Zabbix Conference 2017 Agenda

As always, Zabbix Conference is a 2-day event full of exciting talks, tricky topics, community solutions, use cases from a wide range of companies and workshops run by the Zabbix Team.

Explore the agenda in full, with all the videos and presentations!

Day 1 – September 15


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Opening Speech

Alexei Vladishev

Founder and CEO, Zabbix, Latvia

Alexei is the author of Zabbix, an enterprise class open source monitoring solution, and also the founder of Zabbix LLC, the company developing Zabbix.
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CASE STUDY: How Zabbix is used at SAS

Steven will talk about adaptations and techniques used to manage a Zabbix deployment in a highly customizable software as a service environment, and sharing tips on PostgreSQL to Oracle DB conversion.

Steven Bush

SAS Solutions OnDemand, USA

SAS Zabbix deployment has 4200 active servers across 24 data centers, 1112 users, custom data extraction tools for external reporting, 480000 items, failover system with 2 servers, 2 primary proxies, and 2 databases all in separate data centers.
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CASE STUDY: Using Zabbix in a Devops environment

A case study showing how Zabbix can deliver monitoring of 60+ web applications across 50+ servers running in a devops environment, where changes happen fast and no one can have control of everything. When developers don't want to spend time configurating a monitoring system, and operations don't have time to learn all the details around systems using the IT infrastructure, they have to talk to each other to find out how to get a system that does the dirty work for them. Devops environments can deliver results in an efficient way, but they depend on a high level of automation to reach the goals. Monitoring is only one of the aspects they have to work with and Zabbix can help to achieve the expected result.

Rafael Martinez Guerrero

Chief Engineer at University of Oslo, Norway

Rafael specializes in database and performance tuning, database security, system integration, automation, Linux server administration and monitoring with Zabbix. Rafael is currently working as a Chief Engineer for the Center for Information Technology at The University of Oslo and is the author of PgBackMan, a PostgreSQL backup manager, and Zabbix-CLI, both released as open source projects.
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Coffee Break


What's New in Zabbix 3.4

Zabbix will talk about new exciting features of Zabbix 3.4.

Ingus Vilnis | Vjačelsavs Bogdanovs

Zabbix Trainer, Head of Support | C Developer at Zabbix

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Ansible, the missing piece

Agent configuration is a common problem faced by most organizations needing finer grained monitoring. In this talk, Andrew will discuss how Ansible and Ansible Tower can be leveraged to seamlessly maintain agent configurations and be leveraged for trigger related automated orchestration.
Key points:

  • Using Zabbix for Ansible Inventory
  • Quick overview of Ansible configuration management
  • Example of leveraging Zabbix inventory and template associations
  • Associating Ansible playbooks with Zabbix triggers

Andrew Nelson

Senior Consultant, Red Hat, USA

Senior Linux systems administrator with a passion for systems monitoring using Zabbix. He has worked in mission critical data center environments, utilizing a SAAS (Software As A Service) model with millions of users and 24x7 availability. Specialties: Zabbix Certified Professional with 10 years experience in building and tuning Zabbix monitoring environments; the top non-employee contributor to the Zabbix forums; Senior level systems Linux systems administrator; in Ruby and Bash.
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Zabbix on the large cluster

Vladimir will present his journey towards implementing Zabbix on a large-scale cross-datacenter cluster. The presentation will cover splitting Zabbix components into docker containers as well as preparing and launching them on MESOS cluster, using Mesosphere. The talk will include details on how to cover "last mile" redundant connection using Octopus Load Ballancer and how to create a pool of self-ballanced Proxies accommodated to handle spikes of the load.

Vladimir Ulogov

Senior SRE at FuboTV, USA

Unix System Administrator and Software Developer with working knowledge of Networking, Security and Monitoring. Experienced in installing and configuring network routers, switches and firewalls. Performed various system administration tasks on production servers. Working knowledge of how to enforce Systems security policies, harden the network, hosts and software resources. Designing and developing the monitoring architectures and other software components.
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Orange Slovensko and the story of Zabbix implementation

Gabriel Farkas will tell the story on how cooperation with Zabbix allowed for a new functionality. Why we decided to go for Open Source and talk about the lessons learned on the way.

S&T Slovakia focuses primarily on the areas of IT and business consulting, implementation and support of SAP solutions and deployment tools for Business Intelligence. Orange Slovensko is the largest mobile operator in Slovakia and a leading telecommunication company present in Slovak market for over 20 years. With more than 2,8 million customers Orange Slovensko is a part of the Orange Group, stable telecommunication company operating in 29 countries worldwide.
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Zabbix for the Enterprise: Gardner Denver Case Study

Dive into how IT Managed Solutions has implemented Zabbix for Gardner Denver, a leading global provider of flow control technology, application expertise and support services. This discussion will explore the deployment, integration, templating, ad-ons and ideas for future expansion and additional features.

Chris McKenna

IT Managed Solutions, USA

ITMS’ growing managed services portfolio includes globally standardized managed services products for automation, network and server build and monitoring, backup and recovery, disaster recovery, data centers and security.
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Zabbix Agent emulator for AS/400

Key points of the presentation:

  • Prerequisites (absence of native Zabbix agent for AS/400, necessity to monitor this platform)
  • Seeking for ready solutions (SNMP, Zabbix trapper, possible alternatives, their lacks)
  • Idea for the solution collected from different parts (Java application, IBM Toolbox for Java, IBM As/400 API, using protocol for Zabbix agent <-> server communication, learning Zabbix agent sources as an example)
  • Proof of concept

Constantin Oshmyan

Systems Analyst at AS "Rietumu Banka", Latvia

Constantin Oshmyan began his IT career in 1988. He is a System Monitoring and Network Specialist, Analyst and Linux Admin. Since 2003 he has been working at AS "Rietumu Banka". He was involved in a previous monitoring system deployment and support, and afterwards took the responsibility for migration to Zabbix.
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Coffee Break


CASE STUDY: Intesa Sanpaolo Bank monitors 7k servers with Zabbix

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank is now using Zabbix to monitoring Virtual and physical Operating Systems. The current environment is based on HP-UX and Linux (RedHat Enterprise) hosts. In this presentation, Quadrata will talk about Zabbix implementation at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank and new special Auto-registration model to automate the templating of the hosts.

Francesco Giordano | Pietro Antonacci

System Administrator at Intesa Sanpaolo | Zabbix Certified Trainer at Quadrata, Italy

Francesco is a Systems Administrator at Intesa Sanpaolo. Previously worked as a Software Developer, now focuses in ISP are UNIX systems, virtualized environments (VMware, XEN and KVM), hyperconverged and HA products. His team uses Zabbix to anticipate, investigate and study certain situations to pro-actively prevent possible issues in the future.
Pietro started working for Quadrata in 2012, helping customers with Unix systems administration. He soon started learning Zabbix as a core platform for infrastructure monitoring, becoming a Zabbix Trainer in 2015. Pietro is also interested in operations automation, scripting, front-end development.
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CASE STUDY: Road to a fully automated Zabbix deployment at LNE

Patrik will talk about how Open-Future migrated from one Zabbix server to another achieving an automated monitoring solution with 850 hosts, 67000 items and 26000 triggers, for now. The migration is still in process as they are also migrating from a vlanned network to a flat structure and from VMware to OpenNebula.

Patrik will also discussed how they solved the problem of web monitoring and application status monitoring by creating endpoints monitored by their LLD script.

Patrik Uytterhoeven

Open Source Consultant and Zabbix Certified Trainer at Open-Future, Belgium

Since Patrik has started to work for the Zabbix partner in Belgium, Open-Future, he got certified as a Zabbix Trainer. Since then Patrik got hooked to Zabbix and started to provide Zabbix Training and consultancy all over the world. A few years ago Patrik wrote his first book, the Zabbix cookbook, published by PackPub. Patrik is also interested in other technologies like Ansible and PostgreSQL.
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The importance of being ...RED

As Oscar Wilde once said, if you want to monitor your AWS cloud, you must have the power of the red Z by your side.

With their speech, Andrea and Enrico will show you a real life case scenario on how they implemented their resilient, fully automated, fully integrated with Zabbix, AWS monitoring plugin, using a key AWS scalable component.

Andrea Fancellu and Enrico Barbera

Monitoring Administrators at Yoox Net-A-Porter Group, Italy

Andrea dreams to provide a self-service monitoring framework that can be REALLY defined as “Active” so that he can continue to sleep and play LeagueOfLegends.
Enrico is a system administrator focused on monitoring. He started his Zabbix adventures 4 years ago developing a monitoring infrastructure for a luxury item e-commerce platform, designing it like a LEGO set where every brick must find its place.
Their team work actively every day to support the biggest Italian e-commerce platform of luxury items.
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Day 2 – September 16


Zabbix Workshops / Zabbix Exam

During the conference top Zabbix experts will be running Workshops focusing on Zabbix features.
You will have an opportunity to watch live demos and participate in hands-on Zabbix usage examples.

8:15-9:10 - Building an HA cluster for Zabbix server by Oleg Ivanivskyi
9:15-9:55 - Securing the data flow with encryption by Oleg Vasiljev
Track 2
8:15-9:10 - Pro-actively resolve the problems with remote commands (Zabbix 3.4) by Ingus Vilnis
9:15-9:55 - New ways to pre-process Zabbix items (Zabbix 3.4) by Dmitry Borisenko


Zabbix Conference will also offer a fantastic opportunity to become Zabbix 3.0 Certified, as we will provide you with a chance to pass Zabbix 3.0 exam right at the venue!

If you currently hold any of the following certificates, you are welcome to apply for the exam:
✔ Zabbix 3.0 Attendance certificate
✔ Zabbix 2.2 Certified Specialist and/or Professional certificate

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The Concierge Paradigm

The Concierge Paradigm idea was born over time but initially came from challenges we had by working out how to operate scalable and enterprise-grade application containers. This meant monitoring, logging, deploying, scaling, load-balancing and service discovery. We needed to do this both on-premise and in AWS. We were running some docker tasks in ECS and a Kubernetes and CoreOS cluster on-premise but we hadn't chosen these by researching different options, they were pretty much the first options we came across. We'd felt the difficulties of our decision, so started to look out to the wider community at other options.

This is the story of what we discovered. How we made our application monitoring more efficient and accurate; how we radically simplified the infrastructure needed for running containers and how we utilised Zabbix as an container scheduler.

Gareth Brown

Founder of, Mesoform, UK

Gareth has been working with DevOps organisations and DevOps tools like monitoring systems for over 13 years. Gareth would like to share his experience of running containers in production from the early days to scaling and operating in cloud environments. The pains and strains of previous decisions and our successes with The Autopilot Pattern and ultimately developing the Concierge Paradigm to drastically simplify containers at scale.
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From LLD to SuperDiscovery

Ilya is going to tell about Badoo solution that they created in the project based on Zabbix and LLD. Badoo has a small group of monitoring specialists and a lot of developers (PHP mostly), huge production environment with big amount of application and business metrics. In order to create fast and flexible monitoring for critical components, they came up to the idea of involving developers into that process.

  1. How it all began: simple metrics, queries, http urls
  2. Turing into a routine: a lot of tasks for the same purpose, slowing down of regular process
  3. SuperDiscovery: Low Level Discovery as a silver bullet for monitoring and as API for developers
  4. Profits: flexible adding/changing metrics, responsibles and notifications

Ilya Ableev

Head of Monitoring Department at Badoo, Russia

Working with Zabbix since 2011. Experienced a lot of interesting cases with Zabbix, highload included. Initiator of Zabbix Moscow Meetup (3 years in a row), published few approaches that they use on these meetups and/or on GitHub.
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Coffee Break


Zabbix Support: Overcoming challenges together

Oleg Ivanivskyi

Zabbix Trainer, Support Engineer. Latvia

Oleg has a great experience in IT infrastructure, middleware, applications and services monitoring. Oleg successfully combines tasks of consulting and providing technical support with delivery of Zabbix professional training.
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Zabbix monitoring Jabber Bot

ChatOps has been picking up the pace in the last few years and some of you might be already using it in your organization. At Danube Cloud, they have built a bot that connects to the Zabbix API; this allows you to perform Zabbix operations via a chat window. Ludolph is an open source project, which can be effortlessly integrated with your Zabbix server.

The bot is easily extendable, so you can write plugins if you need additional functionality. This talk aims to show you how Ludolph ChatOps can be leveraged by your operations team to work and cooperate more efficiently.

Miroslav Bagljaš

Software Engineer at Danube Cloud, Slovakia

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Upgrading Zabbix for a better sleep

Zabbix is a great helper at this division of Nokia, and this talk will go through the process of upgrading a quite complicated Zabbix environment, as well as various approaches to monitoring that have been found especially useful.

We will look at processes that ensure monitoring developed alongside the product development, team engagement workflows, monitoring for a more robust monitoring system, approaches to mobile notifications including Prowl and Pushover (and why not Pagerduty) and discover how exactly did Zabbix 1.8 die.

Rihards Olups

Senior Application Administrator at Nokia, Latvia

Rihards has worked in the IT sector for more than 15 years. He has had a chance to work with various systems, and most of that time has been spent with open source solutions. "richlv" is a permanent resident of the Zabbix IRC channel and an active Zabbix community member.
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User Experience: Migration from 2.4 to 3.2 in a big environment

Xavier will give you feedback about zabbix 3.2 migration on Galera database in large banking environment. Preparation work was important to only have 5 minutes of unavailability during the migration.

Furthermore, it was necessary to know the limits of the new architecture by having test loads and be sure that the new architecture will absorb load peaks

Xavier Schneider

Accountable Manager at NATIXIS, France

Xavier is working in Natixis IT since 2000. His first experience was with application servers with IBM Websphere working on projects like Supervision. He became responsible for Instrumentation team in 2013 at the time when Natixis was implementing Zabbix 2.0 in all Natixis IT. His team has built Zabbix infrastructure (7500 nvps, +20000 hosts and 1200 users) and is working on many projects about Instrumentation infrastructure (Hypervisor, End user monitoring).
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Exploring the depths of Zabbix integration

Cloud data center management is not only about orchestration, but also about keeping an eye on what's going on in your datacenter. Imagine you deploy and destroy hundreds of servers, virtual machines, and containers every day. How do you monitor everything at such a scale? One solution is to integrate Zabbix into your software and services by leveraging the Zabbix API. Such integration opens a whole new world of possibilities for what can be done with Zabbix. In this talk, Daniel will demonstrate how Danube Cloud automates the configuration of Zabbix, and how to use the Zabbix API in order to take full advantage of the Zabbix monitoring system.

Daniel Kontšek

CTO at Danube Cloud, Slovakia

Daniel is a perfectionist with deadlines. Long-time system administrator and Pythonista. Co-founder of Erigones, where he works as a system architect of the Danube Cloud open source project. At Danube Cloud, we have built an open-source software solution used for building and managing cloud data centers with integrated Zabbix monitoring.
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Monitoring and incident management using Zabbix and ServiceNow

By combining Zabbix and ServiceNow, TV 2 has created an integration that leverages the strength of both systems. Morten and Michael will take you through the what, why and how of combining Zabbix monitoring and alerting with IT Service Management using ServiceNow. Finally they will give you a sneak peek of new features they have planned for the integration.

Morten Moesgaard | Michael Toft Andersen

TV2 Danmark, Denmark

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CASE STUDY: Using Zabbix in an IoT architecture

The act of monitoring is a systematic data collection about events, measures and timing aimed to control systems status. We will show that, with the right gateways, Zabbix can have a central role in an IoT architecture.

The presentation will show an implementation of a simple IoT architecture where Zabbix is at the hearth of a scenario of data collections coming from several sensors, gathered by a gateway capable of connecting with wireless and wired device using open communications protocols.

Fabrizio Fantoni

Monitoring Specialist at, Systematica, Italy

Fabrizio works with Zabbix since 2009 and he became the Zabbix Certified Trainer in 2012. He provides support to Systematica customers in building monitoring solutions by installing, configuring and customizing from small to huge Zabbix deployments. The mission includes finding new ways to extend the capability of Zabbix to monitor any type of devices or applications following market trends.
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Coffee Break


Zabbix: Research to Function

James will discuss and explain the process of implementing Zabbix within a global IT infrastructure. Looking at the reasoning behind Zabbix, how it was implemented, what it is being used for, and how it is benefiting a large global IT system.

NHK International is a global company with locations around the world. For the start of the Zabbix project we are monitoring devices in 4 states within the USA, 1 location in Mexico, 1 location in Germany, and 1 location in Japan. This is the trial/demo to show the other locations around the world the advantage of using Zabbix for IT monitoring. On the current monitoring environment it is about 200 servers and about 75 network devices.

James Green

Senior Manager, IT at NHK International, USA

James has over 20 years experience in the IT field and holds an MBA and a BS in IT. Currently working as the Senior Manager for NHK International overseeing the IT operations of the North America and Europe locations. James is also a large supporter of open source technologies and tries to find open source projects to solve the needs of both large and small companies.
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Prediction Experience and New Model

Zabbix has implemented the prediction functionality in version 3.0 and became one of the top 5 world leaders in monitoring solutions. This short talk is about experience in using Zabbix prediction metrics at various IT companies – Genesys (USA), RingCentral (USA), ComePay (Russia), Distillery (USA), Syncplicity (USA). The challenges and examples of the forecasting precision are provided for two particular metrics – free disk space and available memory. New forecasting model for cyclic and periodical workload metrics is presented as well.

Co-authors of the presentation: Dmitry Shchemelinin, Ph.D., Sr. Director of Operations, RingCentral (USA). Kristina Kucherova, Database Administrator, Distillery (Russia).

Serg Mescheryakov

Professor of the University at Genesys, Russia

Serg Mescheryakov is a Doctor of Science, Professor of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia, specializing in Computer Science and Engineering. He has published more than 120 scientific papers and books and implemented a series of enterprise-scale database systems. Serg has 37 years of experience in IT as a developer, database architect, analyst and teacher, including 12 years in leading IT companies in Silicon Valley, USA. He is currently working for Genesys Telecommunications Company, USA, monitoring and analyzing Zabbix big data on multiple remote hosts in a globally distributed cloud infrastructure.
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Lightning Talks

5-minute inspiration!
Share one great idea, tell a story, be creative and inspire - through a short 5-minute presentation.

Lightning Talk Speakers:
Zabbix Team - "Zabbix Meetups All Over The World - It's Easy!"
Ilya Ableev - "Zabbix in Telegram"
Vladimir Ulogov - "QL: Zabbix Query Language"
Wolfgang Alper - "Zabbix in the subway - Next station: Zabbix"
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Closing Speech

Alexei Vladishev

Founder and CEO, Zabbix

Alexei is the author of Zabbix, an enterprise class open source monitoring solution, and also the founder of Zabbix LLC, the company developing Zabbix.
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