发行版(尤其是基于Debian的发行版)提供了自己的Zabbix软件包。 请注意,Zabbix不支持这些软件包,它们通常已过时,并且缺少最新功能和错误修复。 官方仅支持|repo.zabbix.com中的软件包。


  1. 请先卸载旧软件包。
  2. 检查卸载后可能剩余的残留文件。
  3. 按照Zabbix提供的|安装说明安装官方软件包。


Zabbix packages from OS repositories

Often, OS distributions (in particular, Debian-based distributions) provide their own Zabbix packages.
Note, that these packages are not supported by Zabbix, they are typically out of date and lack the latest features and bug fixes. Only the packages from are officially supported.

If you are upgrading from packages provided by OS distributions (or had them installed at some point), follow this procedure to switch to official Zabbix packages:

  1. Always uninstall the old packages first.
  2. Check for residual files that may have been left after deinstallation.
  3. Install official packages following installation instructions provided by Zabbix.

Never do a direct update, as this may result in a broken installation.