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Download and install Zabbix from packages: Zabbix server, frontend, agents
Zabbix server
Download and install pre-compiled Zabbix agents
Zabbix agent
Automatically check DNS Blackhole Lists (DNSBL)
If you are providing services like SMTP, DNS or similar to your customers, those services might be misused and you could end up getting your servers IP addresses blacklisted on various Domain Name System Blackhole Lists ( DNSBL ). Requirements * CentOS/RHEL * # yum install bind-utils * Debian/Ubuntu ...
✔ Custom Script
1694    2
3 y
Linux autodiscovery : disks, proces, TCP/UDP service
Linux autodiscovery with : - disk autodiscovery and monitoring - network services discovery and monitoring (regexp based - ports number) - processes deiscovery and monitoring (regexp based) With simple perl script you can adapt (ex : virtual disk name with proxmox VE). See howto for details.
✔ Low Level Discovery (LLD)   ✔ Zabbix Agent Active   ✔ Custom Script
7824    3
2.2, 2.4
2 y
Loadable module for IPC monitoring
This loadable module tries to mimic ipcs utility and provide various information about shared memory segments, message queues and semaphore sets.
✔ Low Level Discovery (LLD)   ✔ Zabbix Agent   ✔ Zabbix Agent Active 2.2
2 y
NetApp cDot >8.3.x
NetApp cDot Template. Tested on cDot 8.3.x and 9.x with zabbix 3.2.1. If you modify the template Header it should be possible to Import it to zabbix 2.x. Following stuff is checked with SNMP and triggers are enabled: * Cluster Status * HDD Status (failed/prefailed disks) * Node Status (Eletronic/Fan/PSU ...
✔ SNMP Agent
2882    9
2 y
Monitoring for ORACLE DB on HP-UX, SUSE, Windows
9 m

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